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Marvel vs. Capcom
Clash of Super Heroes
Marvel vs. Capcom marquee.
No screen shot.
Marvel vs. Capcom control panel.
Manufacturer Capcom
Released 1998
8-way Joystick
6 Button(s)
Main CPU 68000 (@ 11.800 MHz)
Z80 (@ 8.000 MHz)
Sound CPU Stereo
Q-Sound (@ 4.000 MHz)
Raster (Horizontal)
384 x 224 pixels
59.63 Hz
4,096 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 20 ROMs
46,399,488 bytes (44.25 MiB)
MAME ID mvsc · mvsca · mvscar1 · mvscb · mvsch · mvscj · mvscjr1 · mvscu

About The Game

Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes is a one-on-one fighting arcade video game.

Fifteen characters from all walks of the Marvel and Capcom lineups tag-battle each other including loads of special assist characters. Their only goal : beat the supreme and terrific Onslaught!

Additional Technical Information

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 6

= > [1] LP, [2] MP, [3] HP

= > [4] LK, [5] MK, [6] HK


Released in January 1998.

Here are the debut comics for the 21 Marvel characters including the Guest Characters (For those with alter-egos, they are also listed) :

  • Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) - Captain America Comics #1
  • Carnage (aka Cletus Kasady) - Amazing Spider-Man #359
  • Colossus (aka Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) - Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • Cyclops (aka Scott Summers) - X-Men #1
  • Gambit (aka Jean-Luc 'Remy' LeBeau) - Uncanny X-Men #266
  • Hulk (aka Robert Bruce Banner) - Incredible Hulk #1
  • Iceman (aka Robert 'Bobby' Drake) - Uncanny X-Men #1
  • Jubilee (aka Jubilation Lee) - Uncanny X-Men #244
  • Juggernaut (aka Cain Marko) - X-Men #12
  • Magneto (aka Erik 'Magnus' Lehnsherr) - X-Men #1
  • Onslaught - X-Men (Vol. 2) #53
  • Psylocke (aka Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock) - New Mutants Annual #2
  • Rogue - Avengers Annual #10
  • Sentinel - Uncanny X-Men #14
  • Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) - Amazing Fantasy #15
  • Storm (aka Ororo Munroe) - Giant Size X-Men #1
  • Thor (aka Jake Olsen) - Journey Into Mystery #83
  • U.S. Agent (aka John F. 'Johnny' Walker) - Captain America #351
  • Venom (aka Edward 'Eddie' Brock) - Amazing Spider-Man #300
  • War Machine (aka James R. 'Rhodey' Rhodes) - Iron Man #281
  • Wolverine (aka James 'Logan' Howlett) - Incredible Hulk #180

Here are the debut games for the 19 Capcom characters including the Guest Characters :

Strider's ending is a reference to that of the ending in his own game ("Strider")

Jin's ending is a reference to Gawaine's ending in "Cyberbots - Fullmetal Madness" (but with Jin taking the place of Gawaine, Onslaught taking the place of the Final Weapon of Destruction, Jin's headband taking the place of Gawaine's sword and Ryu taking the place of Jin).

Megaman's ending is a reference to what happens in his own games ("Mega Man - The Power Battle") when he beats a boss.

Captain Commando's ending is a reference to the ending in his own game ("Captain Commando").

Rumors exist for the reason War Machine was in the roster instead of Iron Man (although Hyper-Armor War Machine in the game had similar moves with Iron Man). The most popular reason being that Capcom, at the time, did not have the rights to use the Iron Man character.

The game background is mainly inspired by the famous comic saga called Onslaught, published in 1996. As in the comic books, Onslaught appears under his 2 main forms (after defeating the first one, he reveals its ultimate appearance).

Shirley Burton holds the official record for this game with 1,119,300 points.

Suleputer released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Marvel Vs. Capcom OST - CPCA-1005) on 21/03/1998.


The US version has the "Winners Don't Use Drugs" screen.

