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This page is a stub for arcade games that are part of the Lost In Translation series using information based on MAME (version 0.113u2).
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Kozmik Kroozr
Kozmik Kroozr marquee.
No screen shot.
Kozmik Kroozr control panel.
Manufacturer Bally Midway
Released 1982
Analog joystick
2 Button(s)
Main CPU Z80 (@ 2.496 MHz)
Z80 (@ 2.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
(2x) AY-3-8910A (@ 2.000 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
512 x 480 pixels
30.00 Hz
64 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 15 ROMs
102,432 bytes (100.03 KiB)
MAME ID kroozr

About The Game

Kozmik Krooz'r is an arcade video game.

Guide Kapt. Krooz'r into the mothership while either shooting, deflecting (with his shield) or avoiding various attacking enemies. Kapt. Krooz'r can only enter the mothership when it extends down a tractor beam. A bonus round, where Kapt Krooz'r must pick up spaceship parts from the Kozmik Junkyard, occurs every fifth round.


The game was originally called Mother-ship, and the mechanics were developed by Marvin Glass. However, the realistic-looking game did not test very well, it was supposed to use a mirror to reflect the image of a ship onto the play-field. In an attempt to save the project, Bill's new design of the game introduced the cute green alien called KAP'N KROOZ'R that Bally Midway executives hoped would be the next fad like "Pac-Man" was for Namco (note : KAP'N KROOZ'R next appearance was in "Wacko").



Target Points
Ram Ship 100
Shooter Ship 200
Strike Ship 200
Scout Ship 300
Speed Demon 2,500
Space Mine 100
Formation Fighter 100
Mine Layer 200
Spy Ship 300


Lead Programmer
Richard Clark (Sarge)
Brian Colin

Cabinet and Artwork


Microsoft XBOX (2004, "Midway Arcade Treasures 2")
Nintendo GameCube (2004, "Midway Arcade Treasures 2")
Sony PlayStation 2 (2004, "Midway Arcade Treasures 2")
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (2006, "Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition")

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