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Amiga emulation related:

Title Description
ADF View Open ADF's as a folder within Windows
Amiga Forever Order licensed Kickstart roms's and Workbenches
Amiga legal Emulation Many public domain games. Site has a good layout
CD32 Legal Dumping Here you can download licensed CD32 Iso's
Jambo Database and links for Amiga downloads
Nth Dimension Download tons of coverdisks of Amiga magazines
PC Competitor Connect your Amiga joysticks with the PC
Populous Revolution All about Populous, not only on the Amiga
Thalion Webshrine Site which is dedicated to the famous company
UAE Compatib. List Amiga games database

Amiga related:

Title Description
Amiga Cheats Huge database of Amiga cheats
Amiga Flame Amiga games news
Amiga Future Amiga games magazine (German)
Amiga Network News Good Amiga news site from Luxembourg
Amiga News Perhaps the best German Amiga news page
Amiga Plus Amiga related magazine (German)
Amiga Topcool Amiga news updated every Thursday + magazine
Amiga University information about the Amiga + help Good Amiga portal
Aminet Biggest Amiga Public Domain software archive
CDTV Info Center Great site with a lot of CDTV information
Czech Amiga News Fantastic Amiga news page
Fun Time World Good news. Very informative
Kultpower All about Amiga gaming mags (German)
No Risc no Fun Great German site with interviews, tests etc.
The Legacy Amiga games database
Workbench Nostalgia Everything about the Amiga operating system

Amiga shops:

Title Description
CBI Scandinavian Amiga software retailer
Centsible Best US shop for the "classic Amiga"
Classic Amiga Based in Manchester, UK. Amiga hard- and software
Cool Bits Many items. Also second hand (German)
KDH Datentechnik One of the best German Amiga shops
Pernat German Amiga shop
Rainer Benda Small German Amiga shop (German)
Soft Hut US based Amiga shop
Vesalia Good products. The shop pages are multilingual

Amiga newsgroups:

Title Description
alt.amiga Amiga - general
alt.emulators.amiga All about emulators on the Amiga Amiga games discussions
comp.sys.amiga.ha... Amiga hardware discussions Amiga hard- and software ads
comp.sys.amiga.misc Misc Amiga issues
comp.sys.amiga.p... Amiga programmers discussions

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Downloads à la Carte

Download the games that we recommend this month:

Case of the Cautious Condor
Dungeon Quest
Quiksilver Pinball
Fire & Ice
Jetstrike Jr.
Der Trainer

Other downloads of interest:
LSD Docs Disks
Grapevine Diskmags



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