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The contents of this page are from the old site, and are shown here for historical reasons and as a reference for information and content sources. Please do not alter the page apart from spelling mistakes/typos and adding relevent wiki links to the text.



I hope you all have a great Christmas. Plenty of food, beer, and making merry :) Here is my gift to you.. Another ExoticA update! :)

Added the following Game Box Scans to the Games Gallery:

  • M: Marvins Marvellous Adventure, Mercenary, Miami Chase, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Mr Blobby, Mr Nutz, The Munsters
  • N: Naughty Ones, Navy Moves, Necronom, The Neverending Story II, Nightbreed
  • O: The Oath, Overlander
  • P: Pac-Land, Paladin, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Wizard, Pink Panther, Pinkie, Power Drift, Pro Boxing Simulator

Thanks to Jan Krolzig for a few of the boxes.

  • Updated the Game Information Text on the Info Section.
  • Corrected the spelling of the music from the game Mr. Nutz - Mr_Nutz.lha - on the TFMX Section (View: Compact|Full). It was previously spelt Mr_Nuts.lha.
  • Added the music from the game The Neverending Story 2 - Never_Ending_Story_2.lha - and a complete rip of the music from Necronom - Necronom.lha. Both were composed by Michael Tschoegl using Oktalyzer and can be found on the OKT-Oktalyzer Section (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Nomaios for making these rips.
  • Added another (and the last I hope) missing tune from the game Warp which can be found in the archive Warp.lha on the HIP-Hippel Section (View: Compact|Full). The tune is a secret title tune which is only played if you hold down the left mouse button after the Thalion Logo. Thanks again to Nomaios for this.
  • Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.56.

That's all for now. Expect another update soon :) and *Merry Christmas!!*


Added 24 scans to the Games Gallery. This brings the gallery to a total of 819 images, all with full author information and links to the music if available. The follow lists the new additions:

  • A: Agony, Aladdin, Alfred Chicken
  • B: B.C.Kid, Bubba'n'Stix
  • C: Carcharodon
  • D: Doodlebug, Domination, Dyter-07
  • F: Flight Of The Amazon Queen, F.O.F.T. (Federation Of Free Traders)
  • G: Gladiators
  • H: Hoversprint
  • I: Infestation
  • J: Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, John Barnes European Football
  • K: Kid Gloves
  • L: Last Ninja 2, Leander, Led Storm, Live And Let Die, Lollypop, Lords Of Chaos
  • Added a improved scan for the game Battle Command. Thanks to Jan Krolzig for supplying some of the boxes. Updated the Game Information Text on the Info Section.
  • Added the missing End Tune from the game Warp which can be found in the archive Warp.lha on the HIP-Hippel Section (View: Compact|Full).

Do check out the other tunes from this area, as Jochen Hippel is a fantastic musician and created some of my favourite game tunes on the Amiga and Atari ST. Thanks to Nomaios for sending in this tune.

  • Replaced the rip of the music from Lollypop - Lollypop.lha - with a complete one which was ripped by Jan Krolzig. Thanks!. The music is composed by Jesper Olsen and can be found on the JO-JesperOlsen Section (View: Compact|Full). This format can only be played on Eagleplayer, and seems to have some problems on 060 based machines (on mine anyway).
  • Made the following additions to the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience Section (View: Compact|Full):
AHX.Arkanoid, AHX.BombJack, AHX.Bubble Bobble Title, AHX.Cheesepop, AHX.Firepit Loader, AHX.Fraxion Ripper Remix, AHX.Grim Reaper, AHX.Loader Tune 1, AHX.Mizz_Liz_Jet-Z, AHX.Silver_Clouds, AHX.Stranglehold, AHX.Suspected?, AHX.Unsuspected_1J_THX, AHX.Unsuspected_M_THX, AHX.Wizardry
AHX.Eine Shazze For Blaze
AHX.Disco Zax (DRAX)
Mermaid.lha/ - New Artist
AHX.Sick_of_it_all, AHX.abrasive iii, AHX.die_maske, ii, AHX.magic, AHX.talisman, AHX.zeemeermin
AHX.90210, AHX.Rainy_Week, AHX.Turicon
AHX.Bubble_Bobble, AHX.Far_too_happy, AHX.Forever_Gone, AHX.Sproing, AHX.Weekend, AHX.birdie_song - was previously online in Unknown.lha, AHX.cAN-o-sPAM, AHX.gleeben_globen, AHX.i_cant_name_songs, AHX.lets_go, AHX.lsddocsintro44_thx, AHX.six-four-&-no-more
Terry.lha/ - New Artist
AHX.Faza 1

Thanks to Guffaw, Mermaid and Mr.Tickle for sending in the AHX tunes.

ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection is now updated to version 3.4. The collection now contains over 12,000 C64 tunes.

ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.

  • Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.54. This update includes alot of changes since the last release on ExoticA including Hypnotic and Sanity being completely reworked.
  • Placed a Christmas logo on the Intro Page. It's possible we still might have a brand new Christmas logo although it depends if XTC has enough time :)


Added the following DeliTracker Custom modules to the CUST-Custom Section (View: Compact|Full):

  • Batman_The_Movie.lha: Title and In-game music from this Ocean classic. Composed by Jonathan Dunn. "What are you?" .. "I'm Batman" :)
  • CUST.Battle_Command.lha: Music from the game Battle Command. Composed by Jonathan Dunn (I Think).
  • CUST.Elf-Intro.lha: Intro music to the game Elf. Other music from the game is available on the PUMA-PumaTracker Section. The music was composed by Matthew Cannon.
  • CUST.Fuzzball-Ingame.lha: In-game music from the cute platform game Fuzzball. Although created on Fred Editor, the music in this game had more than the usual amount of subsongs. Now you can hear them all :) Music composed by Tomas Dahgren and John Carehag.
  • CUST.Pac-Land.lha: Music from the game Pac-Land which was composed by Jason C Brooke.

All the tunes above were customised by me (BuZz), and have been tested on my a500, a1200 and a3000. I hope they work ok for you :)

See you all in the next update.


Added 24 scans to the Games Gallery. Some real classics are included with this update. All complete with full author information and links to the music (if available). The additions are as follows:

  • A: Alien World
  • B: Baal, Bad Company, Batman The Movie, Billiards Simulator 2, Black Hornet, Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble
  • C: CJ's Elephant Antics, Cave Mania, Chase HQ, Chuckie Egg 2, Cloud Kingdoms, Colorado, Commando, Crash Garrett, Cyberball
  • D: Death Trap, Demon Blue, Dog Fight, Dogs Of War
  • F: Fire And Forget, Fire And Forget 2, Frenetic

Also fixed some errors on the Gallery and updated the main Games Information Database on the Info Section.

Added the music from the game Kingmaker - AVP.Kingmaker.lha - which was composed by Martin Walker and was created in AVP-ActivisionPro format (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Nomaios for sending this tune in.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.50. Changes since the last version include: Updates to LSD and Parallax, 10 new group additions, Satellite 99 party releases added, additions to TSK-crew, Amigavision, Balance, Oracle, Betrayal, and many other fixes.


Fixed a silly filename error in yesterday's update with the music from World Championship Soccer on the MC-MarkCooksey Section (View: Compact|Full).


