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Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix
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Manufacturer Konami
Released 1999
8-way Joystick
6 Button(s)
Main CPU PlayStation
PSX CPU (@ 16.934 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
Raster (Horizontal)
640 x 480 pixels
60.00 Hz
65,536 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 2 ROMs plus Laserdisc, Hard Disk or CD-ROM
524,836 bytes (512.54 KiB)
MAME ID ddr2m · ddrbocd · ddr2ml · ddr2mc · ddr2mc2

About The Game

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix is an arcade video game where the player controls the game using their feet.


Grades : SS - S - A - B - C - D - E

The formula for calculating the score for a combo is a bit complicated, the point value for any step in a combo depends on two factors :

  • Perfects are worth 3 times as much as Greats.
  • The point value for a step increases every time the combo increases by 4.

The exact formula for the score of a combo is...

  • let [x] denote the greatest integer function (i.e., where [x] is the greatest integer less than or equal to x). Then, the point value for the nth step in a combo is :
  • S(n) = G(n) if the nth step is a Great, or P(n) if the nth step is a Perfect;
  • G(n) = 100 ([n/4]^2 + 1);
  • P(n) = 3G(n);


  1. Dance Dance Revolution (1998)
  2. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (1999)
  3. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix with beatmaniaIIDX CLUB VERSiON (1999)
  4. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix with beatmaniaIIDX substream CLUB VERSiON 2 (1999)
  5. Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (2000)
  6. Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Plus (2000)
  7. Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix (2000)
  8. Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus (2000)
  9. Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (2001)
  10. DDR MAX - Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (2001)
  11. DDR MAX 2 - Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix (2002)
  12. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (2002)
  13. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (2005, Sony PlayStation 2)
  14. Dance Dance Revolution with Mario (2005, Nintendo GameCube)
  15. Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (2006)


Sony PlayStation (1999)
Sega Dreamcast (2000)

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Original Soundtrack TOCP-64024~5[1] 1999-12-31 Toshiba EMI 2 CD version.
Dancemania 1 TOCP-4002[2] 1996-04-09 Toshiba EMI CD version.
Dance Dance Revolution KONAMI ORIGINAL DANCE NUMBERS NK136[3] 1999-06-20 Konami Media Entertainment CD version.


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