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DELI NEWS Issue #5

Welcome to another issue of this online magazine.

Issue #5 with new and old information about PAULA.

This issue have been released with a slight delay.

I hope that the following will be ready every 2 weeks.

Happy reading.


DeliTracker & EagelPlayer

A list of all the internal and external players for Eagle and Deli. To the left for Delitracker and to the right for EaglePlayer. In every case the opposite Player is identical.

DeliTracker 2.09 (Xmass) EagelPlayer 1.53 (1.54b)
001 Kris ChipTracker E
002 Noisepacker 2 Noisepacker 2 E
003 Noisepacker 3 Noisepacker 3 E
004 Digital Illusions Digital Illusions E
005 Pha Packer Propacker 1.0 (SB) E
006 Unic 1 Unic-Tracker E
007 Laxity Packer ?
008 Wanton Packer Wanton Packer E
009 Noise Runner Noise Runner E
010 Eureka Eureka-Packer E
011 P40A P40A E
012 P40B P40B E
013 P41A P41A E
014 P50A P50A E
015 P51A P51A E
016 P60A P60A E
017 P61A ?
018 Prorunner 1.0 Prorunner 1.0 E
019 Prorunner 2.0 Prorunner 2.0 E
020 Propacker 1.0 Propacker 1.0 E
021 Propacker 2.1 Propacker 2.1 E
022 Propacker 3.0 Propacker 3.0 E
023 Promizer 1.x Promizer 1.x E
024 Promizer 2.0 Promizer 2.0 E
025 Promizer 4.0 Promizer 4.0 E
026 FaceTheMusic FaceTheMusic E
027 FC-M Packer ?
028 Channel Player 3 ?
029 StarTrekker Packer ?
030 Old-Kefrens ?
031 Heatseeker mc1.0 ?
032 SKYT ?
033 AC1D AC1D-DC1A-Packer E
034 Module Protector Module Protector E
035 Ice-Tracker SoundTracker26-ICETracker E
036 Xann Packer Xann Packer E
037 Pygmy Projects ?
038 Game Music Creator Game Music Creator E
039 Soundtracker 2.6 SoundTracker26-ICETracker E
040 Avalon Packer ?
041 Fuzzac Packer ?
042 CustomPlay Intern CustomPlay Intern
043 Customade (Automatisch) Ron Klaren (nur selbst erstellte)
044 Actionamics Actionamics E
045 AProSys AProSys
046 Chaos Engine ?
047 DeltaMusic_1.0 DeltaMusic_1.0
048 DeltaMusic_2.0 DeltaMusic_2.0 E
049 Digital Mugician II Digital Mugician II
050 Digital_Mugician Digital_Mugician E
053 FastTracker PC ?
054 Follin Player ?
055 FredMonitor Fred E
056 FutureComposer_1.3 FutureComposer 1.3 E
057 FutureComposer_1.4 FutureComposer 1.4 E
058 GraveComposer ?
059 Gremlin's (MTH FIXED) MTH
060 Grouleff M. Grouleff
061 Hippel Hippel E
062 Hippel-COSO Hippel-COSO (nicht alle) E
