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Oldsk00l is a plug-in for Winamp. It replaces the .mod player that comes with Winamp with one that is more compatible. Oldsk00l also supports various music formats in addition to modules, and through a small Amiga emulator it also plays music files which have the player embedded.

Oldsk00l is programmed by Carsten Sørensen.


(Taken from the Oldsk00l project page)

  • Stereo separation factor
  • Filter/LED emulation
  • Perfect seeking. All vibrato commands, slides, samples etc are started exactly where they would have been, had you been a patient little boy and played the mod all the way through
  • Handles ProTracker/SoundTracker/NoiseTracker correctly
  • Plays all versions of BP SoundMon files
  • Plays all versions of Future Composer files
  • Plays SoundFX 1.3-2.0 files
  • Plays Jochen Hippel files
  • Plays Maniacs of Noise files
  • Plays Delta Music 2.0 files
  • Plays SidMon 1 files
  • Plays David Whittaker files
  • Plays Music Assembler files
  • Plays Fred Monitor files
  • Plays Mark II files
  • Plays DeliTracker CUSTOM files

Supported Formats

(Taken from the Oldsk00l project page)

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