This section provides emulator downloads in order to be able to use the games/apps/demos which you can download from AMI Sector One. First of all we want to stress that every Amiga emulators needs so called "Kickstarts roms". A "Kickstart" is a kind of BIOS of the Amiga and usually is a file of 512 kb. It would be illegal to offer these roms. Therefore we would recommend you to order the Amiga Forever CD which contains licensed Kickstarts and Amiga OS's.

Emulator Selection - Fellow

Fellow (maintained by Petter Schau)

Fellow is a Dos based emulator. It perfectly runs in the Dos box of Windows 98. Fellow is faster than UAE since it has been written in Assembler. It is also worth mentioning that some games work in Fellow that do not work in UAE.

Fellow 0.3.2 a
Fellow 0.3.4
Fellow 0.3.6r1

Update: There is now a Fellow Linux port called XFellow which is maintained by Dan Sutherland and Riot777. Visit the official XFellow page to download the latest source:
XFellow homepage

Unofficial Fellow homepage
Fellow Discussion Forum

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Downloads à la Carte

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