063 Hippel 7V (Only 68000) Hippel7V (Only 68000) E
066 In Stereo! In Stereo! E
067 In Stereo 2.0 In Stereo 2.0
068 Infogrames Player ?
069 J.C.Brooke Module Player J.C.Brooke Module Player E
070 JamCracker JamCracker E
071 Jason Page ?
072 Legless Music Editor LME E
073 M.O.N. M.O.N. E
074 Major Tom's Player 2.01 Major Tom's Player 2.01 E
075 MarkCooksey ?
076 MarkII Sound-System ++ Mark_II (Only New) E
077 MaxTrax MaxTrax E
079 MED+ MED E
080 MEXX TrackerPacker 2 E
082 MultiTracker PC ?
083 Music-Assembler Music-Assembler E
084 MusicMaker4 MusicMaker4
085 MusicMaker8 MusicMaker4
086 NoiseTracker Protracker (Ein Player fuer alle)
087 NoiseTrackerPak NoiseTracker Compressed
088 OctaMED OctaMED E
089 Oktalyzer Oktalyzer E
090 Old Whittaker Old Whittaker E
091 PlayAY (Spectrum ZX 81 Player) ?
092 Professional Sound Artists ?
093 ProTracker ProTracker E
094 Psygnosis Psygnosis
095 PumaTracker Pumatracker 1.0 E
096 QuadraComposer IFF-EMOD E
098 ScreamTracker_3.0 PC ?
099 SCUMM Player ?
100 SIDMon_1.0 SIDMon_1.0 E
101 SIDMon_2.0 SIDMon 2.0 E
102 SonicArranger SonicArranger E
103 SoundFX_1.3 SoundFX 1.3 E
104 SoundFX_2.0 SoundFX 2.0 E
105 SoundMaster SoundMaster
106 SoundMon_2.0 SoundMon E
107 SoundMon_2.2 SoundMon 3.0 E
108 SoundTracker15 OLDSoundTracker E
109 SoundTracker26+ SoundTracker26-ICETracker E
110 SoundTracker31 OLDSoundTracker (Fales) E
111 ST-NT-PT_Song ?
112 StarTrekker4 StarTrekker E
113 StarTrekker4AM StarTrekker E
114 SUN T R O N I C ?
115 Synth 4.0 Synth 4.0 E
116 Synthesis 4.2 ?
117 SynTracker SynTracker
118 TakeTracker PC ?
119 TFMX_1.5 TFMX_1.5 E
120 TFMX_Pro TFMX_Pro E
122 TheHolyNoise TheHolyNoise
124 MEXX ThePLayer 2.0 TrackerPacker 2 E
125 Complex ThePlayer 3.0 TrackerPacker 3 E
126 VectorDean VectorDean
128 Whittaker Whittaker E
129 Wizard of Sound 1.0 Wizard of Sound 1.0
130 DeliSID PlaySid
131 DeliAY ?
132 RobHubbard (?) RobHubbard ( ? )
133 ? Sound Control (Pius Nippken)
134 ThePLayer 2.0 Trackerpacker2 E
135 Complex ThePlayer 3.0 Trackerpacker3 E
136 Unic-Tracker 2 Unic-Tracker 2 E
137 ? Powermusic
138 ? Kript
139 Kefrens Packer Mellica Packer
140 ? Audio Sculpture
141 Polka Packer ?
142 GMOD GMOD (Multi Player Custom)
143 Soprol Soundsystem Beta ?
144 Beathoven 1.9 Beta ?
145 SoundTracker Pro 3.0 ?
146 Power Music ?

