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Heiankyo Alien
No screen shot.
Manufacturer Denki Onkyo
Released 1979
4-way Joystick
2 Button(s)
Main CPU Z80 (@ 1.934 MHz)
Sound CPU (?)
Raster (Vertical)
256 x 224 pixels
60.00 Hz
Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 17 ROMs
14,432 bytes (14.09 KiB)
MAME ID heiankyo

About The Game

Heiankyo Alien is an arcade video game where you control a man who walks around a maze digging holes to trap aliens.


Released in January 1980

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Ancient Kyoto Alien'.

Heiankyo is the old capital of Japan, located in present-day Kyoto. The main character is a Kebiishi, a member of the Heiankyo police.

Cabinet and Artwork


Nintendo Game Boy (1990)
Nintendo Super Famicom (1995, "Nichibutsu Arcade Classics 2 - Heiankyo Alien")

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Heiankyo Alien Soundtrack MEDZ-1[1] 1994-01-04 Meldack CD version.


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