Did a complete revamp of the MC-MarkCooksey Section (View: Compact|Full). This is a page containing music composed by Mark Cooksey (Obviously) for various Amiga games. There are a couple of different music formats. The tunes using the earlier format are named with the prefix MCO. To play the older tunes you will need an extra DeliPlayer - MarkCookseyOld.lha - which is on the Amiga Players Section. This replayer was made a long time ago and it really doesn't work too well, if at all, on higher end 680x0 CPU's. I will get this fixed soon. I have also placed on there a new version of MarkCooksey player by Sunbeam - MarkCooksey.lha. This was released specially for ExoticA. Thanks Sunbeam :) Read the text inside the archive for details.

The following tunes are new to the MC-MarkCooksey Section, but others have had name improvements, and full credit information added also:

  • MC.Commando.lha
  • MC.World_Champ_Soccer.lha - Corrected 1999-11-25
  • MCO.A_Question_Of_Sport.lha
  • MCO.Live_And_Let_Die.lha
  • MCO.Overlander.lha

I was not happy at all with the ExoticA Links Section. This has now been remade, with links split onto several pages. Also fixed many of the links which were previously broken.

Added some DeliPlayer sources from Andy Silva. You can find them on the Source Section in the replays/DeliPlayers/Andy_Silva/ directory.


Again I apologise for lack of updates recently. I have been busy working on other things :) I will try to get another update done before the end of the month.

Added 8 original tunes from the game Lion Heart - Lion_Heart.lha - to the SA-SonicArranger Section (View: Compact|Full). Unfortunately one tune (Geheim) is still only available in the final packed Sonic Arranger format which can be found on the SONIC-SonicArranger Section (View: Compact|Full). This great music was composed by Matthias Steinwachs. Huge thanks to him for posting his original disks to me :)

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.48. Since the last version many additions and changes have been made to many groups, including: Ackerlight, Crusaders, Mad Monks, Trilogy, Amaze, Anarchy, Anthrox, Arcane, Movers, Deathstar and many others.

Also included on this section now is an early version of the Amiga Scene Compilation Disk Reference Manual.


Added the following scans to the Games Gallery: Alien Breed 3D, Bush Buck, Dragon's Lair, Global Commander, International Sensible Soccer World Champions, Ishar 3, Kick Off 2, Mega Motion, Populous 2, Super Skidmarks, Xenophobe and Zeewolf. Thanks to Volker Remuss, Greeble and Martin Bergmann who contributed some of the scans.

Updated the information for Amegas and Typhoon. Also fixed many link problems on the Games Gallery and updated the Games Information Database on the Information Section

Corrected the spelling of the music from Sharkeys's Moll (Sharkys_Moll.lha) to Sharkeys_Moll.lha. You can find this along with other music on the TINY-TinyWilliams Section. (View: Compact|Full).

Although I said the Editors Section would be finished soon, I have not had time to complete it. Due to many people requesting some of the files I have put them online. Check the Editors Page for more information.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.45. This manual is the largest and most in-depth source of information regarding releases on the Amiga Demo Scene covering releases from 1986 to today. It's also very much in constant development, and much more has to be added.


Added 25 new scans with author information to the Games Gallery. They are as follows:

  • P: Phalanx, Piracy On The High Seas, Powerplay, Predator 2
  • Q: Quiwi
  • R: R-Type, Rally Cross Challenge, Robozone, Rules Of Engagement 2
  • S: Savage, Sinbad, Skrull, Sleep Walker, Star Crusader, Street Cat, Syndicate
  • T: Team Suzuki, Theme Park Mystery
  • U: Universal Warrior
  • V: Vaders
  • W: Way Of The Little Dragon, Winter Games, Wizard Warz, World Tour Golf, Worlds Of Legend

Replaced Die Siedler with the english version (The Settlers). Thanks to Greeble for some of the scans in this update and thanks also to Markus Wedekind for Sleep Walker. I also fixed many errors on the gallery and added various new and missing pieces of information. All the additions and changes were also made to the Games Info Database on the Information Page.

Added the music from the game Starball - Starball.lha - which is composed by Chris Huelsbeck and Ramiro Vaca using CH's Dynamic Synthesizer 1.34 audio routine. It was customised by Peter Kunath. Thanks for this. You can find other Custom modules on the CUST-Custom section (View: Compact|Full).

Made quite a few additions to the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience Section (View: Compact|Full).

For those that don't know. AHX is a fairly new music tracker for the Amiga. It supports powerful waveform creation, ADSR, filters, the ability to make complex synthetic instruments, and produces a beautiful C-64 SID style sound. The following lists the new additions. All are packed into author subdirectories:

AHX.12th Warrior, AHX.1989 Supreme, AHX.ABBA, AHX.BH 90210, AHX.Blue Monday, AHX.Clarke2, AHX.Dogs Cracked, AHX.Dorkanoid, AHX.Ein Fall Zür Zwei, AHX.Enola Gay, AHX.Impossible Mission, AHX.It's A Sin, AHX.MacGyver, AHX.Maleigh, AHX.Masqrade, AHX.Neuroviisu, AHX.Popcorn, AHX.Rocky Intro, AHX.Sealed With A Kiss, AHX.Slapfight, AHX.Speed-Pack2, AHX.Sucking Sox, AHX.Supercars, AHX.T2-Remake, AHX.Take Em Out, AHX.Take My Breath Away, AHX.Take Off Me, AHX.The_Alibi, AHX.Thread1, AHX.Tuptupklik, AHX.Your Woman
AHX.All That She Wants, AHX.Barbie Girl, AHX.Ecuadaor, AHX.Hawaii On My Mind, AHX.Let The Sun Go Down On Me, AHX.Loving The Loser, AHX.Tamagotchi
AHX.Go East, AHX.Go East (Slow-jam)
AHX.Outburst, AHX.TheTest, AHX.TikkelTokkel, AHX.Wild Sound
AHX.GiannaSistaMixSux, AHX.Ralliautot
AHX.Diabetes, AHX.Life, AHX.Memories, AHX.The Hall Of Mirrors, AHX.Wasted Bytes

Thanks to all the people who have sent AHX tunes in to me including Guffaw, Tommy, Mark De Jong, Icebreaker and others.

As you may have noticed the CGI (Guestbook/Counter) on ExoticA is now functional again. Sorry for the time it was not working. See you in the next update :) And look out for the ExoticA Music Compo. To be announced soon!


Added the following Game Box Scans to the Games Gallery. All scans are complete with full author information and links to the music if available:

  • A: A-Train, Air Force Commander
  • B: Backgammon, Barbarian (Psygnosis), BlackJack Academy, Block Out, Budokhan (Alternative Scan)
  • C: Captive
  • D: Danger Freak, Destroyer
  • F: Fields Of Glory, Fighter Duel
  • G: Galactic Empire, Genesia, Goal, Graeme Souness Vector Soccer
  • H: Hawkeye
  • J: Jet
  • K: Katakis (aka Denaris)
  • M: Mega Lo Mania
  • O: Operation Wolf, Othello

Thanks to Marcus Gerards for the Barbarian game box.

Updated information for Denaris and fixed various other information. Updated the main Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Added the music from the game Cobra which is composed by Han-Hermann Franck. The music was created on the Sidmon 2 music editor. Other tunes made on this music program can be found on the SID2-SidMon-2 section (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Bored Seal for ripping and sending these tunes in.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.42. Additions include Suburban Base and Prodigy and more info added for Horizon, INXS, Intuition, Hypnosis, Hysteria, Grace and some others.


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. ExoticA has now moved to a new server. The rest of will move to this server in the near future. The CGI (Guestbook and Counter) on ExoticA will probably remain broken until the move has finished.

