Model (old)

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Model [old] (1991-1992)

Model was a cracking/demo crew formed by Skywalker in 1991 after he left Skid Row.


Skywalker (main founder, organizer, coder, cracker, ex-Quartex and Skid Row, later Nemesis late 1991)
Ghost (original supplier, triplemember Voyce/Delight and Flex/Crystal, ex-Quartex and Skid Row, later Paragon/Fusion, Crack Inc., Skid Row, Interpol, Paradox, late 1991)
Angel Dawn (gfx 'World Charts 4', ex-Jump, later Scoopex, Fairlight, Hoodlum, late 1991)
Autopsy (editor 'World Charts 4', ex-Jump, later Scoopex, Hoodlum, late 1991)
Bob Duncan (crack, sysop 'HILTON PALACE' WHQ, ex-Crystal, later Fairlight, late 1991)
Lowtec (code 'World Charts 4', ex-Jump, late 1991)
Stalk Design (late 1991)
Tiger (swap, late 1991)
Porta (sysop 'EAGLE NEST', ex-Miracle, late 1991)
Sauron (crack, code, ex-Miracle, late 1991)
King Cobra (sysop 'HANGAR 18', ex The Company, later sysop of 'COMPLEX 39' at Prestige, late 1991)



Founder and coder Skywalker left to be independent late in the year, but later joined Nemesis. First crack was double supplied in advance to Crystal by co-founder and original supplier Ghost who was finally not credited due to that, and immediately broke up. Late 1991 or very early 1992, the group itself died. Germans Angeldawn (gfx), Autopsy (editor, both ex Jump) and Tiger (swap, ex Possessed) all joined Scoopex, taking with them the chartmag "World Charts".


Crack intro

code: Skywalker, gfx (fonts) by n/a; no music

World Charts #4 (1991, late, ECS FileChart).

code: Lowtec, gfx: Angeldawn, music: "Utopia Ingame 3" by n/a.

Review: This is the first and only World Charts released under Model, by members previously from Jump. If you want to know how it works and looks, see the reviews of previous issues under that group! There are a *few* changes though, like Angeldawn now getting credited for graphics! Still no credits for any of the other participants, though. The category for 'group of the year' leads me to believe this was likely released very late in the year, possibly even december. The next issue was released under Scoopex.