Amaze (old)

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Amaze [old]


  • Bomber (swap, ex Highlander/Celtic, new 07-12/90)
  • Fred (code swap, 92)
  • Galaxy (music, 11-12/90)
  • Master of Noise (music, 92)
  • Microp (music, 92)
  • Pinhead (swap, ex Highlander/Celtic, new 07-12/90)
  • Plastic (gfx, 92)
  • Raw (swap pack, ex Unlimited, 92)
  • Smash (Ingo Kamps, gfx swap, ex Exort, 92)
  • Smasher (gfx, 90)
  • Tron (code, later Sanity, 02/92)
  • Vinix (sysop 'TIMEWAR')
  • Vizir (code, new 90)
  • Abbandon (code, new ca 01/92)
  • Cluster, Enforcer (swap, 92)
  • Junior
  • Lego
  • Ozone
  • Slider (code, new ca 01/92)
  • Stanton (sysop '3AM ETERNAL', ex Anarchy)
  • Walkyrian
  • Airwolf
  • Articfox
  • Bandog (code, 06/91)
  • Blockbrain (gfx, 06/91)
  • Exon (swap, ?/91)
  • Firecode (swap, 01-06/90)
  • Holy (swap)
  • Magnum (Jerno Kueski, swap, late90)
  • Topaz (music, 06/91)
  • Zender (gfx, 06/91)
  • Conan
  • Darkside
  • Drone (code, 12/91)
  • Murdoc (gfx, 12/91)
  • Phraizer (sysop 'PHANTASIA', ex Reflectors)
  • Shredder (gfx, 12/91)
  • Mister X (swap, early92)
  • Nightstalker (sysop 'PRISONERS OF REALITY', new ca 01/92)
  • Ace (gfx, 02/92)
  • Blizzard (gfx, 02/92)
  • Hunter (trade)
  • Mercy (trade, ex Hypnotic)
  • Techno-One (ex Action)
  • The Punisher (gfx, 12/90)
  • Zeus (code gfx, 90)

Group History

Amaze was a demo group based in Germany, but also with strong divisions in other countries.

Some Amaze releases where I have only a minimum of information is "Released Before" (intro, c: Dr.Gassu, g: Galaxy, m: "Hawk" by ?/Timecircle), 31st May (demo, c: Dr.Gassu, g: Galaxy, m: "Ode To Mon Part2" by Galaxy), Lamerbug (game, c: Dr.Gassu, g: Tune, m: "Lamerbug!" by Tsaca), Kriepss Again (demo, c: Zecco, g: Galaxy, m: "IQ64" and "Shape It Down" by Galaxy), Crack of Dawn (ECS File), Generation issue #1 (ECS Diskmag).

The group received two new German members around july, when swappers Bomber and Pinhead joined from the Celtic subgroup Highlander. November saw the joining of Italian multitalent Filippetto from Savage with his diskmag. "Freedom Crack #4" [12/90] was the first and only issue of the mag to be released for Amaze.
When the German section of Amaze died in january, Filippetto ended his short-term stay in the group, and left (with his diskmag) to form his own group, named Vega.
The group's WHQ board 'THE PARTY ZONE' changed name to 'SERPENT SOCIETY', while Norwegian Edison and Swedes Slider (code) and Abandon (code) joined around january. The two finns Epidemic (code, 06-07/91) and Ukulele (music, ex Intuition, 06-07/91) both joined Addonic around january, though Epidemic quickly moved on to Complex. Finnish Breeze (code) also joined Complex, while Snowman was kicked; Wizmar left the scene; Df0: (gfx, 07/91-), Breeze (code), Dwarf and PMB all left for Dual Crew; swedish Stanton/Anarchy (sysop '3AM ETERNAL') joined; danish Phraizer (sysop 'PHANTASIA') joined; american Nightstalker (sysop 'PRISONERS OF REALITY') joined - all around january. Also the entire polish section of Amaze joined Addonic at this time! Norwegian swapper Viking (ex Byte Busters) joined LSD early 92. Swedish Sudden left for Spirit early 92. Tropic was kicked from the group because of lazyness early 92. Swedish sysop Xstaz changed the name of his board from 'DEADLINE' to 'THE ICE PALACE' and joined Spirit early 92. Amaze Austria is dead. Dalmet and Sledge joined Grace. Charly left the scene 09/92. Pulstar left to form Slipstream finland 09/92. German leader Damion (ex Addonic, 92) joined Platin, while Swedish Bit (ex Palace) left to form Sonic sweden, both in september. Norwegian musician The Hustler and finnish swapper Zephyr (ex Ice/Royal Amiga Force) joined Razor 1911 (pre 07/92).
  • Finnish Boomer joined TRSI.
  • German swapper Zaphod joined Sanity (old).
  • German musician and editor RokDaZone (ex Kraze) joined Destiny.
  • The two swedes Buntz and Zonic (who between them ran the board 'SERPENT SOCIETY' old name 'PARTY ZONE'), joined Defjam. Zonic was also the WHQ, after he took over the duty from Articfox. Here's a theory of my own: Buntz changed his name to Zonic, AND THEN...
  • Genestealer joined Cult.
  • Finnish El Gringo left the scene.
  • Dr.Gassu joined Elysion.
  • The German editor of "Disktrash", Death Angel (02/92), was kicked (RAW3). The mag is dead, and won't be published any more, and Death Angel joined X-Tasy.
  • German Sodom joined Beyond (pre 07/92).
  • Gipsy King joined Midway (pre 07/92).
  • Abaddon joined Fairlight (pre 07/92).
  • The Norwegian division left and split up. Dreamer (ex Chris/Grace) joined Pure Metal Coders. Frequenz (sysop, ex Decept) joined Razor 1911. I have one additional member, Edison (Øystein Homelien), but I don't know what happened to him...though he's now boss at the internet provider Powertech Information Systems in Norway!
  • Powersledge joined Flash Productions.
  • Swedish sysop Psychopath ('RAISING HELL') joined Triad.
  • Decoy left Amaze in 91, and is now (96) in Passion.


