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This page is a stub for arcade games that are part of the Lost In Translation series using information based on MAME (version 0.113u2).
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Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship marquee.
No screen shot.
Sega Rally Championship control panel.
Manufacturer Sega
Released 1995
8-way Joystick
4 Button(s)
Main CPU i960KB (@ 25.000 MHz)
68000 (@ 12.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
Raster (Horizontal)
496 x 384 pixels
60.00 Hz
8,192 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 32 ROMs
41,615,360 bytes (39.69 MiB)
MAME ID srallyc

About The Game

Sega Rally Championship is a 3-D arcade video driving game.


Sega Rally Championship serves 300,000 polygons per second.

Tips and tricks

New Informational View

Hold down Start and View when selecting a car to get an alternate view. There is no rear view mirror, a seconds clock appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and a split time will be displayed based on the best time the machine has in memory. The digits are red if you are currently faster the best time.

No Waiting To Get Into The Game

To skip waiting for the ten second timer, thus avoiding another player joining the game, simply insert your coins and hold down both the Start and View buttons. Instantly the select screen will appear. No waiting!

Different Car Characteristics

To get different car capabilities (e.g. slides more easily), while selecting your car, shift 1st/2nd/3rd/4th and you will hear a WHOOOSH! sound, which means this code is enabled. The car will now handle differently, as you will soon see.

Lakeside Course In Practice Mode

Completing the Championship course is not the only way to reach Lakeside. When choosing a course, select Mountain and enter the gearshifts 1>2>3>N>3 and then wait until the timer runs out. You will hear a WHOOOSH! sound which means the code was performed correctly.


  1. Sega Rally Championship (1995)
  2. Sega Rally 2 - Sega Rally Championship (1998)
  3. Sega Rally 2006 (2006, PS2) (Asia only)
  4. Sega Rally Revo (2007, PS3, XBOX360, PC, PS2, PSP)

Cabinet and Artwork


Sega Saturn (1995)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2002)
PC [Windows 9x, CD-ROM] (1997)

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
SEGA Racing Best MJCA-00043[1] 1999-03-03 Marvelous Entertainment CD version.
Sega Rally Championship Ignition TYCY-5438[2] 1995-07-19 Toshiba EMI CD version.
SEGA Saturn History ~Saturn Was Young~ First Volume WWCE-31052~3[3] 2004-10-27 Wave Master 2 CD version.
Club Saturn MM 86013-2[4] 1997-11-11 Breakdown Records CD version.
CLUB SEGA MJCA-00003[5] 1997-10-17 Marvelous Entertainment CD version.
Segacon -The Best of Sega Game Music- Vol.2 SVWC-7095~7[6] 2001-11-21 SME Visual Works 3 CD version.
Competition / Sega Rally Championship Complete TYCY-5484[7] 1996-02-07 Toshiba EMI CD version.
Psyched - CLUB-MIX from SEGA RACING GAMES TKCA-71193[8] 1997-07-24 Tokuma Japan Communications CD version.
Saturn Sampler Audio CD MMSJAN96[9] 1996-01-01 Mean Machines Sega CD version.
Jun Senoue The Works WWCE-31211[10] 2009-10-21 Wavemaster Entertainment CD version.


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