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Music Collections


A large and comprehensive collection of Amiga game and demo soundtracks preserved in their original format. Most are extracted from directly from disk, whilst others have been supplied by the authors. The collection also includes full CD audio from CDTV, CD³² and AmigaCD based games. With composer, music and format information, this collection provides an excellent audio reference into Amiga games and demos.


Modland is a very large, and well organised module archive created and maintained by Daniel Johansson, which contains over 360,000 music modules in 290 different formats. The collection is distributed over FTP from the main site and a few mirrors. ExoticA provides a searchable web front end to the collection which is available from the Special:Modland page.

High Voltage SID Collection

The High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) is a freeware hobby project which organises Commodore 64 music (also known as SID music) into an archive for both musicians and fans alike. The work on the collection is done completely in the Team and contributors' spare time and is proudly the largest and most accurate computer music collection known. ExoticA provides a mirror of this music collection and a search interface that can be found on the Special:HVSC page. The official HVSC site can be found at

Atari SAP Music Archive

The Atari SAP Music archive (ASMA) is a project to create an archive of all the available ATARI XL/XE music. it is the 8bit Atari equivalent of the High Voltage SID Collection. Currently the collection has over 2500 tunes including old classics as well as music from recent demos released for the Atari XL/XE machines. ExoticA provides a mirror of this collection as well as an advanced search interface.
The main site can be found at

Arcade Soundtracks

Like computer games, arcade games are very much a part of our youth and just as nostalgic. Amongst other things, the Lost In Translation section details arcade games showing how they survived the conversion process to the home computer/console. As a bonus, this means there are several arcade soundtracks for you to download!

Studio Albums

A section dedicated to studio quality albums created by game and scene music composers.


6 Amazing Coin-Op Soundtracks from Virgin Games

The November 1989 issue of Sinclair User contained an additional cover tape entitled 6 Amazing Coin-Op Soundtracks from Virgin Games. Here you can find more information about the cassette and download the music.



Music and audio players for a variety of platforms.


A comprehensive list of music formats and the relevant replay code.


Music and audio trackers for a variety of platforms.


Soundtracker History

A list showing the development of Karsten Obarski's SoundTracker over the years (and the trackers which grew from his idea).

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