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Well here I am, back with another update. Hope you all had a really great X-Mas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Updated the High Voltage SID Collection. Version 2.8 is online now, with over 9700 C64 tunes. ExoticA's mirror of the collection has a great custom HTML interface as well as all the tunes available in 1 archve - HVSC.tar.gz FTP OPEN! - Yes, All music files and other items are now available via anonymous FTP. Just FTP to and go to directory /pub/exotica/

The HTML interface for the tunes section will soon provide a link to download via FTP instead of HTTP also.

Do come and join the Exoticeer's on IRC (details on IRC page), our bot has a custom search tool which can search and dcc Exotic Music, C64 SIDS, and the archive of over 10,000 !! Amiga demos.


ExoticA now has a great Xmas feeling, with a beautiful snow covered logo and some pieces of Holly =) Check the Intro page! Huge thanks to our Graphics man XtC for his hard work!

Fixed some minor HTML bugs and a broken image on the Intro Page.


I've been a bit lazy with updates recently, but you know, there is always so much to do at this time of year (drinking etc) ;)

Added 2 Oktalyzer tunes from Marc Bekker (CheecH) - CheecH.lha

Renamed the SYN-Synthesis section to SYN-Synthesis-4.0 as I have added a new section SYN-Synthesis-4.2 which are tunes with a newer version of the Synthesis replayer. Some of the tunes are the same, but there are ones which are only available as 4.0 or 4.2 format. I have made new additions to the SYN-Synthesis-4.0 section also -

  • SYN.Magnetic_Fields_II.lha
  • SYN.Sanxion_2000.lha
  • SYN.Sarcophaser-Hiscore.lha
  • SYN.Sarcophaser-Title.lha
  • SYN.THX_Emulator.lha

Some of the files previously in the SYN-Synthesis-4.0 section have also had minor filename alterations. Anyway, go and grab all the music from SYN-Synthesis-4.2 because there is some fantastic tunes there!

2 more formats added - MM4-MusicMaker-4 and MM8-MusicMaker-8. I know very little about these tunes or the music program.

Updated the Tunes Index. You may have noticed that none of the editors are online, this is because I have to remake this section. Will be back soon!


As some of you already will know, the music program which was known as THX Sound System had to change its name due to legal reasons. It is now known as AHX - Abyss' Highest Experience. Because of the program name change, and the fact that it doesn't refer to any versions with the THX name, I have remade the section. All files now have the prefix AHX instead of THX and the section is now called AHX-AbyssHighestExperience.

I have added many new AHX tunes, some which were taken from the recent tunes pack from Abyss and some which were sent in to me or found elsewhere on the internet. ExoticA still has the MOST complete AHX music collection available anywhere. All music is sorted by author, and all tunes contain some information on the file comment. The following are the new tunes which have been added:

AHX.as_Anymore, AHX.as_First Car, AHX.as_Making Days< AHX.as_Sorrow, AHX.Bluebeat2, AHX.burning shoes, AHX.just about, AHX.look out for friday, AHX.look out for friday, AHX.StreitTheme
AHX.Bird, AHX.Dont mess up, AHX.First One!, AHX.trolls-remix, AHX.Visit by Lucifer
AHX.Bluebeat, AHX.LastNinja31
AHX.Garfield, AHX.Greensleeves
AHX.Addiction!, AHX.Addiction!.ED, AHX.Dishwork, AHX.Enigma, AHX.Feel The Urge!, AHX.GameExamples, AHX.GameExamples 2, AHX.Into The Mist, AHX.Locked Up!, AHX.Petterøes 1, AHX.Petterøes 2, AHX.Petterøes 3, AHX.Rent-A-Pink, AHX.Repeative, AHX.TLN2-Central Park, AHX.Toycars
AHX.Alex Maxwell, AHX.Blarp-tekno, AHX.Choochoo, AHX.Fantasy Zone 6, AHX.Finger puppet, AHX.Good old Alf, AHX.Good old Alf-Extended, AHX.Shamrock, AHX.The last straw
AHX.A Kto To?, AHX.Generations Next, AHX.Good Day
AHX.Countdown to NIL
AHX.Iridion, AHX.Klisje paa Klisje, AHX.kustomNIZED, AHX.R.O.T.R.2, AHX.Tomorrow
AHX.AlertMoDe, AHX.brOil mA fAce, AHX.draft-hawk, AHX.exquisiet, AHX.from-board, AHX.icecrust, AHX.jump to the roots, AHX.maredreams, AHX.outspere, AHX.slide over the skys, AHX.striptaker
AHX.Turbo-T, AHX.Turbo-T2
AHX.aika vapauden, AHX.Gyroscope, AHX.Kuupojen Yö, AHX.Twin Peaks theme


All the files for the Nostalgia Section are now online. Christmas approaches, so I've been practising vast quantities of alchohol consumption in preparation for the big day :)

I got given a Teletubbies advent calendar a few days ago, which is nice. Thanks mum!. I suppose its fun to have a chocolate to eat each morning :) Last year, I got given a Barbie advent calendar, so it can't be too bad :)

I said I would mention something for a friend, so here it is: "The Amiga Survivor Group wants your Workbench screen grabs. We are running a beauty contest for Amigas, a kind of "Miss Workbench" the best one we receive will get an Amiga related prize. See^sv for further details."


