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The High Voltage SID Collection Search and the Modland Search have both been updated. They now support by default a more flexible boolean search. The HVSC search can now also link to remixes from the site Big thanks to them for helping us with this, and do check out their site for some excellent C= 64 remixes.

Have a great new year everyone!


Allister Brimble has given us permission to put his first album "The Team 17 Works" online for download. The album features a studio version of the Alien Breed soundtrack which is really worth a listen, and was not re-released on his later Sounds Digital album.


Just a quick message to say Happy Xmas to all visitors. Enjoy the holiday break!


The High Voltage SID Collection Web Interface has been updated (to v1.2). It now supports searching by SID Model, and also shows additional information when the Show Info/STIL option is selected.

Also if you are a fan of C64 music, you should really check out Reyn Ouwehand's recent rendition of Martin Galway's Wizball theme (on youtube).


The Main Page has been updated with a slightly different layout including some Quick Links at the top right. Hopefully this will make the site slightly easier to navigate. Please do discuss any ideas or improvements you might have on the forum thread.


An email request for the removal of the music from Kang Fu was received. At this time, the authenticity has not been confirmed, however the files have been taken offline for the time being until this is sorted.

ExoticA is a non profit site, which is supported by most of the composers and companies we profile. Permission for files is also obtained where possible, and in many cases the music is submitted by the authors themselves. It is unfortunate in this case that it seems Great Effects Development (GREED) was not able to approach this problem in a friendlier way.

Details on the Kang Fu page. You can discuss this story on the Forum.


High Voltage SID Collection Search

ExoticA is pleased to launch a new Web Interface to the High Voltage SID Collection, which allows browsing and searching of the tunes by name, author, copyright, year and directory path. It also allows you to search for tunes using data from the SID Tune Information List and can display this information in the search results if required. Full instructions for the seartch can be found on the ExoticA High Voltage SID Collection page.

Please try the search out!


Would you like to help with the site? There are plenty of pages which need improving such as the demo party pages. Each party page needs reformatting. You can use the Magnetic_Fields_'Revenge'_Party as an example of layout. There is also a Todo page which lists some other tasks which we need help on (and please do add anything else you notice).

We are also looking for Amiga game box scan contributions. To contribute it is easy. Just Register or Login, check if you have something we miss, and Upload it. Then you just need to add it to the corresponding Amiga game box scan page.

You can discuss ideas, or get help and advice on our forum (note that the forum does not share accounts with the wiki).


Bang! Tick... Tick...

Bang! Tick... Tick... (album cover).jpg

Allister Brimble has very kindly given permission for ExoticA to host his third album Bang! Tick... Tick..., which is available for free download.

The album takes a break from game soundtracks and guides the listener on a journey through time and space (not like The Mighty Boosh), starting with the 'Big Bang' creation of the universe right through to the 'Big Crunch' at the end of time.

Thanks Allister!


Codetapper's recent contributions has reminded XtC that he also contributes to UnExoticA! He's chipped in with three CD³² soundtracks for Legends (CD³²), Jetstrike CD³² and Kang Fu. Enjoy! :-)


Codetapper has been busy at work ripping some game music for the UnExoticA collection. New tunes include those from Magic Lines, Turn It, Insector Hecti in the Interchange and CaveMania. Big thanks to him for these contributions.


Some of you might have noticed the Wanted Team web site went offline recently (after the emucamp domain expired). However, all is not lost, as ExoticA is now hosting this useful site. You can find it at


Back in July, the complete arcade soundtrack to Spy Hunter was added to the Lost In Translation section. Today we've added the complete PlayStation 2 'Sega Ages 2500' soundtrack to Out Run. You lucky lot! :-)


The Modland Web Interface now supports searching and displaying instrument text for Protracker and Fasttracker 2 as well as showing additional information for tunes in PlaySID format. Other formats will be added in the future.


Modland is a very large, and well organised module archive created and maintained by Coma, which contains over 360,000 music modules in 290 different formats.

In partnership with Modland, ExoticA now provides a web-based interface to the collection, which allows browsing of the modules by name, author and format and a simple search facility. Please do try it out!.


spectral has taken time out again to bring you more arcade soundtracks to Lost In Translation. This update brings you Double Dragon (arcade, NES and Sega Mega Drive versions), Midnight Resistance‎ and Marble Madness‎.

Also added to the collection is Galaxy Force II.


XtC Needs Food Badly!