Added Game Box Scans and information for the following games:

BMX Simulator, Bureaucracy, Code-Name Iceman, The Colony, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Hollywood Hi Jinx, Lost Dutchman Mine, Microcosm, Mini Golf Plus, Striker, Tetris (Mirrorsoft) and Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2. Huge thanks to Dante for all these images.

Also fixed various errors on the Games Gallery.

The music from the game Leavin' Teramis was missing a tune and was badly ripped. Replaced it with a complete version - Leavin_Teramis.lha. The tunes are composed by Jochen Hippel and you can find many of his other excellent Amiga music on the HIP-Hippel section (View: Compact|Full)

Added 2 new CUST-Custom modules for DeliTracker (View Section: Compact|Full):

  • CUST.Action_Fighter.lha - The music from the game Action Fighter composed by Ben Daglish. A scan of this gamebox is available on the Games Gallery.
  • CUST.Iron_Lord - The music from the game Iron Lord composed by Jeroen Tel (Wave/Maniacs Of Noise). A scan of this game is also available on the gallery.

Thanks very much to Peter Kunath for making these customs. Oh, BTW, ExoticA is now 2 years old. :) See you in the next update!


Added the following Game Box Scans scans to the Games Gallery:

  • R: Rules Of Engagement
  • T: Table Tennis Simulation, Tangle Wood, Techno Cop, Tetris (Soviet Challenge), Top Banana, Tower FRA, Twilight Zone
  • U: UMS, Uninvited, Universe 3, Utopia
  • V: Vindex, Virus (Alternative Scan)
  • W: Welltris, Where In The USA Is Carmen Sandiego?, World Cup USA 94
  • X: Xiphos
  • Z: Zeewolf 2, Zoom

This takes the gallery to a total of 700 Box Scans!.

Added an improved scan and info for Space Harrier II and an improved scan for Wizkid. The game Road Raider was accidently called Road Rider. This is now fixed along with updated information for Spherical, Blasteroids and P47 Thunderbolt. Updated the main Game Information Text on the Info Section.

Made the following changes to the HIP-Hippel music section (View: Compact|Full):

  • Added the music from the game Tower FRA - HIP.Tower_FRA.lha
  • Added the missing end music from Wings Of Death - Wings_Of_Death.lha
  • Added a missing tune from Lethal Xcess - Lethal_Xcess.lha
  • Changed various filenames, fixed some credits and replaced a few 7v COSO rips with originals.

Made the following changes to the TFMX music section (View: Compact|Full):

  • Added all the music from Abandoned Places - Abandoned_Places.lha - Huge thanks for Mr.Styckx for this great rip. I tried but was unable to find the depack routine in the loader kernal. Oh well :)
  • Added a fixed version of the music from Circus Attractions - Circus_Attractions.lha - Fixed by Jan Krolzig. Thanks! (There was a destroyed sample on the original game which he was able to replace with a good version of the same sample from a TFMX editor disk)
  • Added a patched version of a TFMX file from Master Blazer - Master_Blazer.lha - which before contained only sound effects, but now has them added as pattern data so you can listen :) Thanks again to Jan Krolzig for this.
  • Replaced the loader tune from Turrican 2 - Turrican_2.lha - with a patched one from Jan Krolzig. The drums should now sound correct.
  • You can find some rather excellent TFMX compositions from Jan Krolzig on ExoticA also - Jan_Krolzig.lha - I recommend you have a listen :)

Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage Sid Collection to version 3.3. This is the most complete C64 music collection available, with over 11,500 tunes. ExoticA offers the files individually via a simple HTML Interface or you can download the files in 1 rather large gzipped tar archive - HVSC.tar.gz.


Sorry for the delay in updates, but I have been quite busy recently.

Added 38 scans to the Games Gallery. All with full author information and links to the music if available. The scans are as follows:

  • O: Omega, Oswald Of The Ice Flows
  • P: Paws Of Fury, Perfect General, Persian Gulf Inferno, Pictionary, Ports Of Call, Prison, Pro Tennis Tour, Prosoccer 2190
  • Q: Qix, Quantox
  • R: Racter, Rambo III, Reach For The Skies, Reach For The Stars, Romantic Encounters
  • S: Sabre Team, Scrabble, Shaq Fu, Shuttle, Silent Service, Sim Earth, Sim Life, Sky Chase, Slaygon, Space 1889, Space Hulk, Special Forces, Stack Up, Starblade, Starflight II, Starlord, Stellar 7, Strike Force Harrier, Super Methane Bros, Sword Of Sodan, Swords Of Twilight

Also added an improved scan of Epic and updated the information and the scan of Robo Sport. Added the cover artist for the game Zak McKracken.

Updated the Games Information on the Info Section.

Fixed the dates for Switchblade music - BD.Switchblade - and Deflektor music - BD.Deflektor.lha - on the BD-BenDaglish tunes section (View: Compact|Full). Thanks to Mr.Styckx for this information.

Added a full rip of the music from M.U.D.S (Mean Ugly Dirty Sport) - M_U_D_S.lha - which is in TFMX format (View Section: Compact|Full). Thanks to Nomaios for sending this in. Also updated the information for the music from the game Wolfen on the TFMX section - Wolfen.lha. Thanks to Bored Seal for this.

Updated the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 3.41

And, to finish of today's update (actually this update took longer than a day) I have been given permission to put DeliTracker 2.31 on ExoticA. You can find it on the Amiga Players Section. Thanks to Peter Kunath and keep an eye on for information about his new player (Windows only :( ).

There is nothing obviously new in the 2.31 version, but I'm told it has long filename support and NotePlayer improvements.

Oh, and before I forget, The mailing list is back online. See the Support Page for details.


Added the following 27 scans to the Games Gallery. All have full author information and links to the music if available.

  • 0-9: 3D World Tennis
  • B: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • D: Distant Armies
  • F: F-15 Strike Eagle II (Alternative Scan), Fist Fighter
  • H: Heavy Metal, Hired Guns, The Humans, The Hunt For Red October
  • I: Imperium, Into The Eagles Nest
  • J: Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes Of Major Championship Golf, James Pond 2 Codename Robocod, Jungle Jim
  • K: The Karate Kid Part II
  • L: Lancelot, Laser Squad, Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards, Leisure Suit Larry III (Passionate Patti in Pursuit Of The Pulsating Pectorals), The Lion King, Lords Of War
  • M: Mean 18 Ultimate Golf, Mean Arenas, Merchant Colony
  • N: Narco Police, Night Shift, Nova 9

Added an improved scan and info for Hunter, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, Nebulus 2.

Updated the Game Info page on the Info Section. The file is now over 10,000 lines long! :)


Added some new scans to the Games Gallery. All games have the full author information and a link to the music if available. The new scans added are:

  • C: Champion Of The Raj
  • D: Dream Zone
  • F: F-15 Strike Eagle II, F-16 Combat Pilot, F17 Challenge, F29 Retaliator, Final Command, Flies, Flight Of The Intruder, Flight Path, Fright Night, Frontier
  • G: GFL Championship Football, Gear Works, Greg Normans Shark Attack (Ultimate Golf)

Also fixed various errors on the Games Gallery and added missing information for the following games: Quadralien, Litil Divil, Liverpool, Line Of Fire Cover and Lin Wu's Challenge.

Updated the Games Information text on the Info Page.

