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The contents of this page are from the old site, and are shown here for historical reasons and as a reference for information and content sources. Please do not alter the page apart from spelling mistakes/typos and adding relevent wiki links to the text.


During the development of the new Mediawiki based ExoticA site, a development blog was started. Although it was not updated very often, you can see the entries from 2006 on the Development Blog page.


Work continues on the new version of the site. Most of the static content from this site is now on the new site, although structure is not finalised yet.

Although this new page does not see many updates, there have been ongoing changes on the site. For example ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection has been kept up to date. The latest update brings it to version 45. The collection now contains 32,000 C64 tunes.

ExoticA's mirror of this collection offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download the entire collection in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC_45-all-of-them.tar.gz. Also, we now offer the collection as an all-in-one ZIP file - and an all-in-one RAR file - HVSC_45-all-of-them.rar. To see whats new since the last reported update please check out the the e-mail announcement text update45.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

The Amiga Demo Scene Reference Manual page had not been updated for some time even though I (BuZz) had been sent new versions to put online. Sorry Zeg! However, a new project replaces this now: The Amiga Demo Scene Online Encyclopedia! The old plain text data has now been turn into a database with an easy to use searchable web interface. You can find this at Thanks to Zeg for his hard work with the data and Andy Silva for the interface.

Of course, the UnExoticA section of the site has been kept up to date. Many new CD32 soundtracks have been added in recent months and the archive is now a whopping 2 Gigabytes in size! Big thanks to XtC for his continued work on this area and to all the contributers who kindly submit music for inclusion.

To finish with, I put up a new logo on the intro page, which was contributed a long long time ago by George Davis. Thanks!


ExoticA has moved. The new address is for the main site and for the mirror (Still hosted on Hangar18).

The main site is now hosted on my own machine with Mythic-Beasts, who are kindly sponsoring the large amount of bandwidth that the site requires. The machine is a little Exotic :-) too as it's a Mac Mini (Running PowerPC Debian). For more information please see the Hosting Page.

You might also be wondering, why has the news not been updated for more than a year! Well, up until the end of last year, my only excuse was laziness and I'm sorry. There have been updates on the site though. The High Voltage SID Collection has been kept up to date, and there has been a lot of updates to the UnExoticA section of the site. This is due to XtC being a far less lazy chap than me (BuZz).

In the last few months I have been less lazy though! We (BuZz, XtC and Kyzer) have been working on a new incarnation of the site. More information will follow soon(ish). As soon as it gets to a beta state we will launch it alongside the current site.

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