Angels (new)

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Angels [new] (1993-)


  • Funkyfella (swap, ex Shining 8, 93)
  • Goblin (sysop 'MIDDLE EAST', old handle Jack Daniels)
  • Orion (trade swap, ex Shining 8)
  • Pushead (code, ex Palace)
  • Rastan (sysop 'MONKEY ISLAND', ex Crusaders, old handle One)
  • Psycopath (sysop 'RAISING HELL', ex Shining 8, 09/93)
  • Xarium (Nick Jensen, code, ex Rebels)
  • Acetip (Bernard Briais, music)
  • Latyl (Jeremy Routier, music, 09/93)
  • Mic (gfx, 09-10/93)
  • Ninja (code, later Paradox, 09-10/93)
  • B52 (fra? code, 10/93)
  • Badcat (supply, ex Goonies or Nemesis)
  • Contact Zero (sysop 'VIRTUAL REALITY', ex Nemesis)
  • Cpt (fra? gfx music, 10/93)
  • Halfast (fra? code, 10/93)
  • Steph (sysop 'RACE OF ACE', ex Oracle (new))
  • Switch (crack)
  • V.I.P. (train)

Group History

Angels was reborn by some of the old members, with help from some of the new ones. Some of the old ones are: Flesh/Paradise, Bizarre/Rebels, Thunder and Steph/Oracle, Badcat/Gooniesand Orion/Shining 8.
They released two intros at the Galemands Gilde 93 (07/93), any information on these two most welcome.

  • Sysop Arcane left the scene.
  • Trader Thunder (ex Oracle) joined Fusion.
  • Finnish swapper and trader John Peel (ex Damones, 93) joined Razor 1911.
  • Danish trader Weird Dream (ex Rebels, old handle Bizarre, 08/93) rejoined the new Rebels.
  • Founder Flesh (code crack sysop 'ANGELS INTERNAL', ex Paradise, 12/93) left to join Anthrox. His handle has never been 'Fletch', and despite what several mags claimed, he has not formed a new group called 'High Breeze'.
  • Danish sysop Yobbo ('THE LARCH' 08/93-09/93) popped up in Rebels in february 94.


See Angels (new)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Destroy Fascism (1993, 04.09, ECS 64k Intro)

  • code: Ninja
  • gfx: Mic
  • music: "Greasy Duck v1" by Latyl
Winner of the Saturne 93 64k intro competition!

Vactro II (1993, .10, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: B52, Halfast, Ninja
  • gfx: Mic, Cpt
  • music: Cpt
Released at the Iris Convention.


  • ZERO WHQ (nor)
  • CENTRAL TOWER (bel, 09/93)