  • Finished uploading ALL of the tunes section. The music is now online!
  • Fixed link problems on the Games Gallery. Fixed the guestbook CGI, so you can all write your comments :)

1998-11-29 was moving to a new server the last few days. Sorry for the downtime. Finished uploading the Games Gallery section, where you will find a fantastic new title logo, drawn by fellow Exoticeer XtC. Thanks pal!

60% of the tunes are uploaded, but not available for download until all are online. The HVSC pages are now online.


We're Back!

As you probably noticed, ExoticA has not been around for a month, due to the server which previously hosted the site getting hacked!. They closed all accounts down, had to re-install all the system software, and remove any other binaries. In fact, It's still not back up fully, and I made the decision to move the site.

So here we are, at (or, hosted by the finest and biggest Amiga demo scene archive in the world! I am currently in the process of uploading the files, and this should be 100% complete in a week or less. Also, soon, all the files will be available via anonymous FTP.

Please don't report broken links to me at this time, as I am still working on the site. I will let you know, when the site is fully uploaded.


Happy Halloween Exoticeers!

Due to some serious financial problems at the moment, it's likely my phoneline will be disconnected next week. This could mean no ExoticA updates for an unknown period of time. :(


The wind blows, the rain pours down, BuZz freezes his arse off, but still ExoticA gets an update :)

  • Received updated graphics for each tunes page. The smaller letters are now brighter and have some other changes. Big thanks to XtC, our friendly but 'rather dangerous with a baguette' artist bloke :)
  • Fixed some errors on the site.
  • Oh NO!! The SpOoky Pumpkin has somehow found its way onto the main page also! HELP!
  • Michael Thomas aka SolO/CORPSE has ripped and sent me a HUGE archive of AY tunes from the Amstrad CPC - AYsongs_CPC_Solo.lha- 313 tunes altogether. Read AYsongs_CPC_Solo.txt for the contents of the archive. There are some really great tunes in this archive, so get downloading!! Fantastic work Mike, Thanks!.

Well that's all from me for today. I'm going to out to the pub and get drunk :)


This update should have been uploaded a couple of days ago. Sorry for the delay.

It seems the HIP-Hippel tune HIP.Axis_Loader is actually a tune from Leavin Teramis, but one which I was missing. This is now added in the archive Leaving_Teramis.lha. Added a new HIP-Hippel tune - HIP.Endless_Piracy. The Endless Piracy tune was originally as MCMD but Don Adan has converted it back to Hippel. Thanks to Don Adan for ripping/sending these to me and also for bringing to my attention some major link problems on the Amiga Players page. These occurred in the recent Players page update. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Ghost_Battle Hippel tunes were bad rips. I have re-ripped them - Ghost_Battle.lha. If you have any problems playing the 7 voice tune on delitracker, I suggest you download the newplayers.lha archive.

Halloween is approaching, and a SpOooky pumpkin has attacked the main ExoticA logo. See for yourself on the Intro page. Cheers XTC ;)

Received a whole load of yummy speccy tunes. All were ripped by Adam Hodson. Thanks! The following tunes are in the archive.


Full sourcecode is also in the archive.


Archived the entire High Voltage SID Collection (V2.7), so you can grab all the tunes in just one file (17 meg). The file is a gzip compressed tar archive, so it can be easily un-archived on any platform. If you dont know how to decompress such an archive on your machine, then I think its about time you found out. Download the archive HERE.

  • Completely revamped the Amiga Jochen Hippel music section - HIP-Hippel/
  • The following new tunes were added:
Music from the game Warp - Warp.lha
Added another Rings Of Medusa tune - Rings_Of_Medusa.lha (Possibly not used in the game)
Axis Loader - HIP.Axis_Loader.lha
Cover of Crazy Comets - HIP.Crazy_Comets
Music from the game Tangram - Tangram.lha (both tunes were used in the game Chambers Of Shaolin also)
7 voice Ghost Battle tune - Ghost_Battle.lha (possibly not used in the game)
  • The following changes were made:
  • Music from Astaroth and Rings of Medusa moved into own directory.
  • I re-ripped the music from A Prehistoric Tale, since old one had bad filenames/filelengths - A_Prehistoric_Tale.lha
  • File Comments added to all files.
  • Various directory/filename changes.

If you want a completely up to date HIP-Hippel section, then I suggest you download all files again. Its only 2.5 meg of lha's, so shouldn't be too much bother. And it means you get all the improvements. In my opinion, Jochen Hippel is one of the finest musicians on the Atari ST and Amiga. I recommend you get these tunes!!

  • Added some more info to the Main Tunes Page.


Added the new release of MYST, the YM 2149 Soundchip music player from Mr.Styckx. If you had the previous version, then you only need to grab the MYST data packs 6,7 and 8 from the Amiga Players page. These contain new tunes, a document on which files to delete/replace and the new version of the player.

The tunes are all available in separate archives for each author on the YM-YM2149 page.

Huge thanks to Mr.Styckx for all his hard work. It's an exceptional music player, bringing some fantastic Atari ST sounds to our beloved Amiga.

Remade the players section, creating separate pages for Amiga and PC. Replaced out of date Winblows players with links to the official sites where you can get the latest versions.


