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Terra Cresta
Terra Cresta marquee.
Terra Cresta title screen.
Terra Cresta control panel.
Manufacturer Nichibutsu
Released 1985
8-way Joystick
2 Button(s)
Main CPU 68000 (@ 8.000 MHz)
Z80 (@ 4.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Mono
YM3526 (@ 4.000 MHz)
(2x) DAC
Raster (Vertical)
256 x 224 pixels
60.00 Hz
256 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 23 ROMs
320,768 bytes (313.25 KiB)
MAME ID terracre · terracra · terracrb

About The Game

Terra Cresta is a vertically scrolling arcade video game shoot-em-up that takes the player over landscape of islands shooting spaceships, ground targets, Tyrannosaurus Rexes and three different mothercraft ships.

Shoot silos on ground numbered 2 to 5 to release another ship part which attaches to increase fire power. Parts are 2-Wider shot, 3-Rear Shot, 4-Front cannon and 5-Rear shield.

Using the Phoenix button splits ship parts into a formation for limited time given increased fire power. The number of parts determines the formation e.g. if you have picked up two parts then a triangle is formed with your ship at the back and the other two in front.

When collect all four parts you become a glowing indestructible Phoenix for a limited time.

Additional Technical Information

Players : 1

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 2

=> [A] Shoot, [B] Phoenix


You can become a phoenix like in the title screen if you collect all the ship parts :).

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (G.S.M. Nichibutsu 1 - D28B0004) on 21/09/1988.


New version uses a YM3526 (@ 4 Mhz) sound chip instead of a YM2203


  1. Moon Cresta [Upright model] (1980)
    Moon Cresta [Cocktail Table model] (1980)
  2. Terra Cresta (1985)
  3. Dangar - Ufo Robo (1986)
  4. Terra Force (1987)
  5. Terra Cresta II (1992, NEC PC Engine)


Shigeki Fujiwara
Isao Shiki
Hisaya Tsutsui
R. Yamada
Music Composed By
Kenji Yoshida

Cabinet and Artwork


Nintendo Famicom (1985)
Sony PlayStation 2 ("Oretachi Geasen Zoku Sono 10 - Terra Cresta")
Amstrad CPC (1986)
Commodore C64 (1987)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1986)
Sharp X68000 (19??, "Video Game Anthology Vol. 01 - Terra Cresta")

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
GAME SOUND NICHIBUTSU -G.S.M. Nichibutsu 1- D28B-0004[1] 1988-09-21 Pony Canyon, Inc. CD version.
GAME SOUND NICHIBUTSU -G.S.M. Nichibutsu 1- 25P5-0004[2] 1988-09-21 Pony Canyon, Inc. Cassette version.
GAME SOUND NICHIBUTSU -G.S.M. Nichibutsu 1- C22B-0004[3] 1988-09-21 Pony Canyon, Inc. Vinyl version.
Back In Time II C64CD2[4] 1999-01-01 High Technology Publishing Ltd. CD version.
The Z-Show Gold Collection CZCD 021[5] 2007-07-13 Binary Zone Interactive 2 CD version.
Beep Special Project - Video Game Music - Second Sono Sheet N/A[6] 1987-01-01 Softbank Publishing Vinyl version.
Oretachi Game Center: Terra Cresta N/A[7] 2005-10-27 Hamster CD version.

Sound Comparison

Platform Song Titles Sound Source
Arcade "Start" "Theme of Terra Cresta" "Restart" "Final Start" "Tubo" "Dycoon" "Mandler" "Game Over" "Marching Raster (Name Entry)" M1 v0.7.8a6

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