Digital (new)

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Digital [new] (DTL, 1996-1998)


Alive (Marcel Bramothe, mainorg2 gfx write, doublememb Nah-Kolor, old handle Shade, 04-10/97)
Cache (code, rescene, early98)
Goon (gfx)
Ibenz (ex Passion and Skid Row (new), new 09/97)
Iceball (gfx)
Okeanos (music)

Group History

Digital was reborn in 1996, and was finally closed by Darkus in 1998. Darkus (doublememb Nuance, old handle Nemes!s) left for Network and Rebels, and accused Iceball (ex Ibanez) for most of the trouble DTL had suffered, because of his lying about new members and productions.

Ibenz joined from Passion and Skid Row (new). Alive contributed the title screen to Nuance's "X-Files #19" [10/97]. Tommy (music), Forge (gfx, old handle Mat, 97) and Snozz were all kicked late in the year.