Sorry for the HUGE delay with updates, but I have been quite busy working on some other projects.

I have revamped the main ExoticA update script to create logos for each music format from the Fantastic new font drawn by XTC. Thanks :)

This is still not a finished version of the font and it will probably have increased brightness, and possiblly some small size changes.

Added a new ExoticA link graphic to the Link Me page. Thanks to Cache/DigiTaL for modifying this graphic for a white background.

Ok, so... Lets have some music additions!! :)

Adding many new tunes from Vim made on various synth music editors. There is some really fantastic tunes here. HUGE Thanks to Vim for sending these in to me :)

FC14-FutureComposer/Vim.lha which contains
PUMA-PumaTracker/Vim.lha which contains
THX-THXSoundSystem/Vim.lha which contains
Removed some duplicates from FC13-FutureComposer section
FC13.Demonsmenu2 removed
FC13.LSDMenu3.lha removed
FC13.LSDmenu5.lha removed


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EXOTICA! - It has now been 1 year since we first came up with the idea for this site and started building it. Huge thanks to all the people who have helped and supported ExoticA to make it what it is today. I really appreciate it.

In the last update I added the tunes from the Motorola Inside 98 THX compo, but forgot to add the winning tune. Oops!. The winning tune is called pOPKORNY ('98 rEMiX) by Kure4Kancer - Download

Added some more info to the main tunes page.


  • Remade entire THX Soundsystem section. Changes include directory name alterations, comment additions to all files, and the following new music additions:
THX.Disissid4 Intro - From DisIsSid 4
THX.isolated - From DisIsSid 4
THX.It's the end my friend - From A-Type
THX.Loony_Island - From DisIsSid 4
THX.Magical Shower - From DisIsSid 4
THX.rotr33 - From Rise Of The Rabbits 2
THX.ryd.Hammerfist.ok - From DisIsSid 4
THX.ryd.hOT-wHEELIEZ.OKI - From DisIsSid 4
THX.Digipop - From DisIsSid 4
THX.Luminous - From DisIsSid 4
THX.Queen Of Hearts - From DisIsSid 4
Roz.lha :
THX.Bob Corni - From Motorola Inside 98 Compo
THX.PooppiKorni - From Motorola Inside 98 Compo
THX.Pop-Korn - From Motorola Inside 98 Compo
THX.PopCorn - From Motorola Inside 98 Compo
Spook :
THX.PopCorn - Mega Tekno Mix - From Motorola Inside 98 Compo
  • Ripped the music from a musicdisk - Synthetix which is in SoundFX format and was composed by Robert Ward (Zenith). Thanks to Kerni for sending me this. :)


Many new game box scans and info added to the Games Gallery. There is now 200!! hi-quality images :) Todays additions are :

  • C: Clown-o-Mania
  • D: Driller
  • H: Hellfire Attack
  • K: The Kristal
  • O: Oscar, Outlands, Outzone
  • P: Passing Shot, PGA European Tour, Projectyle, Prospector, Purple Saturn Day
  • S: Space Quest IV, Summer Olympiad, Swooper
  • T: Toyota Celica GT Rally
  • W: Wing Commander, Winter Olympiad 88, Wizkid, WorldDarts
  • X: Xenon 2


Sorry for lack of updates in the last week or so. I did infact make some updates locally some days ago, but didn't complete it enough to be uploaded. Ok, so whats new...

  • Updated our mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to V2.7. ExoticA now has over 9200 C64 tunes online.
  • Split the tunes page up abit for easier navigation.
  • Added a new music format - PN-PokeyNoise. Pokey is the soundchip found in the 8-bit Atari series of computers - 400/800/XL/XE. The PokeyNoise DeliPlayer was written by Achim Haertel in 1996, but as far as I know it was never released/finished. The fileformat for these tunes is abit like the old PlaySID format with an icon for each music file. Thanks to Kerni for sending this in to me :)
  • Added 2 new CUST-Custom tunes - Music from HawkEye and the fantastic loader tune from Crionics's NeverWhere demo. Both tunes were ripped/reworked/ and customised by our good friend Mr. Styckx. Thanks alot :)


Lots of small fixes to ExoticA including spelling and some HTML changes. Big thanks to Greeble for helping me correct this.


Added the following game box scans/info to the Games Gallery:

  • H: The Halley Project, Harlequin
  • I: Impact, Indiana Jones (And The Fate Of Atlantis), Indianapolis 500, Interceptor, Interphase, International Ninja Rabbits, Invest, Ishido (The Way Of Stones)
  • J: Jurassic Park
  • K: Kid Gloves 2, Kings Quest VI
  • L: Legend Of Kyrandia, Lemmings 2 - The Tribes, Links, Litil Divil, Lotus III
  • M: MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix
  • N: Neighbours, Netherworld


Added the following game box scans/info to the Games Gallery:

  • A: Academy
  • C: Chrono Quest, Chubby Gristle, Crack Down
  • E: Eagle's Rider, Elvira (Mistress Of The Darkness), Exolon
  • F: Formula 1 Grand Prix, F1 Tornado, Face Off Ice Hockey, Falcon, Ferrari Formula 1, Fighter Bomber, Flashback, Flight Simulator 2, Flip-It and Magnose, Football Manager, Future Bike Simulator
  • G: Garrison, Gem'X, Globulus, Gravity, Great Courts, Great Courts 2, Gunship


  • Added the following scans to the Games Gallery (All with full author information) - Body Blows, Castles, Cybernoid, Darius +, Datastorm, D/Generation, Die Kathedrale (The Cathedral), Drakkhen and Dr. Plummet's House Of Flux.
  • Changed the Gallery table sizing slightly so it fits abit better on Voyager with 640 width.
  • Added PREV and NEXT links to the gallery and also placed the gallery navigation strip on the bottom of each page.


