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This page is a stub for arcade games that are part of the Lost In Translation series using information based on MAME (version 0.113u2).
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Section Z
Section Z marquee.
No screen shot.
Manufacturer Capcom
Released 1985
8-way Joystick
2 Button(s)
Main CPU Z80 (@ 6.000 MHz)
Z80 (@ 4.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Mono
(2x) YM2203 (@ 1.500 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
256 x 240 pixels
60.00 Hz
1,024 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 18 ROMs
540,928 bytes (528.25 KiB)
MAME ID sectionz · sctionza

About The Game

Section Z is an horizontally and vertically scrolling arcade video game shoot-em-up.

As a sole astronaut, you must penetrate the alien Balangool space craft and destroy the evil 'L-Brain'. Make your way through 27 alphabet-labelled levels to find his lair.


Released in December 1985.

The first of Capcom's 'Jet-Pack Hero' shooters! Your hero is officially called "Captain Commando". :)

Section Z has a couple of bugs, sprites don't clip properly when scrolling on or off the left side of the screen or the top of the screen.

Every few sections (stages), the direction of the game's scrolling changes, from left-to-right, to bottom-to-top, to right-to-left, etc.

One section features a pinball machine in which you must avoid the multiple flying pinballs.

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Capcom Game Music - 28XA-94) on 25/08/1986.


  1. Section Z (1985)
  2. Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (1986)


Programmed By
Toshio Arima
Music By
Tamayo Kawamoto

Cabinet and Artwork


Nintendo Famicom (1987)
Nintendo Famicom Disk
Sony PlayStation 2 (2005, "Capcom Classics Collection")
Microsoft XBOX (2005, "Capcom Classics Collection")
Sony PSP (2006, "Capcom Classics Collection Remixed")

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Capcom Game Music 28XA-94[1] 1986-08-25 Alfa Records CD version.
Capcom Game Music ALC-22905[2] 1986-08-25 Alfa Records Cassette version.
Capcom Game Music ALR-22905[3] 1986-08-25 Alfa Records Vinyl version.
Capcom Game Music SCDC-00193[4] 2002-06-19 Scitron Digital Content Inc. CD version.


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