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Welcome to another issue of this online mag. Issue 6 with new and old information about PAULA.


Jas Brooks Player (Jason C. Brooks)

A few years ago i discovered a wonderful tune in a game named: Space-Harrier. At that time there was however no possibility of playing it, until I found a player in exoticripper. This player unfortunately had some bugs.

Brooks had already made a good reputation on the C=64. In 1987 he also started to work on Amiga. Unfortunately he only worked on it for one year, until 1988. I have not found any tunes newer than that from Jas Brooks.

I have found the following soundtracks.

Amiga C=64
Title No. of Subsongs Title No. of Subsongs
Space Harrier 05 Bismarck 01
Vixen 02 Inspector Gadget 03
? Outrun 02
Overlords Of The World 01
Pi r Squared 04
Supertrux ?? Supertrux 01
Unknown 02

The Ultimate Soundtracker

One of the pioneers in the area of tracker was Karsten Obarski. In December 1987 he made the first tracker for Amiga. This a bit "cheaply" designed soundeditor would become the standard. In 1987 came "THE-Ultimate Soundtracker", which was not so ultimate. This circumstance made that in a very short time over 20 new soundtrackers were produced, it was not until 1989/90 that Noisetracker saw the light of the world. This time made by Mahoney & Kaktus. The disadvantages was only that of the design and not in the way it was controlled. The first editor for which the sounddata was called "MODULE" was Soundtracker 2.3 by UNKNOWN/DOC. It was made in 1989 shortly before RSI Megademo was released. It was built around Noisetracker, but it had so many changes so it was given a new name. From 1989 until 1990 all were called "Noise" and so many modifications saw the daylight, until december 1990 when Protracker blew out the light for Noisetracker. New design, improved editing. Almost everything was improved. The only thing that Lars Hamre didn't take from Noistracker was the MIDI support. Protracker was improved by Amiga Freelancers from 1991 until 1992, until Mushroom Studios released a better OS2 compatible version. After april 1992 nothing was changed in this version (2.3A). In 1993 a completely new Protracker was released under the Cryptoburners label. A completely working version of this was never released, and the early version 3.15 had as many bugs as Kickstart 1.0 from 1985. All following trackers, no matter if they were made for Archimedes or PC, used the same principles. Although Archimedes had 8 voices and the PC up to 64.

Who knows when another "Karsten Obarski" tool comes out.

Delitracker News

The following is a short presentation of a few new genies and players.

Title Release date
Sanity "Arte" Tunnel Genie In the middle of february
Fasttracker II NotePlayer Releasedate still unknown (APRIL)
DeliWizard 2.12 (51) Formate Already available in Prowizard 2.12 package
Great Giana Sisters Custom Play Releasedate: 7th week
Monkey Island I Custom Play All tunes should now work
Acon HAM PLot Intro Custom Play
Christian Buchner's MINI-MUSIC-PLAYER !!!
Super Nintendo Musikplay not before april.

Sound Artist's


Audiomonster, and you don't need a PC and 32 voices, or anything like that. All MODULES are composed with AMIGA 1000 !!!

I first discovered Audiomonster in a demo from Delight. He composed the tune "HARD FEELINGS" in January 1991 for this group, for the unique plasmademo "OVERDOSE". The soundtrack captivates through a really unique composition of notes and samples. Audiomonsters real name is Raphael Gesqua, this pretty strange name to read is french. Who wants, can look up his real address in the soundtrack FLORENCE, and order his CD. The first tune i have found from him is HalloManiacsofNoise 1 and 2. They must have been created in 1990. He released the tune "70s Reprise" In the same year, but then under the Anarchy label. Later he made a few productions for The Silents France and DK. Two wonderful tunes were made for Thomas Lantspurg, who also made SuperDark, for his really unique DEMO VirtualWorld. Everything takes place in an underwater world. For this demo Raphael made the tunes "Apocalypse" and "Hysteria". Audiomonster confronted the Amiga Modulescene on TRSI Eastern Conference in ARENDAL 1992 with "FLORENCE". One of his most unique tunes.

In 1991 he also made a few soundtracks for a french softwarehouse. But they are not so ingenious as those released "voluntarily". The game is called Flashback and was made by Delphine Software. After two years with The Silents he left for Melon Dezign, where he stayed until he had a "fight" with WALT in 1994. Since july 1994 he is in Complex FR.

Unfortunately I have found no new productions from him after that.

All tunes i have collected so far:

  • 70's Reprise - ingenious
  • Apocalypse - ingenious
  • Alcoholic Score - Unbekannt
  • Crayon - Melon Dezign 94
  • Chaos in France - untraceable
  • Canal Green - Melon Dezign 93
  • Daily Pleasure - strange
  • Florence - Timelessly sweet
  • Hard Feelings - I think its great
  • Hello M.O.N - so-so
  • Hello M.O.N 2 - so-so
  • Hysteria - as good as it gets
  • Intro Priority - untraceable
  • Land Of Barbarians - untraceable
  • Lover Breath - untraceable
  • Melonmania - Melon Dezign 92
  • Melon Glo Mania - untraceable
  • Nebulos - crazy
  • Sonic - incredible
  • Streed Gang - Melon Dezign 93
  • The War - THE PARTY II 92
  • The Last Call - untraceable
  • The Song Fake II - France 1994
  • Without Her - untraceable

Further all soundtracks from FLASHBACK (23 tunes).

In the next issue i will present Bjorn A. Lynne. The musiclist alone makes it to a special extra issue. So far there are over 250 tunes made by him !!!

Jochen Hippel

I have already told you about him in another issue, but i have not showed you all of his tunes, and now:

All soundtracks i have found by Jochen Hippel.

Game Comments
Enchanted Land Wonderful melodies. There exists 4 songfiles which have subsongs.
Amber Star Great. There exists 19 soundfiles with one sample for all.
Ghost Battle Wonderful and ingenious. Four great tracks with a few subsongs.
Lethal Xcess Again wonderful melodies. Eight soundtracks.
Ninja Wonderful Chinese :-) Six Soundfiles.
Prehistorical Excellent. All with 4 voices. Six Soundfiles.
Rings of Medusa Great. One soundtrack.
Rings of Medusa II As good as the previous. The melody makes you want to scream. Incredible.
Leavin Teramis Wonderfully made. There are 7 Soundfiles.
Chambers of Shaolin I don't know how many soundfiles that exists, but I have 9 tunes.
7 Gates of Jambala Funny Soundtracks. 5 tunes.
Warp Three strangely made soundfiles. But a good melody
Wings of Death Sadly made. 11 soundfiles. every one with its own style.
Ghosts and Goblins I only have the titletune. There are also ingame soundtracks !
Leteral Again excellent. A few pretty rockish tunes. This time there are 5 tunes.
Cybernoid II The melody is incredibly good. THE NUMBER ONE

All single soundfiles have a few subsongs, therefor I don't know the total number of songs. All these music titles came from the games with the same names. I also have about 20 other tunes, which I don't know the name of !

Something more must be said about this. ALL Hippel productions have really ingenious melodies and really thought out synthetic instruments. I don't know anyone that can make the same kind of tunes with FOUR voices.


!!NOTE!! This Document was translated by Spectral/Tulou (Jonas Nyren). And since neither German or English is my native language it is quite possible that there are some mis-spelled words or some grammatical errors and I apologize for those. However as a whole I think you understand what I have written, if not I must take some courses in English :-)

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