Made the HTML for the High Voltage SID Collection. Altogether this makes up over 260 pages and uses more than 2.5 meg of space! The pages show the author/copyright information for each tune also :) There is still no search function. This will be added sometime in the future.


New Scans - A320 Airbus, Alpha Waves, APB, Australo Piticus Mechanicus, Armalyte, Atomino, Back To The Future III, Badlands, The Bards Tale, Battle Command, Bills Tomato Game, Blastaball, Blasteroids, Brain Blasters, Budokan and Builder Land.


Major Changes I created a better script for updating the tune pages. It will now take the file comments from my own local uncompressed version of the site and use these in the corresponding HTML files. We have decided to use the following naming method for the file comments:

Author (Handle) | Source | Type | Year 

Author and Handle is pretty obvious, Source is the name of the product it came from, Type is the type of prooduct it was (Game, Demo, Music Disk etc), and Year is also easy I think :) Currently most of the files on ExoticA have bad comments packed within the lha's. Over the next year or so I will work my way though each directory, re-making the file comments and repacking and uploading the archives.

When I mention a part is updated it's best to grab the whole lot and overwrite your current directory for the format with the new files.

This might seem like a lot of downloading, but the comment additions are quite gradual, so it shouldn't be a problem, and of course it means that in the end you have a near Perfect Exotic Music Collection :) I have used the scripts to update all the online tune pages. However, files which currently have bad comments (Not in the correct format) will have N/A instead.

Oh, and of course everything is now alphabetically sorted :))

Realised the AON-ArtOfNoise section was missing a demosong. Due to terrible filenames and to fix mix up problems, this and the previous 2 FM-Demosongs are now all in a subdirectory called FM-DemoSongs which of course is packed to FM-DemoSongs.lha.

  • Uploaded the AAM-ArtAndMagic Section with correct file comments.
  • Uploaded the BP-SoundMon Section with *Improved* file comments.



  • Added more game box scans to the gallery - Loom, Lords Of The Rising Sun, Legend Of Djel, Licence To Kill, Las Vegas, Lombard Rally, Life And Death, SDI, Shadowgate and Space M+A+X
  • Corrected some game author information.
  • Fixed some HTML errors.


About time I made some music additions I think. Added the music from the game Necronom which is in OKT-Oktalyzer format - Download. Thanks to Cache/DTL for sending this in to me.

  • Added music from Another World which is in SFX-SoundFX Format and was ripped/joined/fixed by Don Adan. Thanks :) - Download.
  • Added some Fantastic! THX-THXSoundSystem tunes from my good friend LLoyd Rosen. Thanks.
Lloyd_Rosen.lha contains the following tunes
THX.BadMotorF, THX.ChopLifter, THX.Eliminator, THX.IslandCaper, THX.ShabbyFunk,THX.ShittySong, THX.Zak
Received some new Future Composer 1.3 (FC13-FutureComposer) rips
FC13.Mikael_Balle_Tune_1.lha - Replaces file FC13.Mikael_Balle-2
These are really nice. I just LOVE the sound of Future Composer.


New gallery images / info : Mr. Heli, Mindbender, MoonFall, Mystical, Mighty Bomb Jack, Mega Traveller 1, Myth, Midwinter, Manchester United, Swiv, Railroad Tycoon and Test Drive 2. Removed Rainbow Collection Scan (Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, New Zealand Story) as these will be put on individually. Fixed some bugs in HTML, and improved layout on main page.


  • Added 18! new image scans : Return To Genesis, Revelation, RVF Honda, Robinsons Requiem, Rise Of The Dragon, Shadow Of The Beast, Shadow Of The Beast II, T-Bird, Turbo Cup, TV Sports Basketball, TV Sports Football, Turn It, Thexder, Terrorpods, Titus The Fox, Typhoon, Total Eclipse and Time Scanner.
  • Fixed some information on other pages. Made some other HTML changes to ExoticA.


S Crazy! again today with the following new gallery addition : Sarakon, Starglider, Shinobi, Star Ray, Slabs, Spy vs Spy, Silent Service 2, Startrash, Sim Ant and Steel


Yet again, I've been working hard. We the Exoticeers decided to go for the S's today, with the following gallery additions Simon The Sorcerer, Sidewinder, Satan, Space Rogue, Space Harrier II, Space Ranger, Stun Runner, Space Quest III and Star Goose! Fixed a few HTML errors, and updated a bit of information also. I'm thinking about running a small competition soon. I will send an e-mail about it later this week. If you are not yet on the ExoticA Mailing-list I suggest you join, and take part in our Amiga, classic music, and gaming discussions. Weather is beginning to get shitty here. Damn English weather!