Added a an Intro Logo Gallery to the Gallery Section. On this area you can see all the different logos which have been used on the ExoticA Intro Page. If you are an artist and think you could make an interesting graphic for ExoticA please mail me. I certainly would love to see some new and exciting logos :)

Made the following changes to the TFMX section (View: Compact|Full):

  • In the archive Unknown.lha:
    • Removed the tune Magn_Beat as this is from the game Rock'n'Roll.
    • Replaced the tune TRSI with a patched version from Nomaios which actually plays :)
    • Moved the tune Game to an archive Lethal_Zone.lha as it is the ingame music from this.
  • Updated the credit information for the following games:
    • Apidya, Brainball, Gem'Z, Gordian_Tomb, The Power, R-Type, Software Manager, Turrican III and Zo Zoom.
    • Renamed the dir FreaOut to Freak_Out - Freak_Out.lha - as this is the actual name of the game :)
    • Added a full rip of the music from Danger Freak - Danger_Freak.lha.
  • Huge thanks to Nomaios for the TFMX fixes, rips and extra information. Your help is very much appreciated.


Created a new area on the Info Section for the Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual. The manual is the most complete and in depth source of Amiga Demo Scene releases. An incredible compilation of information covering releases, parties, coders, musicians and graphic artists.

An ExoticA update wouldn't be complete with out some more Game Box scans. Added the following scans (with author information) to the Games Gallery:

  • C: The Carl Lewis Challenge, Centerbase, Combat Air Patrol, Craps Academy
  • D: Damocles, Deja Vu, Denaris, Desert Strike, Dizzy Dice, Dizzy Panic, Double Dragon, Dungeon Master,Dylan Dog
  • E: Enlightenment, Eye Of The Storm

Also fixed some errors on the gallery and filled in the missing info for a few games. Thanks to Roman Werner for the information for Traps'n'Treasures.

Updated the Games Information page on the Info Section.


Over the last few weeks I have been working on a huge revamp of the TFMX Section and it's now complete. (View: Compact|Full). Almost all the tunes have full author information and many are originals with the filenames intact. Alot of people have helped me to update this section so I would like to thank the following:

  • Bored Seal: For some rips (Metal Law and others) and lots of author information.
  • Nomaios: For the 2 excellent rips of Turrican 2 loader and Apidya Loader music.
  • Rudolf Stember: For great composing and help with credit information.
  • Sol0: For the rip of Caribbean Disaster.
  • XtC: For the rip of Fly Harder.
  • Chris Huelsbeck: For great tunes to listen to while updating :)

Thanks very much to all of you. I Hope I didn't forget anyone. See you all in the next update! :)


Added some Box Scans to the Games Gaallery. Some real classics in this batch. Complete credits for the game are also listed and links to the music if available. The following lists the new scans:

  • A: Airball, Air Strike USA, The Ancient Art Of War In The Skies, Apprentice, Arena, Arkanoid, Awesome
  • B: Bad Dudes (Dragon Ninja), Balance Of Power, Bandit Kings Of Ancient China, B.A.T. II, Battle Chess, Battleship, Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge, Birds Of Prey, Borrowed Time, Buck Rogers (Countdown To Doomsday)

Replaced the scan of Blood money with an improved one and updated the Game Info page on the Info Section.

The ExoticA Mailinglist is still down. The server which hosted it had a complete harddisk failure and the list wil be hosted on a new server soon. I will get a forum added to ExoticA soon so you can all discuss matters via the WWW.


I hope you Euro visitors saw the fab eclipse this morning. If not then you can still check out the beautiful eclipse intro logo on the Intro Page. Huge thanks to XtC for this.


Just a smallish update today. It seems I have discovered a bug in LHA when handling long filenames and so had to re-upload the tunes from Super Monaco Grand Prix - Super_Monaco_Grand_Prix.lha - in the TINY-TinyWilliams section (View: Compact|Full).

Added the tune from the game Hot Rod - BD.Hot_Rod.lha - to the BD-BenDaglish section (View: Compact|Full). Also corrected the information for the games Motorhead and Switchblade on this section. Thanks to Bored Seal for the information.

I have recently been doing a revamp of the TFMX section which should be finished very soon. Some new tunes, and fixes to old ones, and of course lots of author credits. Many of the tunes are originals, and I have kept the filenames intact as much as possible. There will also be some new Games Gallery images added soon.

Ok that's all for now. Now I will go and play on my C=64 for a while.


Another large Game Box Gallery update today with the addition of another 47 images. The new scans are:

  • R: Rainbow Island, Red Heat, Red Zone, Road Rash, Road Rider, Roadwar 2000, Roadwars, Robocop 3, Rocket Attack, Rubicon
  • S: Sharkeys Moll, Skeleton Krew, Ski Or Die, Sonic Boom, Sorcerer Lord, Space Battle, Spaceward Ho!, Speedball, Spherical, Spindizzy Worlds, Star Flight, Starball, Starblaze, Starways, Steve Davis World Snooker, Stormball, Stormlord, Super Tennis Champs, Supremacy
  • T: Targhan, Team Yankee, Team Yankee (Alternative Scan), The Third Courier, Thunderbirds, Thunderhawk AH-73M, Tie Break, Toobin, Tower Of Babel, Trolls
  • U: The Untouchables
  • V: Volleyball Simulator
  • W: Wolf Pack, Woodies World, World Class Rugby, Zero Gravity, Ziriax, Zool

Also updated the Game Info page on the Info Section.

Huge thanks to Joachim Ljunggren for the excellent Rubicon box scan. For those that don't know, He is programmer of the C=64 version and the designer of the game. I recommend you take a listen to the music from the C=64 version which was composed by Jeroen Tel. It's a superb tune. You can find it here - Rubicon.sid.

Added a improved version scan of the Shadow Of The Beast box, which has much better contrast and colouring.

Added a graphic link to the Main Page for the website Dreamland as it is in my opinion the best place for Amiga Audio News, Software and much more.

Remade the TINY-TinyWilliams Section completely (View: Compact|Full) adding credits to the files and the following game music: Sharky's Moll - Sharkys_Moll.lha

  • Super Monaco Grand Prix - Super_Monaco_Grand_Prix.lha
  • Chuckie Egg 2 - TINY.Chuckie_Egg_2.lha
  • Nevermind - TINY.Nevermind.lha
  • Viz (The Game) - Viz.lha

All the music was composed by Tony Williams. The name Tiny refers to Tony and also his brother. Thanks to Amadeus for the rip of the Chuckie Egg 2 music.

The previous TINY-TinyWilliams deliplayer had some real problems on 040 and 060 CPU's and so I have replaced it with a much improved player from Sunbeam. Thanks! Get this latest player here - TinyWilliams.lha

Some of you might have noticed the ExoticA Mailing List is down at the moment. This should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See you all in the next update.


I've been working thoughout the whole weekend on ExoticA, and here is the result :) Added 45 new scans to the Games Gallery. This brings the total to 521 scans!. All have full author information and links to the music (if available). The following lists the new scans:

  • F: First Contact, First Samurai, Fly Harder, Fools Errand, Footballer Of The Year 2
  • G: Ghouls'n'Ghosts, Global Gladiators, Go, Graffiti Man
  • H: Hexuma, Hunter
  • I: The Immortal, Indy Heat, ISS
  • J: Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker, Jinks, John Madden American Football
  • K: Khalaan, King Of Chicago, Kings Quest II, Kings Quest III
  • L: Legend Of Faerghail, Liverpool
  • M: Mad Professor Mariarti, Mad TV, Mafdet, Mayday Squad, Metal Masters, Motor Massacre, Murder
  • N: Nebulus, The Ninja Warriors, No Second Prize
  • O: Omnicron Conspiracy
  • P: P47 Thunderbolt, Pacific Islands, Peter Beardsleys Football, Phantasie III, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Mania, Pipe Mania, Plutos, Project Neptune, Puggsy, Putty

Replaced the scan for the game Overdrive with one with better contrast. Also updated the Games Information List on the Info Section. Added the music from the game First Samurai - First_Samurai.lha - which was composed by Nick Jones and ripped/customised by Kyzer. This rip was first released on the excellent HAM website.

