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Fatal Fury 3
Road to the Final Victory
Neo-Geo marquee.
No screen shot.
Neo-Geo control panel.
Manufacturer SNK
Released 1995
8-way Joystick
4 Button(s)
Main CPU Neo-Geo
68000 (@ 12.000 MHz)
Z80 (@ 4.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
YM2610 (@ 8.000 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
320 x 224 pixels
59.19 Hz
4,096 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 24 ROMs
36,241,408 bytes (34.56 MiB)
MAME ID fatfury3

About The Game

Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory is an arcade video game.

During a trip to Southtown to attend the inauguration of a new branch of Pao Pao Cafe by former street fighter Richard Meyer, the lone wolves (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi & Mai Shiranui) are unwillingly caught in the middle of a desperate search for the Shiranui Scrolls and the mysterious fighters that are after them! The game features a new graphic style, 2 different background planes to fight, a grade system that shows how well you perform in battle, lots of hidden moves & combos, as well as multiple endings based on your performance. The answers shall only be uncovered by a long & fierce battle, are you up to it?

Additional Technical Information

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 4

=> [A] Quick punch [B] Quick kick [C] Power punch [D] Power kick


Released in March 1995.

This game is known in Japan as "Garou Densetsu 3 - Haruka-Naru Tatakai" (translates from Japanese as 'Legend of Hungry Wolf 3 - The Distant Battle').

Things that changed in this particular game :

  • The game introduces a deeper plane change system which proved to be somewhat clunky & difficult to use due to the tricky commands used to move between planes.
  • Chain combos are introduced to add even more depth to each character's fighting style.
  • Throws are harder to use since these are slow and throw-miss animations were added.
  • Newcomers in the game are Bob Wilson, Blue Mary, Franco Bash, Hon Fu, Sokaku Mochizuki, Ryuji Yamazaki, Jin Chonshu & Jin Chonrei.

Hon Fu's goofy martial artist routine & easygoing personality make him SNK's hillarious homage to Jackie Chan. Definitely not a Bruce Lee clone! :)

Kyo Kusanagi & Sie Kensou make a cameo in Pao Pao Cafe!

The Japanese version of this game, Garou Densetsu 3, overtly refers to itself by its overseas name of "Fatal Fury 3" throughout the game.

Pony Canyon released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Garou Densetsu 3 - PCCB-00179) on 21/04/1995.

Tips and tricks

One of the coolest things of this game is the fact that you can alter some backgrounds objects by slamming opponents against them. For example, you can knock away the training dummy in Joe's stage if you send an opponent flying towards it. Experiment on various stages to find more surprises!

Endings are based on your performance on the game, here are the final bosses you'll face according to how well you do :

  1. Poor performance ending boss : Ryuji Yamazaki
  2. Average performance ending boss : Jin Chonshu
  3. Above average performance ending boss : Jin Chonshu (Jin Chonrei makes a brief cameo at the very end)
  4. Good performance ending boss : Jin Chonrei

Note : If the game is set on the USA, Asia or Europe BIOS, the game will reset after defeating Jin Chonrei and you won't get to see the ending, however if the game is set on the Japan BIOS it will work just fine! :)


  1. Fatal Fury - King of Fighters (1991)
  2. Fatal Fury 2 (1992)
  3. Fatal Fury Special (1993)
  4. Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory (1995)
  5. Real Bout Fatal Fury (1995)
  6. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (1996)
  7. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - The Newcomers (1998)
  8. Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (1998)
  9. Garou - Mark of the Wolves (1999)
  10. Fatal Fury First Contact (1999, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color)


Voice Actors

Terry Bogard
Satoshi Hashimoto
Andy Bogard
Keiichi Nanba
Joe Higashi
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Mai Shiranui
Akoya Sogi
Geese Howard
Kong Kuwata
Sokaku Mochizuki & Ryuji Yamazaki
Koji Ishii
Bob Wilson & Hon-Fu
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Blue Mary
Harumi Ikoma
Franco Bash
B. J. Love
Jin Chonshu & Jin Chonrei
Kappei Yamaguchi

Cabinet and Artwork


SNK Neo-Geo CD (1995)
Sega Saturn (1996, "Garou Densetsu 3 - Aratanaru Tatakai")
Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "NeoGeo Online Collection Vol.6 : Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 1" JP)
Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "Fatal Fury Collection" US & EU)
PC [MS Windows 9x]

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection PCCB-00219[1] 1996-06-21 Scitron CD version.
Garou Densetsu 3 Arrange Sound Trax PCCB-00183[2] 1995-06-07 Pony Canyon CD version.
Garou Densetsu 3 PCCB-00179[3] 1995-04-21 Pony Canyon CD version.
SNK Character Sounds Collection Volume 7 - Ryuji Yamazaki PCCB-00320[4] 1998-06-17 Pony Canyon/Scitron CD version.
Garou Densetsu / Fatal Fury 15th Anniversary BOX SCDC-00553~9[5] 2006-11-15 Happinet Corporation 6 CD version.


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