  • Added 8 new images to the gallery - Kengi, Krypto 'n Egg, Nebulus 2, Pick'n Pile, Pirates, Powerdrome, Soldier Of Light and Twin World.
  • Fixed *all* (I hope) gallery music links, and restructured the information slightly. There is now 50 images online.
  • Updated information for some games. Not all games have a music link.

Some of these I have the music to, but its not currently online and others havn't been ripped yet. Please bare with me, as much work has to be done. :)


  • Added 6 new images to the Games Image Gallery - Defender of the Crown, Elite, Lethal Xcess, Lotus Esprit, Improved Populous Scan and Zak McKracken. Corrected some information on other gallery pages. Thanks to Greeble for helping me sort them out :)
  • Added new gallery logo from Vital. Thanks.


MAJOR UPDATE After many many hours hard work the Game Image Gallery is online. This contains many hi-quality scans of Amiga game box covers/adverts. All images are thumbnailed with full author information!! This is an early version of the gallery and many new pics will be added soon. Most of the links to music on these pages DO NOT WORK. These will be fixed at a later date. Fixed a few problems around the site. Those nasty typos! :) Updated a few pages.


Added new sidebar images from XTC. Thanks. Well its summer now, and I hope you all have a great holiday. Plenty of sun, lots to drink, barbecue's in the garden :)


Updated the High Voltage SID Collection to version 2.6. Now there is over 8700 C64 tunes online!! No Search yet but you can browse the collection or view a large index.


Added Newsflash Issue #7 Support Disk. Sent in by Nosferatu - Thanks! Check the Newsflash DiskMag Page for full list of issues available.

Added many CUST-Custom tunes. They are as follows
CUST.Pang.lha - Cool music from the Game Pang. Customised by Sunbeam. Sent in by Amadeus.
Agony.lha - Agony In-Game tunes by Jeroen Tel. Customised by Mr.Styckx. Sent in by Nosferatu. These tunes are also available in the AAM-ArtAndMagic section.
CUST.Strider.lha - great music from the game Strider. Sent in by Don Adan.
CUST.Pac-Mania.lha - Pac-Mania game music, composed by Ben Daglish. Ripped and Customised by Psygore. Thanks.

Huge thanks to the people above who put a great deal of hard work into Ripping/Customising these tunes. Also ofcourse we have to thank the musicians for creating such fantastic music on our beloved Amiga. :))

  • Added FW-ForgottenWorlds format for tunes from the game Forgotten Worlds - Forgotten_Worlds.lha. Resource and Adaption by Psygore. You will need Psygore's Deliplayer for these. Grab it HERE or from Players Section.
  • Updated the Tunes Index.


Added music from Nebulus 2 - The title tune is in Oktalyzer format - OKT.Nebulus_2_Title.lha - and the game has 11 in-game tunes which were made on Delta Music - Nebulus_2.lha. Thanks to XTC for sending them in. I didn't use the in-game tunes he sent since I already had them with more descriptive names.


Hi folks. Thanks for all the lovely comments you have made recently on the guestbook. Now, lets get on with some updates :) Added 2 new AVP-ActivisionPro format tunes:- AVP.IndyIVaction and AVP.OverLord. I'm afraid I have forgotten who sent these in. It was a long time ago, and I am a bit behind with the updates. Sorry.

  • Added new music format for tunes made on A.M.Composer 1.2 - AMC-AMComposer. Currently I have only 2 tunes in this format - MagicJumper.lha
  • Removed UNIC-UnicTracker format. This should never have found its way onto my pages. It's NOT exotic.
  • Added a fantastic tune made on Music Line Editor (ML-MusicLineEditor) - ML.Fletch_Dances - Sent in by Joel. Thanks mate.


Added the complete High Voltage SID Collection (v2.5) - over 8200 C64 Tunes!! They are online uncompressed, and there will be a search function added soon. In the meantime you can browse the collection or view a large index.


Ooops. Forgot to update the Main Page. This is done now, and it has a brief overview of each sections contents.


Sorry there have been no updates for a while. Restructured alot of the site. Re-wrote the Info Section. Added new Sidebar images from XTC. Thanks mate. The final ones may not have the strange captalisation, but I think the colours are great. :) Made alot of other small modifications to the site.


ExoticA Mailinglist is Back Online! Sorry for the short period it was down. Check the Support Page for instructions on how to Subscribe!


Received 100's of Fantastic THX SoundSystem tunes composed and sent in by JaZz/Jolly - JaZz{Jolly}.lha. Thanks alot pal! :)


Received a lot of SidMon 1 tunes, and decided to finally sort all mine out also. I'm fed up with different rips of the same tune with different names, so I went through them keeping the ones with most likely names. ExoticRipper reports some to have shorter lengths than they do, but I don't trust this program :) Anyway, they mostly sound ok, and that's what matters :) If you downloaded the SID-SidMon-1 section before, I recommend you delete them and download *ALL* again. No tunes have been lost only additions, but names have changed etc. Remade the THX-THXSoundSystem Section. I'll try to keep this organised now :) The tunes are archived by Author. There is now *MORE* THX Tunes here than available currently in the THX Packs on the THX Website. If you downloaded this section before then please delete *ALL* files and replace with these, for a tidier directory structure and more tunes.


