Soundtracker History

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Timeline of the development of SoundTracker and clones
Date Name Details
xx.08.1987 Soundtracker v1.x programmed by Karsten Obarski. Supported 4 channels and 15 instruments along with 5 effects: Portamento Up/Down, Set Volume, Set Secondary Tempo and Arpeggio.
xx.12.1987 Soundtracker v1.21 Karsten Obarski (It was in December of 1987. the first SoundTracker was completely finished. The copyright was sold to the EAS company.)
04.01.1988 Soundtracker v1.8 Karsten Obarski EAS
01.03.1988 Soundtracker V2.0 The Exterminator/The Jungle Command [Mark Langerak] (Zierikzee/Netherlands) SoundTracker V2.0 is based on the original V1.21 version by Karsten Obarski
xx.xx.1988 DOC Soundtracker 2 Unknown/DOC
xx.xx.1988 DFJ Soundtracker 3 Il Scuro/Defjam [Ron Birk]
12.03.1988 AFL Soundtracker 4 ??/Alpha Flight
09.04.1988 DOC Soundtracker 4 Unknown/DOC
xx.04.1988 DOC Soundtracker 6 Unknown/DOC
xx.xx.1988 DOC Soundtracker 9 Unknown/DOC
xx.xx.1988 Soundtracker Professional ??
xx.07.1988 Master Soundtracker V1.0 Update by TIP/The New Masters [Armin Sander] Based on DOC soundtracker 9.
xx.xx.1988 Master Soundtracker 3 Tip/Prophets AG [Armin Sander]
21.10.1988 The Ultimate Soundtracker V2.0 Karsten Obarski / EAS. (NTSC/PAL, Module save possible.)
xx.12.1988 Soundtracker v2.2 Unknown/D.O.C. [Michael Kleps] now with 31 instruments (from now we could find M.K. inside)
xx.06.1989 Soundtracker v2.3 Mnemotron/Spreadpoint
29.07.1989 Soundtracker v2.4 MnemoTroN/Spreadpoint (at Powerslaves-VisionFactory-AlphaFlight Party 29.07/89) (This Soundtracker is based on the MasterSoundtracker V1.0 by TIP/Prophets and mainly on Soundtracker V2.2 by Unknown/D.O.C)
xx.08.1989 NoiseTracker v1.0 Mahoney [Per Tuffvesson] & Kaktus [Anders Berkeman]/Northstar & The Silents. An improved version of MnemoTroN's Soundtracker V2.3
xx.xx.xxxx Noisetracker v1.1 Mahoney [Per Tuffvesson] & Kaktus [Anders Berkeman]
01.06.1990 NoiseTracker v1.2C Mahoney [Per Tuffvesson] & Kaktus [Anders Berkeman]
03.07.1990 UFO Noisetracker v1.2D RiffRaff & Antichrist/United Forces
xx.xx.xxxx Soundtracker v2.5 MnemoTroN/Spreadpoint
01.07.1990 NoiseTracker v2.0 Mahoney [Per Tuffvesson] & Kaktus [Anders Berkeman] at the Amiga Conference 1990.
14.07.1990 StarTrekker 1.0 Exolon/Fairlight Based on Noisetracker V2.0 "MIDI: Perhaps the greatest improvement in the soundtracker history! Made by Exolon for the NoiseTracker 2.0 but Mahoney stole my routines some days before.
xx.xx.1990 StaticTracker 2.0 Static, Conan & Newton/Rebels, based on Noisetracker 2.0.
xx.10.1990 ProTracker v1.00 Coded by ZAP [Lars Hamre]/Amiga Freelancers. Offered more effects and advanced editing functions like split keyboards it also featured a sample editor. Possibly the most important feature ProTracker added was a play routine that was not raster dependant. This meant that people with NTSC systems (non Europeans) could listen to the music the way it was meant to sound.
03.11.1990 Soundtracker v2.6 Mnemotron/Spreadpoint
xx.xx.1990 NoiseTracker v1.1 Mahoney [Per Tuffvesson] & Kaktus [Anders Berkeman]
23.10.1990 StarTrekker v1.1 Exolon/Fairlight [Bjorn Wesen]
18.11.1990 Startrekker v1.2 Exolon/Fairlight [Bjorn Wesen]
xx.11.1990 UFO NoiseTracker v1.3a RiffRaff & Antichrist/United Forces
27.12.1990 Protracker V1.1a ZAP [Lars Hamre]/Amiga Freelancers (spread at the Theatre-Network party and the Dexion X-mas Party)
16.03.1991 Startrekker v1.3 Exolon/Fairlight [Bjorn Wesen]
xx.03.1991 UFO NoiseTracker v1.3D RiffRaff & Antichrist/United Forces
xx.04.1991 Protracker v1.1b ZAP [Lars Hamre]/Amiga Freelancers
xx.xx.1991 Protracker v1.2a ZAP [Lars Hamre]/Amiga Freelancers
20.02.1992 Protracker 1.2c ??
xx.xx.1991 Protracker v1.3a ZAP [Lars Hamre]/Amiga Freelancers
16.04.1992 Protracker v2.1A Crayon [Peter Hanning]/Mushroom Studios-Noxious (at the Gathering 92)
xx.xx.1992 Trashtracker v2.1 (Noisetracker 2.0) (Crionics & Static/Rebels)
23.05.1992 Shadestracker v1.9 Shades
20.06.1992 Protracker v2.2a Crayon/Noxious [Peter Hanning]
20.09.1992 ShadesTracker v2.0 ??/Shades
06.10.1992 Protracker v2.2b Crayon/Noxious [Peter Hanning]
28.12.1992 ParasiteTracker v1.11 Shayery/Parasite [John Hinge] (at the party 2 12/92)
01.01.1993 Protracker v2.3a Crayon/Noxious [Peter Hanning] (at the party 12/92). You can now have modules with 100 patterns. If you save a module with more than 64 patterns then M.K. in the moduleheader will be changed to M!K!
10.01.1993 IceTracker v1.1 Icepic, Australia
xx.01.1993 Protracker v2.59 Apogee Technologies, USA (based on Protracker 1.1b)
17.01.1993 Protracker v3.00b Krest Olorin Outland/Cryptoburners (Ivar Just Olsen Tom Bech and Bjarte Andreassen)
26.01.1993 Protracker v3.1 Krest Olorin Outland/Cryptoburners
24.02.1993 Parasite Tracker v1.5 ??
04.03.1993 Hearttracker V2.33 (Protracker v2.3A for Melon Dezign) Crayon/Noxious [Peter Hanning]
21.04.1993 Shadestracker v3.0 ??
07.05.1993 IceTracker v1.2 final ??
30.05.1993 Protracker v3.10b Krest Olorin Outland/Cryptoburners
10.07.1993 Protracker v3.11 Krest Olorin Outland/Cryptoburners
30.08.1993 Shadestracker v3.1 final ??
20.11.1993 Protracker v3.15 Krest Olorin Outland/Cryptoburners
15.02.1994 MaxTracker v1.0 Sylvain Marchand