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As promised, XtC as been busy working on the UnExoticA Amiga game music section. This update is over 100 megabytes and includes some excellent CD32 game soundtracks. To see the most recent changes please check the UnExotica Updates page. The collection now contains 7598 files. Thats over 790 megabytes of classic Amiga tunes!


Added 16 scans to the Games Gallery. Each scan has the author information and a link to the game music if available. The new scans are:

  • E: Empire, Empire Soccer '94, Erik, ESWAT, Evil Garden, Exile, Edd The Duck 2, Emperor Of The Mines, Excalibur, Exile, Extensor, Eagles Nest, Elf (Ocean), Elvira 2, Embryo
  • S: SideWinder (Replacement Scan)

Thanks to Wildwest and others for their help and contributions for the gallery.

Since the last update the High Voltage SID Collection was also updated. The latest update brings it to version 5.8. The collection now contains 27,653 C64 tunes.

ExoticA's mirror of this collection offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download the entire collection in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. Also, we now offer the collection as an all-in-one ZIP file - and an all-in-one RAR file - HVSC_5.8-all-of-them.rar. To see whats new since the last reported update please check out the the e-mail announcement text update40.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

Since the last update there have been 3 UnExoticA updates. You can view them on the UnExotica Updates page. There will be a big update to UnExotica coming tomorrow. Watch this space.

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