New Section I was in a really nostalgic mood so I have made a page with Kickstart 1.1 and Workbench 1.1 disk pics on. Take a look at the Nostalgia section :)

  • Added new DeliGenie - An updated 14Bit-Noteplayer with many improvements from Chris Hodges. Get it HERE or look on the Players Section.
  • Added new version of EaglePlayer - EaglePlayer 2.01 Beta - to the Players Section.
  • Added 5 new Fred Editor tunes which are from Giants Megademo - Giants.lha. One of them sounds identical to FRED.Game_Shorty but there is some differences in the file.

EXCLUSIVE Another Custom from Cache/Digital of all the SoundFX from RoboCop2 - RoboCop2-SoundFX.lha. This can also be found on the Special Music Section.

  • Fixed link problems for all the DMS's on the Editors Section.
  • Removed the following tunes (Duplicates) from SA-SonicArranger section:
SA.MF_Slowmotion1.3 - same as SA.Slowmotion13
SA.MG_Space_Blipper- same as SA.Space_Blipper
SA.S0_Lueckenfueller1.1- same as SA.Lueckenfueller1.1
  • Added SA.Proteus to SA-SonicArranger Section. This is the same tune as SA.Prometeus (Which name is correct?) but it has different samples, which is why I am keeping it :) Sent in by Thomas. Thanks.
  • Removed CUST.Quadlite_LeoDemo_TimF from CUST-Custom as it is the same as CUST.LED_Storm. Renamed CUST.RealGiannaSisters to CUST.GianaSisters_Ingame and can be found packed with CUST.GianaSisters_Intro - GianaSisters.lha
  • Added 3 new Customs - CUST.An_Unbidden_Eye, CUST.Jetset and CUST.Stormlord. Send it by Thomas. Thanks Pal :)


SolaceWeb have recently upgraded their system, and now running with more harddisks! and also a new Web Server. It's possible that at times ExoticA could be down. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'm afraid the ExoticA Mailing List is not working at the moment. Please be patient, it will be back soon.


Ok! News time... and as yout might thing. 'About time to!' .. sorry for the delay, I have been quite busy :) Last Tuesday was my Birthday!!! Yes... I am now the Young age of 22 :).. It was today I celebrated my birthday tho.. well yesterday.. its 3:30 am now! . I've been having some beers. Anyway I got lots of lovely presents and stuff, and Special thanks to Heidi + Sam + Littleun! for posting me a card all the way from Finland :) Thanks! Onto the Updates:

  • Added 4 new David Whittaker tunes, although probably will not play on Hippoplayer since this is very bad at playing David Whittaker format Tunes. - They are as follows:
  • Added another Activision Pro format tune: AVP.9Lives.
  • EXCLUSIVE Added a new Custom Music from *ExoticA Support Team* member (Cache/DTL) - CUST.WorldDarts - Music from J.C.Brooke but routines abit different from his newer stuff.

...An Hour Later...

  • EXCLUSIVE The Cache/Digital is back again with 2 more COOL Customs!! - The Music from 2 Great Special FX games. These guys ruled even on the Spectrum. Music AND sound effects from :
Midnight Resistance and
Hudson Hawk

Again a BIG thanks to Cache for making these rips. I also like to thank all others who continually support this site. I have things sent in from quite a while ago that need uploading. I will do this soon. The latest 3 *Exclusive* rips can be downloaded quickly from the Special Music section also. Ok well.. Seeyou all in the next update!


Added Link Me page where you can find nice banners/html examples for linking to exotica. I appreciate all links to my site and ofcoz I am happy to link to your site also :) I am now a member of the Amiga Webring. :)


  • Added 2 new sites to links page. Fixed a few bugs in ExoticA's html code.
  • Added JCB.Rockford.lha by Jason Brooke and AVP.AtomicRobokid.lha which is in Activision Pro format.
  • Added 3 new VectorDean musics:
  • Applied to join the Amiga WebRing.


PHEW what a hot day today.. Scorching! Beautiful new title logo added on the intro screen. HUGE thanks to XTC for making this! Updated the Tunes Index.


The summer approaches!!! *aah* The last few days have been great. The sun has been shining and I have been busy drinking, clubbing, and enjoying myself ;) I will be doing some work next week and then next weekend I will be attending the World Of Amiga show in Hammersmith, London. If you wanna meet up there for a chat, drink and abit of a laugh then MAIL ME! OK! On with the updates! ..

  • Added the music from Gobliins 2 and Gobliiins 3 which is in RH-RobHubbard-2 format.
  • Added 2 more David Whittaker format tunes - DW.Aquaventura and DW.Whirligig. I'm not too sure about the Aquaventura tune since I have the music from the game and its in Protracker/MOD format, but its a nice DW tune so. They were sent in by Stefano. Thanks ! Removed DW.Empire as it was a dupe.


