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Metal Slug 5
Neo-Geo marquee.
No screen shot.
Neo-Geo control panel.
Manufacturer SNK Playmore
Released 2003
8-way Joystick
4 Button(s)
Main CPU Neo-Geo
68000 (@ 12.000 MHz)
Z80 (@ 4.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
YM2610 (@ 8.000 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
320 x 224 pixels
59.19 Hz
4,096 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 25 ROMs
94,240,768 bytes (89.88 MiB)
MAME ID mslug5 · ms5plus

About The Game

Metal Slug 5 is an arcade video game.

A research installation developing the next-generation of Metal Slugs is attacked by unknown forces and a disk containing Metal Slug secrets is stolen. Ordered to recover the disk, Marco and Tarma follow in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Eri and Fio, investigating the Ptolemaic Army, a paramilitary syndicate active in archeological excavation, catch up with them at an ancient ruin, 'The Corridor of Fire'. The two try to storm and seize the site but are repulsed by the natives and giant Metal Slugs. This incident proves it was the Ptolemaic Army that stole the Metal Slug secrets. The military subsequently launches a second raid by the elite PF squad and Sparrows on the 'The Corridor of Fire' to recover the secrets and destroy the syndicate!!!

Additional Technical Information

Players : 2

Control : 8-way Joystick

Buttons : 4

=> Character > [A] Shoot, [B] Jump, [C] Grenade

=> Metal Slug > [A] Gun Attack, [B] Jump Board Vehicle, [C] Artillery Attack, [D] Metal Slug Attack


Released in November 2003.

This new episode introduces a new 'slide' move to the legendary series (actioned holding down the B button). Players can also make a sliding shot by pushing the A button while sliding.

Noise Factory released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Metal Slug 5 Original Sound Track) on 12/03/2004.

A hack of this game is known as "Metal Slug 5 Plus".


  1. Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 (1996)
  2. Metal Slug 2 - Super Vehicle-001/II (1998)
  3. Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001 (1999)
  4. Metal Slug 1st Mission (1999, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color)
  5. Metal Slug 2nd Mission (2000, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color)
  6. Metal Slug 3(2000)
  7. Metal Slug 4 (2002)
  8. Metal Slug 5 (2003)
  9. Metal Slug 6 (2006)
  10. Metal Slug 3D (2006, Sony PlayStation 2)
  11. Metal Slug 7 (2008, Nintendo DS)


Sub Directors
T. Hagihara
Main Programmer
Sub Programmers
Work Ram
Character Designers
Shio Shio Shio
Genies Kubota
Background Designers
Miyuki. O
Reiko Nagasima (as Reiko. N)
Sayuri M
Misao Yoshida
Sound Produced By
Studio Aqua
Title Designer
Naohisa Yamaguti

Cabinet and Artwork


Sony PlayStation 2 (2005)
Microsoft XBOX (2005)
Sony PlayStation 2 (2005, "Metal Slug 4 & 5")
Microsoft XBOX (2005, "Metal Slug 4 & 5")
Sony PSP (2006, "The Metal Slug Collection")
Nintendo Wii (2006, "The Metal Slug Collection")
Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "The Metal Slug Collection")

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Metal Slug 5 Original Sound Track NF0003[1] 2004-03-12 Noise Factory CD version.
Metal Slug Complete Sound Box SCDC-00542~9[2] 2006-09-06 Scitron Digital Content Inc. / Happinet Corporation 8 CD version.


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