Some formats for Delitracker are in DeliWizard which converts it to Protracker. That way one saves a little memory.

For all these formats i have Test-Tunes.



Custom is a SoundFormat which is a bit odd, but all are differently constructed. Mostly from games from 1987 to 1992. For this format there is no special player, instead the DeliCustom format is used.

A few Soundtracks are already reprogrammed for CustomPlayer.

There are a few more, but unfortunately i don't know the names.

It is possible for every good assembler programmer to construct his favourite tune for Customplay. Many good examples and includes is to be found in the Delitracker LHA package.

Maniac's of Noise

Maniacs of Noise were founded before the Amiga came in existance. Unfortunately I don't know how many active people there are at in the team at the moment, but i can mention two > Charles Deenen and Jeroen Tel. Maniacs of Noise produce(d) really good productions.

Who doesn't know the soundtracks from UNREAL or Flimbo's Quest? Insect's in Space, Lord's Of the Rings and the Synthetics Musicdisk 94. I can't write here all the tunes that was produced for the C=64, that would be 2 FULL A4 pages. Maniacs of noise have used many different player formats. On Amiga there are two, Noise&Protracker, and MON (M.O.N.).

The player for Delitracker is called M.O.N. Below i have listed a few Soundtracks that can be played with it. Unfortunately the format uses fixed Memory addresses. That makes it very hard.

Soundtracks : M.O.N. Format

At the moment Maniacs of Noise produce music on Sega and Nintendo.

Delitracker V 3.0 the second

Further information about DELI... Frank Riffel have been forced to hold back the development, due to tests. Well, nothing is ready yet, but the next DeliTracker is distributed under BGUI. Should that at last produce an Enforcer-Hits free version ?!.

The first experiments are already started. Further infos about it will be in the next issue of DELINEWS.

In the Christmas version, the only really new thing is the Xmass GENIE. Further there is also a new version of the DeliWizard (v2.10 49 Format) in the Genies directory.

Toccata Support


Jogeir Liljedahl

Jogeir Liljedahl is a genious musician. From him are already the following tunes released. He is familiar by all the conversions of old soundtracks that Rob Hubbard, Fred Gray, Ron Klaren, Stein Erik Giske, Laxity or Bug made in 1988 or 89 on the 64. What makes his products so good are the clean samples and harmonic atmospherical backgrounds.

Under the Label * Noiseless * are already the following tunes released:

  • 00Enjoy
  • 00Noname
  • Atributet Horror
  • Addiction
  • Ballerina
  • Banana_Boat
  • Beast-PlayTune
  • Blue_Max
  • Crystal Rain
  • Character
  • DizzyTunesLoad
  • Dreamscape
  • Face Another Day
  • Face Another Day 2
  • Friends
  • Ghouls
  • Full Moon END Part
  • Guitare Slinger
  • Gentle Winds
  • Happy Hour
  • Happy Levels
  • Helmet Shake
  • Heavy Thunder
  • It's Noiseless
  • Just Married!
  • Living in a Dream
  • Loader Tune
  • Led Storm
  • Love Theme
  • Manscape
  • Mixified
  • Nearly There
  • Oro Incenso
  • Out of Silence
  • Overture
  • Rambo Rules
  • Signia
  • Slow Motion
  • Smile
  • Syncronized Voices
  • Tiny Tunes
  • The Wanderer
  • Toblerone
  • Toybox
  • Underwater
  • Variations
  • Zoolook

Bonus soundtracks: "Shadow of the beast" Soundtracks 2-5.

In the following issues i will list other musicians and their productions. (Audiomonster, Bjorn A. Lynne, ....)

32 Voices ?

Toccata and Sunrise AD16

Well, there are good soundcards for the amiga also, but unfortunately the prices for these cards are too high. Especially for the Sunrise AD16 almost 3000 DM). The toccata is a bit better with a price of 500DM, and I have seen it for 415DM as well. That puts it in the same price class as Gravis, and the sound quality is also almost the same. The only disadvantage is that the past Amiga soundcards are only constructed for Digital sound and has no synthetical instruments. The Soundblaster have 32 voices with synthetic sounds.

For Sunrise there is almost no software to use it with other programs. Therefor the included Harddiskstudio is really great.

For the toccata I found that the offered software is a bit too small. Samplitude, Mignon, Toccata-Audio.Device, Tocata Tools II. The best so far is that it is supported by Delitracker. Due to this the Amiga Sound channels are free for system beeps, or other sounds. The current cpu load is about 10% - 15% and 20% for tunes with 8 voices. The soundquality is very good.

There are a few other Soundcards from Brittish companies. Unfortunately they are not available in Germany YET.


What is new ?

From several sites it is reported that there is a new tracker in production, which uses 32 voices, 16 Bit samples, and the possibility to export tunes to the PC-Tracker. Unfortunately i haven't seen any version yet, should any of you find it, please upload it to the MAX BBS. But please not the Symphonie Tracker. THANKS


!!NOTE!! This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)

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