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Alien Breed: Tower Assault - The Movies

Alien Breed: Tower Assault box scan

For your downloading pleasure, here with permission from Martyn Brown at Team17 are the complete intro and outro movies for the classic Amiga CD³² game Alien Breed: Tower Assault.

Converted to MPEG-1 from the original CDXL version by XtC.

[Techical Information] Though there are utilities available on Aminet to extract both sound and video from a CDXL animation, the sound data in the intro could not be extracted correctly using them. So I wrote a program in AMOS (yes, AMOS) to do the job!

Here's a little overview of the story...

You can't start a good movie without knowing what you are watching!
Our heroes are aboard the Dreadnought Herona on their way to the Military Research Unit on planet Azarin 2E, responding to a distress call.
The crew - all dressed in standard issue green uniforms and brown hair...

...and standard issue bodies!
Help! These creatures are bloody everywhere - they've eaten everything and nearly everyone!

They've already eaten the colour!
Ah, the trusty old Inter-Planetary Corps emblem.

Ironically, when you travel inter-planetary with these guys, you become a corpse!
I Want You To Join The IPC!

"Travel to new and uncharted worlds, meet interesting, stimulating species and lifeforms from a variety of cultures - and kill them!"

More fun than you can shake a dead xenomorph at, or my name isn't Marcus Dyson!
"Man! This Dyson guy can talk!"
"I know what you mean! I think my neck has locked!"
"When we get back, I'm gonna kill him too!"
Some hair...
Some how...
Someone is going to pay!
So, belt up...
...get that covered up, and...
"Let's get it on!" or

"Let's rock!" or

"Somebody stop me!"
And so our heroes climb into their lovely new drop ships,
ready to be dropped right in it...
The Tenacious Ten leaving the safety of the Dreadnought Herona behind them.

Though the mission was critical, with the security of the Federation hanging in the balance, our heroes decided a beauty pass of the towers was in order!

All five of the towers!
Making use of the ample parking facilities, our heroes finally stop at the towers...
...and are greeted by the efficient valet parking attendants. Tipping advised!

(Unused image, not used in final intro.)

The Credits

Animated & Directed by
  • John Allardice

Production Co-ordinator
  • Marcus Dyson

Project Manager
  • Martyn Brown

Game Coding
  • Stefan Boberg

Game Graphics
  • Tony Senghore

Original Coding
  • Andreas Tadic

Original Graphics

  • John Allardice

  • Martyn Brown
  • Marcus Dyson
  • John Allardice

Intro/Outro Music

Production Assistant
  • Craig Jones

  • Andy Robinson

  • Craig Jones
  • Paul Field

Special Weapons Construction
  • Dan Cook

  • Mat Cook


Marine Commander
  • Marcus Dyson

Squad Captain
  • Kenny Grant

Flt Lft Jordan
  • Craig Jones

Flt Lft Nash
  • Ramo

Colony Technician
  • John Allardice

  • Dan Cook
  • Chris Blyth
  • Mat Cook
  • Scy

Edited by
  • John Allardice

Assistant Sound Editor
  • Chris Blyth

Stills Photographer
  • Dan Cook

Alien Breed: Tower Assault
© 1994 Team17 Software Ltd

Alien Breed Intro & Outro
© 1994 Shadowmaker Ltd

Filmed on location in deep space, Azarin 2E and a disused sausage factory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

All characters and events portrayed in this production are ficticious. No similarity to actual persons or alien life forms, living or dead, or to actual events or entities is intended. And besides, if you do complain we'll just send Marcus & the boys round to rip your arms off & beat you death with the wet ends. So there.


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