See Amaze (old)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Musiques II (1989, 31.10, ECS Musicdisk)

  • code: Zaq, Belsebul
  • gfx: Tune
  • music: "Sad Story", "Brainwash", "Secrets" by Zaq, "Tomcat", "Silverstrider" by Firecode, "Soft Dreams", "Thrust", "Role Play" by Tsaca

1st Visir (1990, ECS File)

  • code: Vizir
  • gfx: Masher
  • music: "Zamzara" by Galaxy

Revolutions (ECS Musicdisk)

  • code: Zecco
  • gfx: Galaxy, Tune
  • music: Tsaca, Firecode, Belsebul, "Complications" by Galaxy
A 'Revolutions Preview' (90) was also released.

First (1990, ECS Intro)

  • code: Zeus, Galaxy
  • gfx: Zeus
  • music: "Galaxy-Tune" by Galaxy
1st intro, rel by German section.

Hammer (1990, .04, ECS File)

  • code: Zecco
  • gfx: Galaxy
  • music: "Go For ot by Galaxy" by Galaxy

Intro (1990, 10.09, ECS Intro)

Ami Expo (1990, 10.11, ECS Intro)

  • code: Filippetto
  • gfx: Galaxy
  • music: Galaxy (Future Composer 1.4 format, 16410 bytes)
Released at the Amiga Expo.
This intro announced Filippetto had joined from Savage.

Happy Nicolaus (1990, 06.12, ECS Intro)

  • code: Filippetto
  • gfx: Punisher
  • music: "Starion" by Galaxy

Freedom Crack #4 (1990, 26.12, ECS Filemag)

  • code: Filippetto
  • gfx: font ripped from Zine!
  • music: "Ode To Mon Part 5" by Galaxy (4ch MOD format), editor: Filippetto
Released at the Dexion Party 90.

The Final Absolution (1990, 26.12, ECS File)

Released at the Dexion Party 90.

Another Hot Spreading (1991, ECS Intro)

  • code: Zonic
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

UpDate #1 (1991, File Chart/Message/NewsMag)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Viila" by Smagu

Electrical Ecstasy (1991, 08.06, ECS File)

  • code: Bandog
  • gfx: Blockbrain
  • music: "Defender of R" by Topaz
Released at the Society Summer Party 91 by the Finnish section.

Spiritual Connection (1991, 08.06, ECS File)

  • code: Epidemic
  • gfx: Zendy, DF0:
  • music: "Sprtl.Connection" by Ukulele
Released at the Society Summer Party 91 by the Finnish section.

Dreamin (1991, 08.06, ECS Intro)

  • code: Breeze
  • gfx: Zender
  • music: "Magic-Music2" by Ukulele
Released at the Society Summer Party 91 by the Finnish section.

Out of Swapping (1991, .07, ECS File)

  • code: Epidemic
  • gfx: DF0:
  • music: "Out of Swapping" by Ukulele

Party Intro (1991, 28.12, ECS Intro)

  • code: Drone
  • gfx: Murdoc, Shredder
  • music: "Too Speedy" by Terrax/Palace
Released at The Party 91 by the Danish section (and with the help of a Danish musician).

Bontro Powerlink BBS (1992, ECS Intro)

  • code: Lizer, Ziggy
  • gfx: Moi, Zigger
  • music: "Partyj.1" by Lizer

Dentro (1992, early, ECS Intro)

  • code: Abbandon
  • gfx: Fade, Bad
  • music: Fajser

No Imagination (1992, early, ECS Demo)

  • code/gfx: Dr.Chaos
  • music: Magic Duke

Vector Dream (1992, .02, ECS File)

  • code: Tron
  • gfx: Ace (fonts), Blizzard (logo)
  • music: "Insecure" by Magic Duke/Cult

Back in 92 (1992, .02, ECS File)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Inner City" by Magic Duke
This intro announced the joining of Magic Duke, and was therefore almost certainly released after "Vector Dream".

Disktrash #2 (1992, 24.02, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Prof.M, MCM (improvements)
  • gfx: Brain/Dynasty (title, logo), Genestealer (logo), Cooper/Symbiosis (menu)
  • music: Magic Duke/Symbiosis
  • editor: Death Angel

Generation #1 (1992, .04, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

INT Credits
  • code: Fred
  • gfx: Furio (logo), Shredder (font)
  • music: Subversion/independent
MAG Credits
  • code: Fred
  • gfx: Plastic
  • music: Chromag/Cult
  • editor: Damion
Released at Expo 92.

Anti Death (1992, 30.04, ECS File)