Did a complete revamp of the BD-BenDaglish Section (View: Compact|Full) adding information and the music from the game Footballer Of The Year 2.

If you downloaded this section before, I suggest you update it with the new one :)

Added the music (if you can call it that) from the game Metal Masters - Metal_Masters.lha - which is in RH-RobHubbard-2 format (View Section: Compact|Full). It was composed? by Charles Callet.

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with Rob Hubbard but is infact a format used for many Infogrames games. I think it was originally named this due to a similarity between this and Rob Hubbard's Amiga audio routines. But I could be completely wrong :)

I also added some information to a few other tunes in this section.

Well, thats all for now. Expect some more Games Gallery in the next few days. Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far. We've had some really scorching weather here in the UK.

As you may know, the World Of Amiga Show is coming along in a couple of weeks, and both me (BuZz) and XtC will be attending. Feel free to mail me if you would like to meet up for a beer (or 4).


Added some more scans to the Games Gallery. This brings the archive to 476 images! Many more to come soon. The additions are as follows:

  • A: Air Supply, Air Support
  • B: Battle Master, Battle Squadron, Brat, Brutal Football
  • C: Captain Blood
  • D: Dark Side, Demolition, Down At The Trolls, Dragon Breed, Dragon Flight, Dragon Flight (Extra Large Poster Scan), Dragon Scape, Dynamite Dux
  • E: Enchanted Land, Entity, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, European championship 92, Eye Of Horus

Also fixed some errors on the Games Gallery and added some missing information including Startrash Cover which is by Celal Kandemiroglu.

Updated the Game Information text on the Info Section.

Other changes to ExoticA include a new Main Page animated logo. Thanks to XtC for this.

Some new rips for you today also. Ripped the music from Crazy Football - Crazy_Football.lha - which was composed by Richard Joseph and is in VectorDean format (View Section: Compact|Full).

I also ripped the music from the game Dragon Breed - AVP.Dragon_Breed.lha - which was composed by Martin Walker and is in AVP-ActivisionPro format (View Section: Compact|Full).


The Sidebar has changed a bit. The Support Page and the IRC Page have move to the Info Section. There is also a CGI interface so WWW only users can join in discussions on our IRC channel.

There is 2 new sections now added to the Sidebar. A Source Section which will contain program source for music replays, demos and much more. Also there is a Misc Section which will be used to stick anything which doesn't quite fit into the other areas :). At the moment there is no HTML made for these sections, But I have uploaded some music replays to the Source Section.


Added more credit information to the MON-ManiacsOfNoise-Old Section - (View: Compact|Full)

Corrected the spelling of the music from Venom Wing and added the credits - Venom_Wing.lha - on the SID1-SidMon-1 Section (View: Compact|Full)

On the Games Gallery there is extra information for Powerdrome. Cover artist PAJ is now known to be Peter Andrew Jones. Fixed this information for games Artura, Badlands and Interphase.

Also added/fixed the following cover artist credits:

  • Junior Tomlin: Star Ray
  • Hartwig Nieder-Gassel: Grand Monster Slam
  • Roger Dean: Aquaventura, Chrono Quest
  • Ian Craig: Menace
  • Bob Wakelin: Wizkid
  • Peter Andrew Jones: Cytron,Matrix Marauders
  • Melvyn Grant: Captain Fizz
  • Simon Roberts: Interceptor

An ExoticA update wouldn't be complete without some game box scans and info. Added the following images to the Games Gallery:

  • A: The Amazing Spider-Man
  • B: Bad Cat, Blastar, Blob, Borodino
  • C: Chaos Engine 2, Chronicles Of Omega, Combo Racer, Cubulus, Cybercon 3, Cyberworld

Also updated the Amiga Game Information page which is on the Info Section.

Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 3.2. The collection now contains over 11,000 C64 Music files. ExoticA mirrors the collection unpacked with an easy to use HTML Interface and also they are available packed in 1 large tar.gz - HVSC.tar.gz


Finally got round to adding some new ExoticA banners made by XtC. Thanks Mate! You can find them on the Link Me Section.

Fixed some errors on the gallery and added some new info and the following images:

  • B: Ballistix, Black Shadow, Brain Blasters
  • C: Cosmic Pirate
  • D: Deflektor
  • E: Elf, Eliminator

Fixed some gallery errors, added some more information. Also updated the Amiga Game Information page which is on the Info Section.

Added the missing music from the game Stormlord, which is in MON-ManiacsOfNoise-Old format (View Section: Compact|Full). The music is now packed in the same archive as the intro/title tunes - Stormlord.lha. Thanks to Kyzer for the rip. He had to alter a couple of pointers in the tune so it would play due to a bug on the Mon_Old Deliplayer. This bug is however not present in the latest version of the player which was fixed and sent in by Florian. Thanks to both of you :) Download the Player here - Mon_Old.lha

Added the latest 14Bit-Noteplayer Deligenie by Chris Hodges to the Amiga Players Section. It is based on the original 14bit noteplayer but with many many additions. Infact, This genie is totally superb!. Read the Aminet Readme for more information or download the genie - Deli14BitGenie.lha.

I find its really hard sometimes to keep up to date with all the DeliPlayers and deligenies, so I have made a directory where I will hope to keep the latest available for download.

Take a look at the delilatest directory (which is also linked to on the Amiga Players Section).

You might notice a few players or genies you have not seen before. Quite a few are previously unreleased to the public. One such example is the ImpulseDecruncher Genie which along with the Impulse Deliplayer will allow you to play the newer tunes made on the tracker.

Thanks to Peter Kunath for the greatest music player (Delitracker) on the Amiga, and I'm happy he still turns on his Amiga now and again to do some things :)

Please send in any players or genies which I am missing, or newer versions if you have any or let me know outdated players which should be here. Thanks!

Corrected the spelling of the LME-LegglessMusicEditor Section - (View: Compact|Full) and repacked tunes with credit information and better filenames.

Added a music format used by The Professional Sound Artists (PSA). The section is named: PSA-ProfessionalSoundArtists - (View Section: Compact|Full). There is only 2 tunes available (PSA.Intro-Tune.lha and PSA.The_Punisher_Title.lha) and these come from the PSA Demodisk. Other tunes on the disk were in Noisetracker/LME format. Most of the music on the Demodisk was used in games.

Don't forget, all music areas are linked to from the Main tunes Page, along with some information about the music format or editor/tracker it was created on.

Finally I got round to adding some extra EaglePlayers from the Wanted Team. Thanks to Don Adan for sending them in and keeping me up to date. Sorry it took so long for me to add these. The following Eagleplayers can be found on the Amiga Players Section.

