X-Rated (old)

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X-Rated [old] (X-R, 1989-)

GER> New Spirit (swap, 03/89), Sanflex (swap, 03/90).
???> G2 (05/93), Iglo (crack, 91).

X-Rated was formed early 1989 by former members of Beastie Boys and Audion
Industries. Vertigo later resurfaced around january 95 as Danzig/TRSI.
  1993 - German cracker Jack Alien joined from Legacy around february.
German cracker and swapper Count Zero joined Red Sector Inc. early this
year. Following this, there were rumours that X-Rated had died (source:
Fairlight "Reformation #2" [05/93]). Jack Alien left for the the reborn
Alpha Flight 1970. English coder and cracker Roy (02/93, also in Bodycount)
left in may, and instead joined Mayhem as his second group. Angelfuck was
kicked in may. Doom changed his handle to G2, also in may.
  1994 - Satan and Ray both left for their old group Genesis Project in