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Super Sprint
Super Sprint marquee.
Super Sprint title screen.
Super Sprint control panel.
Manufacturer Atari Games
Released 1986
Main CPU T11 (@ 10.000 MHz)
M6502 (@ 1.790 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
YM2151 (@ 3.580 MHz)
(2x) POKEY (@ 1.790 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
512 x 384 pixels
60.00 Hz
256 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 27 ROMs
933,888 bytes (912.00 KiB)
MAME ID ssprint · sspring1 · ssprint1 · ssprint3 · ssprintf · ssprintg · ssprints

About The Game

Super Sprint is a 3-player, overhead-view driving arcade video game.

Like "Championship Sprint", released the same year, Super Sprint is an updated version of the old Atari Sprint series; with added the ability to allow players to upgrade their vehicles as the game progresses. Upgrades are won by collecting wrenches that appear once per track. After a player has collected four wrenches, they will be presented with an upgrade screen; giving them the opportunity to choose better traction, increased top speed, faster acceleration, or a faster helicopter. The only discernible difference between this and "Championship Sprint" is the addition of brand new tracks.


Released in April 1986.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (That's Atari Music Vol. II : G.S.M. Atari Games 2 - PCCB-00070) on 21/09/1991.


  1. Sprint 2 (1976)
  2. Sprint 8 (1977)
  3. Sprint 4 (1977)
  4. Sprint One (1978)
  5. Super Sprint (1986)
  6. Championship Sprint (1986)
  7. Bad Lands (1989)


Designed & Programmed By
Robert Weatherby
Kelly Turner
Art & Animation By
Will Noble
Kris Moser
Sam Comstock
Audio By
Hal Canon

Cabinet and Artwork


Nintendo Famicom (1989)
Sony PlayStation (2000, "Arcade Party Pak")
Sony PlayStation 2 (2003, "Midway Arcade Treasure")
Nintendo Gamecube (2003, "Midway Arcade Treasure")
Microsoft XBOX (2003, "Midway Arcade Treasure")
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2005, "Spy Hunter / Super Sprint")
Atari ST (1986)
Commodore C64 (1987)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1987)
Amstrad CPC (1987)
PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (2004, "Midway Arcade Treasure")

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
That's Atari Music Vol.II -G.S.M. ATARI GAMES 2- PCCB-00070[1] 1991-09-21 Pony Canyon/Scitron CD version.
That's Atari Music Vol.II -G.S.M. ATARI GAMES 2- SCDC-00314[2] 2003-12-03 Scitron Digital Content Inc. CD version.
Arcade Ambiance 1986 N/A[3] 2004-08-27 Andy Hofle Digital download only.

Sound Comparison

Platform Song Titles Sound Source
Arcade "Select" "Goal 1" "Next Stage" "Goal 2" "Tune Up 1" "Goal 3" "Goal 4" "Tune Up 2" "Goal 5" "Goal 6" "Tune Up 3" "Goal 7" "Goal 8" M1 v0.7.8a6

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