  • EP_AMComposer.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_BennDaglish.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_JasonPageN.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_LME.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_PAP.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_RobHubbard.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_Soundcontrol.lha - (Aminet Readme)
  • EP_TFMX.lha - (Aminet Readme)

Well, Thats it for now. This update actually took longer than a day as do many of the updates I make. The sun is shining and it's pretty hot in here, so I think I will go out for a nice cool beer! :)


Sorry for the delay. Added another 19 Game Box Scans images to the Games Gallery. There is now 439 scans online. Most if not all with full author information. The new scans are as follows:

  • V: Vision, Vital Light, Victory Road
  • W: WWF European Tour, WWF Wrestle Mania, War In The Gulf, Web Of Terror, Whirligig, Whizz, Wicked, Wild West World, Winzer, Wonder Dog
  • X: XR 35
  • Y: Yolanda
  • Z: Zany Golf, Zarathrusta, Zork Zero, Zyconix

Added some more information to the Games Gallery and Game Info Page (On the Info Section) and fixed some errors. Thanks to spectral for pointing out some problems.

Added issues 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Zeg's Deli News to the Deli News Section. Thanks to Spectral for all his hard work with the translations. (The Deli News were originally written in German)


Added 18 new scans to the Games Gallery. The new titles are:

  • R: Raider
  • S: Shiftrix, Shuffle Pix, Sir Fred, Sky High Stuntman, Space Assault, Steel Empire, Street Fighter 2, Suspicious Cargo
  • T: Tangram, Tetra Quest, Think Twice, Thunderstrike, Time Runner, Tip Trick, Triple X
  • U: U.N.Squadron, Uridium II
  • Added an improved scan of the Resolution 101 game box.

Added the music?? from Sir Fred (Sir_Fred.lha) which is in RH-RobHubbard-2 (Infogrames) Format - (View: Compact|Full) Please note: One of the tunes may not play, which is probably a good thing, as its pretty terrible :) Also added the music from the game O.B.Y. 1 - OBY1.lha - which was composed on SidMon 2 (View: Compact|Full).

Fixed many typos and made some credit additions on the Games Gallery and updated the Amiga Game Info text on the Info Page.


Finally we hit the 400 mark on the Game Box Gallery. There is now a total of 402 game box scans. The following lists the new scans.

  • H: Helter Skelter, Hillsfar, Hydra, Hyperion
  • I: Insects In Space, Iron Lord, Ishar
  • J: James Pond
  • K: Krusty's Fun House, Kult
  • L: Lethal Weapon, Loopz
  • M: Manix, Master Blazer, Mindwalker, Monkey Island II, Moon Blaster
  • N: Nick Faldos Championship Golf
  • O: O.B.Y. 1, Ooops Up
  • P: Pop Up, Powerboat USA, Prime Mover
  • Added an improved scan for M.U.D.S. and also some more author information for the game.

The game Mindwalker is probably the oldest ever Amiga game. The author Bill Williams died on May the 28th 1999 :( Other games from him included Sinbad, Alley Cat and Necromancer.


Added 15 more scans with author information to the Games Gallery.

  • A: Aquatic Games
  • B: The Ball Game, Beast Busters, Blazing Thunder, Boston Bomb Club, Botics
  • C: Centrefold Squares, Crystals Of Arborea, Cyberblast, Cytron
  • D: Dynasty Wars
  • E: E-Motion, European Football Champ
  • F: Faery Tale Adventure, Fusion
  • Fixed many bugs on the gallery. Thanks to Greeble for sending me details of the problems.

Added Newsflash diskmag Issue 24 to the Newsflash Section. Thanks to Mark de Jong for sending this in.

We are still missing quite a few issues, so if anyone has some, please send them in.


Completely revamped the whole ML-MusicLineEditor section (View: Compact|Full), with full author information, subdir's and over 30 new tunes. I recommend you download this section again if you want to have all the changes.

The following lists the new tune additions.

  • Dick_Jansen.lha :
    • ML.Denial
    • ML.Music001
  • Role_Model.lha (Johan Kotlinski) :
    • ML.ashtrace
    • ML.c64fforever4helvete
    • ML.dunloop
    • ML.en_tyst_minut
    • ML.fluortanten_pa_besok
    • ML.funky_number
    • ML.fur_dem_womb
    • ML.hartenaker
    • ML.hus_in_da_house
    • ML.kaffaf4_el_bretagne
    • ML.lemon_soda
    • ML.memento_kapan
    • ML.rackwards_in_beverse
    • ML.winchesterminne
  • Firefox.lha (Jimmy Fredriksson) :
    • ML.Chambers_of_Shaolin
    • ML.Drax
    • ML.Organ_Symphony
  • Twins.lha (Christian Cyréus) :
    • ML.100_Bar
    • ML.Bombjack
    • ML.Cutting_Edge
    • ML.Eighties
    • ML.Freona
    • ML.ImpFactor
    • ML.The_Shaft
  • Ziphoid.lha (John Carehag) :
    • ML.CombatCars
  • Others:
    • ML.Childs_Play
    • ML.Cytoplasm.lha
    • ML.Opra
    • ML.PAnAZoNiK_DReAm
    • ML.Phonologic
    • ML.Spellbound
    • ML.Terasse

Huge thanks to Ziphoid (John Carehag) and Role Model (Johan Kotlinski) for sending in all the new tunes, and for credits help on the Musicline Section.

Added the following new scans to the Game Box Gallery. All the images have full author information and links to the music if available.

  • 0-9: 4D Sports Boxing, 9 Lives
  • A: Action Fighter, Anstoss, Aquaventura, Archipelagos (alternative scan), Armageddon Man, Artura, Atomic RoboKid, Aunt Arctic Adventure
  • Added a much improved scan of Atomino.
  • Added the following cover artist information to the Games Gallery and Game Info Text (on the Info Page
  • Bob Wakelin: Epic, Ivanhoe
  • Steinar Lund: APB, Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (also fixed the spelling of the image/info), Manchester United
  • Anny 87: Typhoon
  • AlAsi: Soldier Of Light
  • Celal Kandemiroglu: Atomino, Lethal Xcess, Rock'n Roll
  • Chris ?: Crack Down
  • CAZA: Drakkhen
  • Michael Hellmich: Die Kathedrale, Kengi
  • Herman Serrano: Carrier Command
  • Junior Tomlin: Archipelagos, Prospector
  • P.C: Hostages
  • G: Puffy's Saga
  • Grabuge: Eagles Rider, Krypto 'n Egg, Purple Saturn Day
  • Gégé: Jumping Jack Son
  • PoLARD: Outzone
  • Paj: Interphase, Badlands
  • G. McNamara: Battle Command
  • Orlando Petermann: Clown'o'Mania
  • PS AS.: No Excuses, Amegas, Beastlord, Turbo Cup Challenge
  • MeLYN: Captain Fizz
  • SW: Tracker, Onslaught
  • RoSt: Turn it
  • E.R.T: JUG

As most of you probably know, it was my birthday last week. Just wanted to say thanks to all the emails I received. I got an aquarium for my birthday from my family, and so in a few days will be getting a few fishie friends :)

See you all in the next update.


The new main tunes page is now online, with links to compact and full index's of each music area.


Over the last week I have been busy recoding the script which generates the HTML pages for the music section. In the next few days I will finish it. There will be 2 pages for each music format. A page very similar to the ones online now and also a more in depth page, showing full contents of archives with author information etc.

Ok, on with the update. Added 12 new scans to the Games Gallery. They are as follows:

  • A: Alien 3
  • C: Cyberzerk
  • E: Emerald Mine 2
  • I: Impossible Mission 2025
  • J: Jungle Strike
  • L: Lin Wu's Challenge
  • O: Overdrive
  • R: Robo Sport
  • T: Terramex, Theatre Of Death, Tracker, Traders

Replaced the scan for Terrorpods and Rock'n Roll with an improved image and also replaced the image for The Bards Tale II with a much improved scan of the original box. Thanks to Mathias Ortmann (Scuz) for this.