  • Added GREAT graphics from XTC. Thanks pal! :)
  • Added 2 more TME-TheMusicalEnlightment Tunes - TME.Czardas.darklight.lha and TME.hawkeye-music.lha


Hello Fellow Amigans! Hope you all had a great Easter Holiday and didn't eat too much chocolate :) Lets have some ExoticA Updates! -

  • Added 8 Profiteam Soundfactory tunes (PSF-SoundFactory). They are as follows:
    • PSF.ChristiesSong.lha,PSF.flynn89.lha
    • PSF.Im_Maien.lha,PSF.Mystic.lha
    • PSF.Orientat.lha,PSF.SecondWorld.lha
    • PSF.Short.lha,PSF.Sirius.lha
  • Added 3 Fantastic Art Of Noise tunes. (Editor is now called Chorus). The tunes are AON.Boesendorfer_p.s.s..lha, AON.FM-DemoSong.lha and AON8.Scrambled_Mind.lha.
  • Added 2 Sound Monitor tunes - BP.Demon1.lha and BP.Demon2.lha. Thanks to Nosferatu for sending these to me.
  • Added some FutureComposer 1.3 and 1.4 tunes, sent in by Nosferato.
    • FC13.Demons.lha
    • FC13.Keo_1930-intro.lha
    • FC13.RSI_Theme.lha
    • FC14.Absence_Reform33Intro.lha
    • FC14.ShatteredEchoes.lha

I named the FC13.RSI_Theme so because its very similar to the FC14.RSI_Theme although not quite.

  • Added new format - TME-TheMusicalEnlightment and the tunes:
    • TME.64_Conversion.lha
    • TME.Happy_Me.lha
    • TME.Slap2.lha
  • Send in by Promax. Thanks pal.
  • Added the excellent music from the game Nitro which is in Tiny Williams format - TINY.Nitro.lha. Sent in by Don Adan - Thanks!

If you have sent me stuff and it has still not appeared online then I'm sorry but I have so much stuff to organise and upload. It will appear eventually, but I don't necessarily place things online in the order I receive them. ExoticA is an ongoing project and it will continue to grow gradually with new sections and features and more information and I thank you all for the positive feedback you have given me.


Haven't updated for the last week or so due to extensive trading of narcotics and slaves on Frontier (Elite II) :)

  • Added new format - TINY-TinyWilliams which contains the music from Future Basketball, Hockey, Moonfall, and Shinobi

The deliplayer I had for these tunes didnt recognise one of the Future Basketball tunes, but after a quick resource and modification its all fixed now. Grab the TinyWilliams DeliPlayer HERE.

  • Sorted the music formats into alphabetic order on the Tunes Page.


  • New graphics for the front page! Now we have really cool looking images for the Game Music Web Ring and for the link to SolaceWeb.
    HUGE thankyou to XTC for making these for us :)
  • Re-made the Editors Section. Now it contains a far more complete collection including cool things like FredEditor and TFMX.


  • Added some new AON-ArtOfNoise tunes made by Pink/Abyss. I have now created a subdirectory for his stuff in this section so all his tunes are packed into 1 lha - Get it HERE. The tunes are as follows :
AON.Cradle_Of_The_Future *NEW*
AON.Exoneration *NEW*
AON.Inner_Voyage *NEW*
AON.Trough_The_Riots *NEW*
The ones which are NOT new should be removed from the root of the AON-ArtOfNoise directory.

Thanks to Guffaw/t13n for sending these in to me :)

  • Added the music from James Pond 3 (Splash Gordon) which is in VectorDean format. Sent in to me by Nosferatu.
  • Added music from Might And Magic 3 which is in MXTX-MaxTrax format. Thanks again to Nosferatu. A couple of the songs dont get recognised properly on Delitracker/Eagleplayer.
  • Added the music from Navy Seals which is in Delitracker's Custom format. A couple of people sent this file to me but I forgot who you were. Sorry.
  • Removed FC13.FSong from FC13-FutureComposer Section. (bad rip and dupe)


Well, there's been no updates for some time, coz I've been feeling lazy ;) But now I'm ready to get back to work!

  • Added the music from a playable demo of Chaos Engine featuring a much larger and better sounding World 1 in-game music. Big thanks to Cache/Digital for sending this in to me :)
  • Added new HIP-Hippel tune - HIP.Cybernoid_II, a great version of this C64 Classic! Thanks to FantaZY for sending me this.
    Moved HIPC.Testament-SineIntro song and sample file to their own directory for tidyness.
  • Renamed the Delta Music Section to DM-DeltaMusic (previously was just called DM-Delta). Added 2 more tunes also to this section - DM2.Cave and DM2.Cave2.
  • Renamed FRED section to FRED-FredEditor since this is the true name of the editor NOT FredMonitor.
    Also Added 2 more FRED-FredEditor tunes - FRED.highlander and FRED.Insects. Thanks to Nosferatu for the DeltaMusic and the FredEditor tunes.
  • Fixed many problems with links on the site. ALL links should now be working! (I hope) Updated the Tunes Index page.


