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X-Factor ([XF])

DEN> Ecco (Thomas Hauken, swap, 03/92), Exulans (swap, 02/92), Hercules
     (Peter Praest, ex Heartbeat, swap, new 05/93), Scortia (Thomas Bendt,
     music, 08/90), Spiderman (Brian Olesen, crack swap, 09/90-02/92),
     Zensonic (code, 92).
???> Ace (crack, 01/91), Dexter (crack), Malcom (ex Vision, new 05/93),
     Pete (ex Cheyens, new 02/92), Steve (crack), Vortex (music, new
     08/90), Zenix (music, new 08/90).

X-Factor was a demo and cracking group. Their music division was dubbed
Senseless Sound, while their graphics division went under the name Black
Art. Zensonic made "The Advance Levelsqueezer", an improved version of
Darkforce/The Sharks' "Level-Squeezer".
  1990 - Musicians Zenix and Vortex (this was their first groups) joined
around august, in the process forming X-Factor's music division, Senseless
Sound, together with Scortia.
  1993 - Hercules joined from Heartbeat, while Malcom joined from Vision in

  Timewaster 2 (Demo).
  info: Released late 1991 or early 92.