Most people probably already know that some of the characters names were changed in the American version (E.g., Rockman was changed to Megaman).

When they recorded the announcer's voice, she had to say both the original names and the American ones during the recording. But for some of the characters' names that were NOT changed, there were alternate pronunciations recorded.

For example, when you select Chun-Li in the Japanese version, the way the announcer pronounces 'Chun' rhymes with 'noon'.

In the American version, the way she pronounces 'Chun' rhymes with 'fun'. There is also an unused alternate pronunciation of Zangief (which sounds like 'Zain-geef') that can be heard in the Sound Test.

Megaman's 'Rock Upper' move in the Japanese version is called 'Mega Upper' in the US version, simply because the name of the character is different in Japan and the US.

Tips and tricks

Play As Hyper-Armor War Machine

At the character selection screen, highlight Zanglief and press Left(x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Up(x4), Right(x2), Left(x2), Down(x4), Right(x2), Up(x2), Left(x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Down(x4). Hyper-Armor War Machine will appear above Zangief. Hyper Armor War Machine got the same moves as War Machine (with some little variations), can't jump very high, can't block attacks but can't be stopped during his attacks.

Play As Shadow Lady

At the character selection screen, highlight Morrigan and press Up, Right(x2), Down(x4), Left(x2), Up(x4), Right(x2), Left (x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Up(x2), Right(x2), Up(x2), Left(x2), Down(x5). Shadow Lady will appear below Gambit. Her attacks came from several characters in the game.

Play As MSH Seinou Hulk (Marvel Super Heroes Ability Hulk)

At the character selection screen, highlight Chun Li and press Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Up(x4), Down(x2), Right(x2), Up(x2), Down(x4), Up(x4), Left, Up. MSH Seinou Hulk will appear above Ryu. His moves are very similar from the original Hulk.

Play As Lilith-Kaze Morrigan (Lilith-style Morrigan)

At the character selection screen, highlight Zanglief and press Left(x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Up(x2), Down(x4), Left(x2), Up(x4), Right, Left, Down(x4), Right(x2), Up(x4), Left(x2), Down(x4), Right, Down. Lilith-Kaze Morrigan will appear below War Machine. She makes moves a little bit different from Morrigan ones.

Play As Roll-chan

(-chan is a 'suffix for familiar 'female' person') At the character selection screen, highlight Zanglief and press Left(x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Up, Right, Up(x2), Right(x2). Roll-chan will appear to the right of Megaman. Her moves are the same as Megaman.

Play As Carnage

(Looks like a bloody Venom) At the character selection screen, higlight Chun Li and press Right, Down(x4), Left, Up(x4), Right(x2), Down(x2), Left(x2), Down(x2), Right(x2), Up(x4), Left(x2), Up. High-speed Venom will appear above Chun-Li. He got the same moves as Venom but can do them very quickly.

Play As Onslaught

(Japanese version only) : Highlight Zangief at the character selection screen. Hold Start and rotate the joystick twenty times in a clockwise circle before the timer expires, then press LP+MP+HP+LK+MK+HK.

Change Character Line-up

Press all three Punch buttons at the 'vs.' screen to change the lineup (second chosen character is now first up). You can repeat this code again to reset the lineup.

Continue Attacking

Press Start immediately after winning the match to move almost everywhere and have the ability to continue hitting the defeated character, even with super moves.

Choose Your Helper

To obtain the helper of you choice, you must always hold down start and then the designated buttons, just before selecting your second character:

  • Shadow - LP+MK+HP
  • Sentinel - MP+MK+HP
  • Storm - LP+LK+HP
  • Thor - LK+MP
  • Unknown Soldier - LP
  • Pure and Fur - LK
  • Anita - LP+MP+HP
  • Lou - MP
  • Rogue - LP+MP+HP+LK
  • Colossus - LP+MP+MK
  • Michelle Heart - LP+LK
  • King Arthur - LP+MP
  • Saki - HP
  • Ton-Pooh - LP+HP
  • Iceman - MP+MK
  • Cyclops - LP+LK+MP
  • Magneto - LK+HP
  • U.S. Agent - MK+HP
  • Psylock - MK
  • Devilot - MP+HP
  • Juggernaut - LP+MK

Dark Charlie-As Your Special Partner

Simultaneously press Light Punch, Medium Kick and Hard Punch after you choose your team.

