Lost In Translation/Arcade Soundtracks

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Here is a summary of all arcade games within the Lost In Translation section that contain a soundtrack recording.

Screen Shot Title Music Sound Source
1942 title (arcade).png 1942
"Main BGM" "Restart (1)" "Ayako Appeared" "Ayako BGM" "Bonus Stage Clear"
"Restart (2)" "Game Over" "Name Regist" "Name Regist End (1st)" "Name Regist End (2nd)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
After Burner title (arcade).png After Burner
"Maximum Power" "Final Take Off" "Red Out" "Super Stripe" "After Burner"
MAME 0.125
After Burner II title (arcade).png After Burner II
"Maximum Power" "Final Take Off" "Red Out" "Super Stripe" "After Burner" "City 202"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Altered Beast title (arcade).png Altered Beast
"Rise From Your Grave (Round 1)" "Altered Beast" "Gaum-Hermer (Boss Theme)" "Closed In Upon Me (Round 2)"
"I'll Be Back (Round 3)" "Crystal's Theme (Round Up)" "Game Over / Name Entry" "Ending"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Arkanoid title (arcade).png Arkanoid
Intro Level Intro DOH Level Intro Game Over Hiscore
MAME 0.125
Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH title (arcade).png Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH
"Introduction" "Get Ready!" "DOH (Dominate Over Hour)" "Ending & Name Entry" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Black Tiger title (arcade).png Black Tiger
"Continue" "Air Corridor (Round 6)" "Blue & Red Dragons (Round 3, 6)" "The Church of Death (Round 7)"
"Black Dragon" "Last Round Clear" "Name Entry" "Hiscore List" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Bomb Jack title (Arcade).png Bomb Jack
"Title" "Got a Special Coin" "BGM 1" "Clear" "Got a Power Ball"
"BGM 2" "Special Bonus" "BGM 3" "Game Over" "Name Entry 1" "Name Entry 2"
M1 v0.7.7u4
Bubble Bobble title (arcade).png Bubble Bobble
"Title & Extend" "Introduction & Main Theme" "Extend & Bonus Music" "Hurry & Main Theme (Faster)" "Skull Monsuke Appears" "Secret Room"
"False Ending" "Super Drunk" "All Clear" "Halley's Comet" "Real Ending" "Name Regist" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Championship Sprint title (arcade).png Championship Sprint
"Select" "Goal 1" "Next Stage" "Goal 2" "Tune Up 1" "Goal 3"
"Goal 4" "Tune Up 2" "Goal 5" "Goal 6" "Tune Up 3" "Goal 7" "Goal 8"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Combat School title (arcade).png Combat School
Attract Mode Ready Obstacle Course (Step 1) Firing Range 1 (Step 2) Iron-Man Race (Step 3) You Made It Score Intermission 1 Firing Range II (Step 4) Arm Wrestling (Step 5)
Firing Range III (Step 6) Intermission 2 Fight With Instructor (Step 7) Graduation Your Title Intermission 3 Mission (Step 8) Mission Boss Mission Completed Name Entry Game Over
M1 v0.7.8a6
Darius title (arcade).png Darius
"Captain Neo (Space Cave)" "Boss 1" "Round Clear" "Inorganic Beat (City)" "Boss 2" "Cosmic Air Way (Mountain Region)" "Boss 3" "Choas -Main Theme- (Van Allen Belt)"
"Boss 4" "The Sea (Undersea Base)" "Boss 5" "Boss 6" "Boss 7" "Ending" "Name" "Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Double Dragon title (Arcade).png Double Dragon
"Double Dragon (Opening Theme)" "Slums (Arrival Of The Black Warriors)" "Mission Complete" "Industrial Area (Riot)" "After The Battle" "Departure (Intermission)"
"Woods" "The Entrance Of Abobo The Giant" "Enemy Headquarters (Old Nemesis Willy)" "Reunion With Marian (Ending)" "Unused 1" "Unused 2"
M1 v0.7.8a6
The Empire Strikes Back (Atari) title (arcade).png The Empire Strikes Back
"Game Start" "Probots BGM" "Imperial Walkers BGM" "Tie Fighters BGM" "Asteroid Field BGM" " Jedi Power BGM "Game Over (No High Score)" "Game Over (High Score List)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
The Empire Strikes Back (Atari) title (arcade).png Enduro Racer
"Opening" "Main Theme" "Name Entry 1" "Name Entry 2" "BGM #1"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Galaxy Force II title (arcade).png Galaxy Force II
