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X-Ray (-1992)

GER> Arrogance (Thomas, crack, new 09/90), Communist (swap, 02/92), Design
     (ex Tristar, new 12/90), Raze (swap, new 07/90-early91), SP (Dirk
     Straube, swap, 12/91), The Majesty (Marko Diebaecker, swap, 12/91).
FIN> Exorcist (Tero Suomi, swap, early91).
???> Andre (ex Success, new 12/89), Lawyer (ex Crest, new 12/90), Scooter
     (ex Trinomic, new 12/91), Veberich (ger? new 12/90).

X-Ray was a cracking group, likely based in Germany.
  1989 - Andre joined from Success, while TJ Lazer and Rygar both left for
Lotus in december.
  1990 - The group's cooperation with Success ended in july. Raze and Major-
X joined, this was their first group. Lawyer joined from Crest, and the
group went into cooperation with Transcom in december. They recruited a lot
of members this month; Design/Tristar, Ignorance, Veberich and Parsons/DCS.
Tyree and Excellence left the scene.
  1991 - Parsons (ex DCS, new 12/90) was kicked out early this year. X-Ray
were in cooperation with Transcom for a while, but the coop broke down in
early 1991 after members of Transcom ripped off Bad Taste's mag "Bad
News", slapped a Genesis Projects intro on it, filled it with aggression
and harsh language towards nearly every group in the scene and spread it
at the Venlo meeting in february. The early part of the year also saw the
departure of swapper The Living Trashhead (LTH) for Bonzai, and the
departure of Jagatan and Trigger for TRSI (though they must later have
rejoined). Scooter/Trinomic and Fresh Prince joined in december. When
Success was rebuilt in october, Major X left to join them.
  1992 - Chrysagon (crack, 90-04/91), Ignorance (90-), Trigger, Jatagan and
Elegance all left for Enigma around february, which meant the death of X-
Ray. Also in february, previous member Rap joined Success.

  Tetrapoda (1991, 05.03, Demo).
  Cooperation with Oxyron.