  • More Coool! additions to ExoticA - 4 FRED Tunes - FRED.Aspar , FRED.Game_Shorty , FRED.Hiscore_Shorty and FRED.Thruster.. Also added is HIP.5th_Gear , MON.Gyroscope_Bug and SID1.Ragnov. All these sent in to me by Nosferatu. Thanks Alot!
    A note about the SidMon-1 tunes - You may notice many duplicate files, however even though the filesizes are the same, and they might seem to sound the same, there is differences within the files. For this reason I will leave them all in the collection, at least for the meantime.
  • More Updates to follow!! Keep Watching! and Join the Mailing list! info on the Support Page


  • FINALLY! Finished the html for the AM/FM Diskmag Section. For each disk there is in depth information, which was taken from the AM/FM catalogue file. There is 19 normal AM/FM disks and 6 Special ones online. If you know of any more please email me.
  • Updated the Tunes Index page.
  • Found two BP-SoundMon tunes I didn't have by Allister Brimble (downloaded from his Homepage). One is another version of the Alien Breed Title Music and the other is music from Super Wonderland. I already had a version of this online (slightly different samples/modname). They sound the same though.
  • Made some general HTML changes, and uploaded the missing tune CUST-RainbowArts_Slideshow.lha.


  • Received Lots of new SFX-SoundFX modules including a whole bunch of stuff from Deejay99 (Kerni). Thanks mate. If you have downloaded the SFX-SoundFX Section before, then I recommend you download it again, since much has changed.
  • Fixed a link problem on a great tune, - CUST.Faery_Tale_Adventure.lha
    Thanks to Nosferatu for pointing this one out. Thanks to all the people also who have sent in stuff, and i'm sorry ExoticA has got so behind. I will try to do more updates, and I apologise if I miss out or credit people incorrectly but it gets confusing sometimes looking after sooo many files.


  • Located 2 missing Newsflash disks - Newsflash 21 disk B and Newsflash 23 disk B. Other Newsflash disks can be found on the Newsflash Section.
  • ExoticA Mailing List!! - There is now a mailing list setup for exotica, which can be used for questions about exotic mods , Amiga nostalgia, and other relative subjects.
    To subscribe to the mailing list its quite simple. Just write an email to with just the text

    subscribe exotica

    No subject is needed for the email.
    You will then get a confirmation email from the mailing list which you have to respond to. Just follow its instructions. Once on the mailing list, you can then send mails to


Okey Dokey, To let you all know. ExoticA aint dead or anything. I have been waiting for SolaceWeb to make a system upgrade. Now I will continue with updates. Plenty to go on. So please, Watch this space!


  • Mr.Styckx has finished his YM soundchip emulator called 'MYST' (YM used in Atari ST) and it is available here and also on aminet. The release came with MANY Atari ST tunes which can be found in the YM-YM2149 section. I am distributing the music files slightly different on ExoticA than they are on aminet since all the tunes are in separate lha's for each author subdirectory. The main archive is kept the same ofcourse and can be found in the players section - MYST_Main_v10.lha and you can view the aminet readme HERE.
    I would just like to thank Mr.Styckx for such a F*CKIN COOL!! production :) and for spending so much hard work to bring all these FANTASTIC tunes to the Amiga platform.
  • Added all the music from Flight Of The Amazon Queen which is in VectorDean format.

More ExoticA updates soon.


Sorry for the lack of updates. I have LOADS of stuff to put online, but have been really busy working on a screensaver for a company. I will try to make some updates at the weekend.


Again I receive a load of stuff from the Synergy guys. Thanks to DARKNESS/Synergy for making the rips and to Synapse/Synergy for sending the stuff to me :)

  • Added a whole lot of new AY-3-8912_songs (Spectrum Tunes). Also I added a new format to ExoticA - DL-DaveLowe Music. Music Deli'ysed by DARKNESS, get his Deliplayer HERE.
  • Added 3 new CUST-Custom modules. CUST.CrystalTune, CUST.F1GP and CUST.Supreme.
    Please note: I keep ALL custom's of modules even if they are available in their own Deliplayer format.


There seems to be problems downloading files at the moment. If you get the error Forbidden then please just leave the file and try again another time. It seems to be only affecting files over a certain size.
You may or may not have noticed, but the counter has not been on the page for a while. This was because I was linking to a lame free counter service, which is in the process of moving or something. Now I am running the counter on my own account which is much better.


  • Added the music from Dune 2 which is in MXTX-MaxTrax format.
  • EXCLUSIVE to ExoticA : Music from Darius Zendeh (Old Mark2SoundSystem) and a *NEW* deliplayer from FantaZY/Synergy (Thanx Mate!). Included with the replayer is all the music from R-Type and also a few tunes from other sources all ripped also by FantaZY. As well as the music being distributed with the player, I have added a new section for it.
    Get the DariusZendeh player and modules Here. The format directory is called DZ-DariusZendeh.
  • Added the missing tunes from Sensible World Of Soccer and Sensible Golf
    Soon to come to ExoticA : Editors section update, THX Soundsystem 68000 version (fixed by me), More great rips, and other great nostalgic things!


  • Added DW.SuperLeagueManager sent to me by Synapse/Synergy. Thanx.
  • Did a big update to the BP-SoundMon section adding TONS more SoundMon tunes. If you had previously downloaded this section I advise you to grab ALL the tunes again.


Happy New Year!
After taking a short Christmas break I am back to yet again regularly (I'll Try) update this site. I hope everyone visiting ExoticA has had a great xmas and I hope you all continue visiting here.

  • Added the intro page with options for a Frames or No-Frames version of the site.
  • Changed various other parts on the site. I wil update the editors section VERY soon so please be patient! There is also more tunes to go up soon. I'll keep you posted.

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