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Cult (-1992)


  • Caveman (gfx, ex Light)
  • Chrome (sysop 'INSOMNIA')
  • Steel (code, ex Light)
  • Tarzan (Peter Nielsen, swap sysop 'PLASTIC PASSION', ex Light, later 2000 AD, 92)
  • Chromag (Timm Albers, music, later Essence, 12/92)
  • Cronos (sysop 'DAMAGE INC.', 10/91)
  • Groucho
  • Razor (old handle Genestealer)
  • Tex
  • Dick
  • Questron
  • Sagan
  • Witch
  • Zodiak
  • Chase (code, 12/92)
  • Cooper (ger?, 92)
  • Death Hawk
  • DJ Head (ex Vogue)
  • Dr.Legal (ex RAF, new mid91)
  • Droid (den? music, 92)
  • Jacx (music, 12/92)
  • Magic Duke (ger? music, later G.T.O/Digital, 92)
  • Max (ex The Dark Demon, old handle Cruncher, new SLH11)
  • MCM (ger? 92)
  • Predator (gfx, 12/92)
  • Ray (code, 12/92)
  • Red Lance
  • Trance

Group History

Action Force changed its name to Cult, and that's how this group was born. They're mainly remembered for their demos now.

The Norwegian section fell apart in late 1990 (probably december); Beast, Skeletor, Mad, SwEinstein and Yoghurt (old handle Acidman) all joined Network; Timewalker (music) joined Pure Metal Coders; Space Ace (swap, late90) changed his handle to Mr.Ice and formed a norwegian section of Euphoria, and finally Electrix and three others will form a new group.
Around the middle of the year, danish sysop Energy ('NONSTOP UP'N DOWN') left the group for 2000 AD. Danish Gizmo left to join Bastards ca 06/92. Danes Dino (gfx), Slide (music), Mount (gfx), Easley (gfx swap), Shayera and Gargoyle (code) all left to form Parasite 06/92. News in both EuroChart #15 [07/92] and #16 [09/92] seem to confirm Cult's death. It is claimed this is in agreement with both the German and Danish sections of the group. What confuses me somewhat is how they could release "Kefmania" [09/92] if they were dead at the time?

German sysop Hotstar ('THE NEW STATION', ex RAF) joined Rebels.

Dutch editor Cybersonik joined Anarchy. Cybersonik left behind a few issues as editor of 'Royal Info'. It is probable that no more issues were released after Cybersonik left.

Danish coder and musician Kollaps (ex Light, 92) left to help form the new group Focus Design.


Megademo (1990, .03, 1MB Disk)

BBS Intro (1992, early, ECS Intro)

  • code: Kollaps
  • gfx:
    • Mr.Mount
    • Tarzan
  • music: Droid

So Simple (1992, 15.04, Demo)

6th in The Gathering 92 demo competition.

Kefmania (1992, 28.12, ECS Disk, 2 disks)

  • code:
    • Ray
    • Chase
  • gfx: Predator
  • music:
    • Jacx
    • Chromag
7th in The Party 92 demo competition.
To run on A1200, you need to turn the cache off, and set the original chipset - and it will still crash before disk 2.


  • SANCTUARY (den, 91)