Use Opponent's Helper

Defeat your opponent's helper in a single player game. Then, hold LK+MK+HK at the screen that displays the name of the character that won until the next match. If done correctly, your helper in the last match will be from your previous opponent's team.

Name Changes

Enter --- as a name to have the game change it to 'SIN'. Enter AAA as a name to have the game change it to 'CAP'. Enter MMM as a name to have the game change it to 'MOT'.

Fight Hidden Characters

In every case, you cannot lose a character. You can give up first attacks and have opponents join in, unlike what other sources tell you. A Super Finish is defined as either a Hyper Combo Finish, a Crossover Combination (or Variable Combination) Finish, or a Duo Team Attack (or Variable Cross) Finish:

  1. To fight the team of Orange Hulk and Wolverine, get 3 Super Finishes.
  2. To fight the team of Hyper-Armor War Machine and Captain America, get 5 Super Finishes, two of which must be Duo Team Attack Finishes.
  3. To fight the team of Carnage and Spider-Man, get 6 Super Finishes, four of which must be Duo Finishes and finish six rounds under a certain amount of time.
  4. To fight Lilith-Style Morrigan and Chun-Li, get 3 Super Finishes and drain your helper stocks in two matches.
  5. To fight Roll and Megaman, get 5 Super Finishes, 2 of which are Duo Finishes and drain your helper stocks in six matches.
  6. To fight Shadow Lady and Jin, get 6 Super Finishes, 4 of which are Duo finishes, drain your helper stocks in six matches and finish six matches under a certain amount of time.


Note : also called the Capcom vs. series.

  1. X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996)
  2. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (1997)
  3. Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes (1998)
  4. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes (2000)


Atsushi Tomita
Dave Matumoto
Nakano Tau! Masahiro
Original Artworks
Object Designers
Minobe Hiroaki
Akemi Kurihira
G. Kamina
Miwa Sagaguchi
Kohichi Kikutanii
Masanori Kondo
Hiroshi Yoshioka
Shinya Miyamoto
Toshihiro Suzuki
Jon Narancha
Kanako Takami
Kimo Kimo
Scroll Designers
M. Nakagawa
M. Kitamura
Kazu T
Kenichi Yamahashi
Stamp Rally
Music Composers & Arrangers
Yuko K. Takehara
Masato Koda
Sound Director
Ryoji Yamamoto
Recording Director
Susan Hart
Recording Engineers
Paul Shubat
David Stinson
Second Engineers
Dave Hatt
Rick Pacholko
Eternal Sailor
Silver Kadontz
Teruaki Hirokado (Bakunetsu Hirokado)
Kenji Kataoka
General Producer
Noritaka Funamizu
Executive Producer
Yoshiki Okamoto

Voice Actors (Art Vision)

Capcom Heroes
Strider Hiryu
Fube Tomomi
Mega Man & Roll
Fujino Kahoru
Jinguji Yayoi
Chun Li
Miyamura Yuko
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Captain Commando
Nagasako Takashi
Takagi Wataru
Ueda Yuji
Marvel Heroes
Alyson Court
Andrew Jackson
Captain America & Wolverine
Cathal J. Dodd
Maurice Wint
Patrick Chilvers
Venom & Thor
Rod Wilson
Tony Daniels
War Machine
Wayne Ward
Sally Cahill

Cabinet and Artwork


Sega Dreamcast (1999)
Sony PlayStation (2000)

Soundtrack Releases

Album Name Catalogue No. Released Publisher Comments
Marvel vs. Capcom ~Clash of Super Heroes~ Original Soundtrack CPCA-1005[1] 1998-03-21 Suleputer CD version.


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