Fixed many pieces of information throughout the Gallery and changes have been made to the Game Info text on the Info Section also.

It's my Birthday in 3 days. Hooray! :) Feel free to send me lots of pressies and nice emails :)

Updated the links page, adding a few links which I promised to add a long time ago. Sorry for the delay!

In the next few weeks there should be quite a few changes happening at ExoticA. Hopefully I can get the new editors page finished (complete with screenshots) and also a few things wil be moved around a bit. New sections on the website will include a source section, with replay code, demo source and much more. Watch this space :)


Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 3.1. The collection now contains over 10,500 SIDS! I had to recode the script which creates the HTML interface for the collection, due to a few naming problems. The new HTML creation script is done in PERL and can be run remotely which will save me alot of time in future updates.

Added a thin strip to the bottom of the Game Box scans to show that they were scanned for ExoticA. The gallery has taken many many months to create, and although this shouldn't affect your viewing pleasure, it might help prevent poeple from stealing credit for all our hard work.

Ofcourse, copyright for all the images belongs to the publishers/authors.


The FTP on hasn't been working recently so I havn't been able to do any updates. Sorry about this.

Today we have a very special update - The FANTASTIC new Star Wars intro logo. You can see this (and its well worth checking out) on the Intro Page. Massive thanks to XtC for all his hard work on the logo. Also thanks to Eric Schwartz. Wonder if G. Lucas would like the logo? :)

Oh I almost forgot, today is XtC's birthday! Happy birthday mate. He's now the ripe old age of 26 :) 30 doesnt seem so far away now does it!

Oh and.. May the Schwartz be with you :d


Added 31 scans to the Amiga Game Box Art Gallery. Each game has full author information and links to download the music if possible. The following is a list of the additions:

  • B: Beast Lord, Bionic Commando (Preview scan)
  • C: Captain Planet
  • D: Dalek Attack
  • E: Eye Of The Beholder
  • G: Galactic Warrior Rats,Gnome Alone
  • K: K240
  • L: Lords Of Time,Lure Of The Temptress
  • M: Midwinter 2, Mig-29 Fulcrum, M.U.D.S
  • N: The New Zealand Story
  • O: Odyssey
  • P: Perihelion, Primal Rage
  • R: Resolution 101, Robot Commander, Rugby : The World Cup
  • S: Second Samurai, Sensible Golf, Sensible World Of Soccer, Seven Gates Of Jambala, Shadow Dancer, Shadoworlds, The Simpsons, Street Hockey, Subtrade, Super Space Invaders, Super Stardust

Added the fantastic music from the game Rotor which was ripped and customised by Florian Vorberger - Rotor.lha. ExoticA now has a mirror, so if any problems do occur with the main site in the future, you will still be able to access the music etc. :) HUGE thanks to my good friend Spectral who made this possible. The mirror is accessable at or you can just follow the links at the top of the Intro Page.

I've noticed some sites link to ExoticA linking directly to the frames and not the intro page. Please do not bookmark/link to the subpage or you will miss out on all the special intro logos. A new logo will be added to the front page this month, so keep an eye out! :) Another thing: I got an email this week asking me if i could place some amiga emulation FAQ on ExoticA. Please realise, ExoticA has NOTHING to do with Amiga Emulation. Its constructed on REAL Amigas, for the enjoyment of the current Amiga community. I really dont care about UAE or Fellow :)

Updated the Game Information section on the Info Page. Fixed various broken links and bugs around the website. Only a few thousand more to fix :)


Mr.Styckx has released an update for his fantastic deliplayer MYST - MYST_Data_9. The update contains lots of new tunes and some fixes to previous ones.

For those that don't know, MYST enables you to play hundreds of fab tunes from the Atari ST by emulating the soundchip (YM2149). Read the information inside the archive on how to update. The complete set of MYST data files and the main replay and documentation can be found on the Amiga Players Page

Alternatively you can go to the YM-YM2149 page and just download the tunes you want.

Added some info the Main Tunes Page. Added the music from the game Chaos Engine 2 by Richard Joseph which is in VectorDean format. Big thanks to XtC for ripping this and sending it in to me!

Added credit information to the tunes in the VectorDean section and repacked all archives. Also improved filenames a bit. Added the following new scans to the Game Box Art Gallery : All Dogs Go To Heaven, Bob's Bad Day, Mercs, Nevermind, Quartz and Rock'n Roll.


Well, I'm sorry for the delay, but I was relaxing a bit over Easter :)

Added lots of new Game Box scans to the ExoticA Games Gallery. All games have info, and a link to the music if available. The new scans which were added are:

  • 0-9: 688 Attack Sub, 7 Colors
  • B: The Bard's Tale II, The Bard's Tale III, Beneath A Steel Sky, Betrayal, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games
  • C: Cannon Fodder 2, Captain Fizz, Civilization, The Incredible Crash Dummies, Crazy Football, Crystal Dragon, Custodian
  • D: Das Boot
  • E: Espana : The Games 92
  • F: The Final Mission, Fireblaster
  • G: Garfield Winter's Tail, Garrison 2, Globdule
  • H: Heimdall
  • I: The Island Of Lost Hope, It Came From The Desert, Ivanhoe
  • K: Knights Of The Crystallion
  • L: Lemmings, The Light Corridor, Line Of Fire
  • M: M1 Tank Platoon
  • N: No Excuses
  • P: Personal Nightmare, Pioneer Plague, The Plague, Powermonger, Psyborg

Added improved quality game box scans for Exolon, Lethal Xcess, Matrix Marauders and Menace. The info for a few games was also updated. There is now a total of 304 scans available!.

Updated the Game Info part of the Info Page.

Fixed various HTML bugs around the site, and a few minor colour changes on a couple of pages.


Finished uploading all archives. Took about 18 hours non stop uploading on my little modem :)

All tunes, diskmags and crunchers are back online. The files are only available via HTTP however, and I don't know when the FTP access will be restored.


Put the High Voltage SID Collection 3.0 files back online. Couldn't wait for SCSI problems to be fixed so started uploading all archives again.


Well.. Easter is almost here, and XtC has drawn a beautiful Easter Logo for the intro page. Take a look! Cheerz XtC!

  • Fixed various bugs around the site.


I'm afraid the music files are still all offline, so in the meantime, please enjoy the following Games Gallery update. The scans/author information for the following games was added.

  • A: Alien Breed 2, Ambermoon, Amberstar, Anstoss World Cup Edit
  • B: Battle Isle, Body Blows Galactic, Cruise For A Corpse
  • D: Dyna Blaster
  • E: Elfmania
  • F: Flink, The Flintstones
  • J: Jaguar XJ220
  • H: Historyline 1914-1918
  • K: Kreuz As Poker
  • L: Lion Heart
  • O: One Step Beyond
  • P: Pro Flight, Project-X
  • R: Red Baron
  • S: Die Siedler (The Settlers), Skidmarks, Soccer Kid, Space Quest 1, StarTrek 25th Anniversary
  • T: Transarctica, Traps'n'Treasures
  • W: Whales Voyage, Wiz'n'Liz
  • Y: Yo! Joe!

The Games Gallery now contains 268 images ;)

  • Added a Games Information section to the Info page. This shows all the author/credits for the images on the Games Gallery in 1 HTML (or txt) file.
  • Spectral made a translation of Zeg's Deli News issue #2. Thanks mate! Check the Deli News page for more info.


