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This is not "news" in the true sense, but rather a development blog we used whilst developing the site. Actually it wasn't used a great deal, but gives an idea of some of the ongoings.


Today I became a father for the first time! Luke was born at 7:17 a.m. GMT and was already trying to find his Amiga! ;-)



Still waiting on the l33t coding skills of Kyzer in that hope that porting UnExoticA to the wiki will be a smooth transistion. With 1,599 game soundtracks currently in the UnExoticA collection it'll be a huge boost to the wiki content...



Another Football World Cup has just begun. Having no interest in it, I'll plod on with the Amiga demo section!



Back off holiday and back to converting the Amiga demo section.

BuZz has finally turned 30, so no doubt he'll be seeing more quiet nights in with his pipe, slippers and a cup of horlicks! This can only be a good thing as it might mean he finally has time to update his web site! ;-)



Still converting the Amiga demo section from flat text to wiki. Finished the numerical, A, B and C teams. Only 1,800+ more to go! I know it's not essential, but it keeps me occupied! ;-)

Added a mock 'Missing In Action' image, which I hope will be useful in prompting visitors to track down appropriate images in their collections. (Wishful thinking).

Started provisional work on the Newsflash diskmags section.

...and still working on alternate logos for the wiki header.



Updated to MediaWiki version 1.6.5.

Investigating adding a Captcha extension to reduce spamming for when the site goes live. The one currently available can be set to only query edits with external URL additions. Also it will ignore any users of group "bot" which should allow the UnExoticA bot to operate freely. Although a Captcha will reduce "accessibility" and will create an additional stage for editing a page in some circumstances, I believe it will be necessary to avoid the search engine spam scripts which seem able to cope with MediaWiki rather too well.



Still converting the Amiga demo section from flat text to wiki. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it...


Xtc is working so hard, it's making me look lazy! Kyzer has been busy working on the new UnExoticA script, which is looking good. I've been doing some bits and pieces behind the scenes. I need to upgrade the wiki again with the latest version. Still are quite a few bugs in MediaWiki which I find annoying. Hope they get fixed soon.



Just finished flat text to wiki'ing the Amiga Demo A section. Several down, hundreds more to go! ;-)



Still busy porting old ExoticA to the wiki. Looking forward to seeing Kyzer's work on importing UnExoticA.



Had a bit of time out, s'pose I'd better get back to converting the flat text stuff again! Now where was I...?



Ey up!

Thought I'd start the boing ball rolling with some text!

Created two themed logos, one for Psygnosis and one for Team17. The logos don't appear to blend properly with the ingame level image, so that needs fixing (hint, BuZz ;-)

Also did an Ocean style logo, but have yet to do a medley for that.

Ah well, s'pose I'd better carry on converting the flat text stuff to wiki!


Looks fine on my browser. Are you using that IE shite again ;-) I assume its to do with the background colour not matching.. ie really sucks you know!


Ah! Yes, I was using IE, at work. Looks great on Firefox at home!


Anyway, I'll resave the image and test it out. When this happened before a resave sorted it.


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