Looks like we're having an Atari moment in the Lost In Translation section!

For your listening pleasure we've added the short set of jingles from Championship Sprint and Super Sprint, both of which share the same soundtrack. Then we have the D&D inspired classics Gauntlet and Gauntlet II. "I've never seen such generosity!"


Added two button-basher classic soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section - Capcom's Combat School (a.k.a. Boot Camp) and Konami's Track and Field.


Shoryuken! Get Ready!

Added full arcade soundtracks for Capcom's Street Fighter‎ and Street Fighter II - The World Warrior.

Added the full Sega Saturn soundtracks for Out Run and Space Harrier so you fanatics out there can compare the real thing to the emulated version again! :-)

Also added the soundtrack to the XBOX sequel Out Run 2006 - Coast 2 Coast as part of the Out Run page. We're good to you! :-)


The ExoticA podcast aired yesterday on Bitjam Radio. It can also be downloaded from the Bitfellas Podcast Page. The end part of the Turrican Medley was cut for the podcast, but the full recording can be downloaded here - Turrican 2


The following classic Sega arcade soundtracks were added to the Lost In Translation section by spectral: Enduro Racer, Golden Axe and Shinobi.

The full arcade soundtrack for After Burner has been added along with the Sega Saturn soundtracks for After Burner II and The Ninja Warriors, so you emulation fans out there can now compare the actual original arcade soundtrack to the emulated version! :-)


A new header design was created by KF/Bitfellas. Big thanks to him for this. I'm sure you will all agree, it looks fantastic. The design is based on a banner he drew for our upcoming podcast, which will be aired live on Bitjam Radio on the 22nd of June at 8:00PM GMT (9:00PM CET). It will also be available for download after airing. In our edition, we have an exclusive jingle from Barry Leitch as well as a selection of excellent tracks from this site. Please do tune in for a listen!


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: Altered Beast, Operation Wolf and Puzzle Bobble.


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: Paperboy, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Atari) and Pac-Mania.


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: 1942, Arkanoid‎, Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH, Puckman (or Pac-Man to the rest of us!) and Terra Cresta.


Added the Kung-Fu Master arcade soundtrack to the Lost In Translation section.


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: Bubble Bobble, Darius, Star Wars (Atari), The Empire Strikes Back (Atari) and Return of the Jedi (Atari)


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: Black Tiger, Ghouls'n Ghosts‎, Hang-On, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On.

The news area from the old site was also migrated to the Wiki. (See the links at the bottom of this page). This gives an insight into the history of the site.

The ExoticA mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection was finally updated to version 48. This got overlooked when moving to our new wiki driven site.


Added the following arcade soundtracks to the Lost In Translation section: After Burner II‎ and Bomb Jack‎.


The CD music from the PC game T.F.X was added to UnExoticA. Although this may seem to be outside of the coverage of the collection, the unreleased CD32 version would have used the same music. Also, it is a fantastic set of tunes, which we highly recommend. Huge thanks to Barry Leitch for giving us permission to add this music.

Also to recap on earlier news which didn't quite make it to the front page. XtC finished uploading arcade flyers and artwork to the Lost In Translation area. This is a section which deals with comparing the conversion from arcade games to home computer/console versions. There is however a huge amount of work to be done here, so please do join in. There are plenty of pages waiting for screenshot additions. The Lost In Translation/Out Run and Lost In Translation/Bomb Jack pages are excellent examples of how we envisage the area to look like when complete.


Lost In Translation

I've finally finished going through all the arcade games for this section and populating them with all the various control panel, marquee and cabinet photos, as well as adding all the relevant flyers. Phew!

The next step is to properly credit all these images...



That's History For You!

As per ExoticA's 'To Do' page, I've made a start on importing the old news from the original ExoticA website. The first section is 1997 where you can read BuZz's too-early-in-the-morning mumblings regarding the origins of ExoticA.

1997? Wow is ExoticA really that old?!? :-)



The New Site

The new version of the site has gone live. Although incomplete ( in many areas ), the new site has some interesting information and downloads. First of all the UnExoticA music area has been completely reworked, and we now host the beginnings of a good demo music collection. Read more at the UnExoticA page. Also we have a new area with Original Artwork for games from memorable artists such as Bob Wakelin. However some areas are not complete, and some music areas are still only available on the old site. See below for a link. Note that these areas will be moved to the new site soon, and all files transferred to the ftp area.

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