All the tune archives are temporarily? offline. I hope this gets sorted ASAP. I have no control over this however and if for some reason the ftp cannot be restored I will have to move ExoticA.. again...


Well, It's 7:15 am and I seem to have forgotten to go to bed. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. The truth is I noticed there had been a High Voltage SID Collection update and had to play some of those fantastic tunes :)

So, anyway, I have now updated the ExoticA mirror of this magnificent C= 64 music collection to version 3.0. Now there are over 10,000 tunes!!! Big thanks to the hardworking High Voltage team. ExoticA's mirror of the collection distributes the tunes in 2 ways. You can either browse the individual files using our custom HTML interface - HERE or you can download ALL the tunes in 1 HUGE (19.5 meg) gzip compressed tar archive - HERE.

Please also remember that most of the archives online can also be downloaded via FTP. Just login to and go to directory /pub/exotica/

Added issue 26 of Newsflash diskmag. The collection is getting closer to completion. Huge thanks to Mark de Jong for sending this in! Its on 3 disks and you can download it from the Newsflash section.


  • Restructured the Info section and added a Deli News page to it. This will contain english translations of Zeg's Delitracker news texts. Thanks to spectral for the first translation.
  • Added the music from International Soccer Challenge - DW.Int_Soccer_Challenge.lha - which was composed by David Whittaker. *Renamed DW.amiga.mus to DW.Battle_Of_The_Ashes on the DW-DavidWhittaker section.
  • Added XtC's and Gemuse's fave tunes to the Special Music section. Sorry for the delay - only 8 months late :)


Nothing added to the site. Just a message to remember my friend Roy. Who was an active and supportive amiga user. He died 1 year ago today to my greatest sadness. But not only do I think of him, but I send my thoughts to his wife, daughter and 2 sons who's terrible loss I cannot imagine. My love to you all.


Well, I hope romance was in the air for you all yesterday. Did you get any cards? I received a lovely postcard from some friends in Finland, but I have to say, there is very little love here in my life. So come on, send me some nice emails to cheer me up :)

  • Reorganised the AVP-ActivisionPro music section improving filenames and adding new music. The tunes AVP.British and AVP.German were both from the game Reach for The Skies and so are packed together in 1 archive - Reach_For_The_Skies.lha.
Added the following games tunes
Defender 2: Defender_2.lha
Devious Designs: Devious_Designs.lha
Frenetic: Frenetic.lha
AV8B Harrier Assault: AVP.AV8B_Harrier_Assault.lha
  • Made some other minor filename alterations to other tunes also. All tunes were composed by Martin Walker.
  • Added the music from Heavy Metal which was composed by Jason Brooke (JCB-JCBrooke) - JCB.Heavy_Metal.lha. Altered some other filenames in the JCB-JCBrooke section.
  • Moved the tune AHX.Tualkeg Run Sella from Pink.lha to Unknown.lha in the AHX-AbyssHighestExperience section as it was not composed by Pink.


25 Games Gallery images added. The new scans are:

  • D: DarkCentury
  • G: Grid Start, Gunship 2000
  • H: Hostages, Hotshot
  • I: International 3D Tennis, International Ice Hockey, International Soccer Challenge
  • J: Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash
  • K: Karting Grand Prix, Knights Of The Sky
  • M: Manchester United Europe, Microprose Soccer, The Secret Of Monkey Island
  • P: Paradroid 90, Pipe Rider, Player Manager, Puffy's Saga
  • R: Roller Coaster Rumbler, Rotor
  • S: F-19 Stealth Fighter, Superstar Ice Hockey
  • T: Transputor
  • V: Viz
  • W: Wayne Gretzky Hockey
  • Fixed various errors on the Games Gallery. Thanks to Greeble for pointing these out. Added many missing links to C64 Music from various games.
  • Renamed the music section JPN-JasonPage to JP-JasonPage as it also contains music in his earlier format. Added issues 25 and 27 of Newsflash disk magazine to the Nostalgia Section. Huge thanks to Mazzelboy for sending these in to me. There are still quite a few missing issues and incomplete issues. Please help me complete the collection!


Added 14 new Game Box scans to the Games Gallery. They are as follows.

  • A: Alien Breed Special Edition, Amiga Karate, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Arnie
  • B: Biing, Blood Money, Blue Max, Buggy Boy
  • C: Chaos Engine, The Chessmaster, City Defence
  • E: Edd The Duck, Epic
  • F: FIFA International Soccer

Of course, for each game there is author information and if available, there is a link to the music.

  • Updated various pages on ExoticA to use a plain coloured background image. This will make backgrounds dither on low colour screens etc, and should look better on low spec machines. Users browsing in 24 bit should be unaffected.


Sorry for lack of updates recently, but I have been very busy working on the site.

  • Moved all CGI's from their old server to here. The guestbook and the counter should be working again now, so if you've been wanting to write a nice comment then do so :)
  • Added an updated title logo from XtC, which I think looks really fab. Thanks!


Happy New Year! Hope you all have had a great holiday, and have been eating and drinking excessively :)

Quite alot of new AHX tunes added today. Thanks to Solo, Icebreaker, and Mortimer Twang for sending in stuff. Also I have ripped some tunes from a few recent productions (Psychol #13/Appendix and Cruisin 2/Abyss). Here are are the new AHX additions:

AHX.Mid Day Action, AHX.Zero Impression F
AHX.-Now_You_Understand-, AHX.-The_Thin_Long_Way-
AHX.bluesada, AHX.O.N.A., AHX.short means kewl, AHX.the one that hurts me, AHX.thx tribute to xtd #01
AHX.Classic Cracktro, AHX.GhostBusters, AHX.Purple-Shades, AHX.Snow Bubbles, AHX.Wild Thing, AHX.Winter Dreams
Some duplicates previously in the JaZz archive have been deleted also.
AHX.jennipha [©daddytwang], AHX.amanda
AHX.Tualkeg Run Sella, AHX.Wearing the inside out, AHX.Gatesbusters
(From Cruisin 2 by Abyss released at TP98 in 40k intro competition)



If you would like to download some other great AHX tunes be sure to check the main AHX-AbyssHighestExperience music page.

New Customs
CUST.Bangkok_Knights.lha - From the game Bangkok Knights, Amiga music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art). In my opinion the C64 and ST versions of the game had much better music however.
CUST.FA-18_Interceptor.lha - From the game F/A-18 Interceptor (One of my all time fave flight sims!) :) Music by Dave Warhol.
CUST.Formula_One_GrandPrix.lha - From the game Formula One Grand Prix. There is already a Custom of this online but this one contains more information :) Music by Dave Lowe (Unce Art).
CUST.Line_Of_Fire_Music.lha - From the game Line Of Fire. Music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art).
CUST.Time_Scanner.lha - From the game Time Scanner. Music by Dave Lowe (Uncle Art).
CUST.Indianapolis_500.lha - From the game Indianapolis 500. Music by Rob Hubbard. Customised by Sunbeam
CUST.Tristar_Demo_3.lha - From Transformers 3rd Tristar demo. Music by Knockosoft and Flynn.

Custom files can be played on Delitracker or Eagleplayer which are both available on the Amiga Players section. Custom modules contain the actual music replay code, since the music is not in any standard format. Many more great tunes can be downloaded from the main CUST-Custom music page.

Thanks to all who have sent files in that I may have forgotten. I try to give credit where its due :) Thanks to everyone who has supported the site in 1998, and I look forward to your continuing support as ExoticA heads towards the Year 2000!

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