"Scene Select" "Beyond The Galaxy (Scene A - Level 1)" "Defeat (Scene B - Level 2)" "Try-Z (Scene E - Level 5)" "Take Back (Scene C - Level 3)" "Alone Fighter (Scene D - Level 4)" "Stage Clear" "Name Entry"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Gauntlet title (arcade).png Gauntlet
"Title Screen / Continue" "Stage Start" "Treasure Room 1" "Treasure Room 2" "Treasure Room 3" "Treasure Room 4"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Gauntlet II title (arcade).png Gauntlet II
"Title Screen / Continue" "Start" "Treasure Room 1" "Treasure Room 2" "Treasure Room 3" "Treasure Room 4"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Ghosts'n Goblins title (arcade).png Ghosts'n Goblins
"Start Demo" "The Map" "Flatland Part BGM (Stage 1, 2)" "Theme Of Giant (Stage 1, 2 Boss)" "Stage Clear" "Cave BGM (Stage 3, 4)" "Theme Of Dragon (Stage 3, 4 Boss)"
"Castle Of Satan BGM (Stage 5, 6)" "Theme Of Satan (Stage 5, 6 Boss)" "Theme Of Dark Lord" "1st Round Clear" "Dark Lord" "2nd Round Clear" "Congratulations"
"Player Out" "Hurry Up!" "Game Over" "Name Regist (1st Place)" "Name Regist Finished (1st Place)" "Name Regist (2nd Place and Below)" "Name Regist Finished (2nd Place and Below)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Ghouls'n Ghosts title (arcade).png Ghouls'n Ghosts
"Opening" "Stage 1" "Stage 1 Boss (Shielder)" "Stage Clear" "The Map" "Stage 2" "Stage 2 Boss (Cerberus)" "Stage 3" "Stage 3 Boss (Gassuto)"
"Stage 4" "Stage 4 Boss (Ohme)" "Stage 5" "Stage 5 Boss (Beelzebub)" "Ending (1st Round)" "Zap" "Final Boss (Lucifer)" "Ending" "Name Regist (1st Place)"
"Name Regist Finished (1st Place)" "Name Regist (2nd Place and below)" "Name Regist Finished (2nd Place and below)" "Timeout Warning" "Player Out" "Game Over" "Continue"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Golden Axe title (Arcade).png Golden Axe
"The Battle (Player Select)" "Wilderness (Round 1)" "Battle Field (Boss 1)" "Theme Of Thief (Bonus)" "Old Map (Map)" "Turtle Village 1 (Round 2)" "The Road Of Dead (Round 3)"
"Turtle Village 2 (Round 4)" "Death Adder The Old Enemy (Boss 2)" "Windup (Ending)" "Beat It! (Credits Roll)" "Battle Axe March (Ranking)" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Hang On title (arcade).png Hang-On
"Title" "Main Theme" "Goal Music" "Name Entry"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Atari) title (arcade).png Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Attract Mode Game Start Select A Difficulty Level Free All Captives (BGM 1) Mine Cart (BGM 2) Recover the sacred Sankara Stone The final showdown with Mola Ram
M1 v0.7.8a6
Kung-Fu Master title (arcade).png Kung-Fu Master
"Opening" "Main BGM" "Stage Clear" "Complete" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Marble Madness title (Arcade).png Marble Madness
"Level 1" "Player 1 Reaches Goal" "Player 2 Reaches Goal" "Level 2 Preview" "Level 2" "Level 3 Preview" "Level 3" "Level 4 Part 1"
"Level 4 Part 2" "Level 5 (Silly Race)" "Level 6 Preview" "Level 6 (Ultimate Race)" "High Score Entry" "Game Over" "Congratulations"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Midnight Resistance title (Arcade).png Midnight Resistance
"Flood Of Power (BGM 1)" "The First Formidable Enemy (Boss 1)" "Hope, Disapointment And Counterattack (BGM 2)" "In The Forest (Boss 2)" "Unknown" "Huge Battleship (Boss 3)"
"Decision (Monitor Room)" "Kao Kao Kao (Last Stage)" "King Crimson (Final Boss)" "Daybreak (Ending)" "Wind Trip (Credits Roll)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Ninja Warriors title (arcade).png Ninja Warriors, The
"A.D. 1993" "Daddy Mulk" "Are You Lady?" "Che!" "Japanese Smile" "Motherless Children" "Paradox" "Up Stairs" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6 & MAME 0.125
Operation Wolf title (arcade).png Operation Wolf
"Opening Demo" "Stage Select" "Operation Start" "Mission Accomplished #1" "Mission Accomplished #2" "Mission Failed" "Name Entry" "Stage Select #2"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Out Run title (arcade).png Out Run
"Magical Sound Shower" "Passing Breeze" "Splash Wave" "Last Wave"
M1 v0.7.7u4
Pac-Mania title (arcade).png Pac-Mania
"Game Start" "Block Town (World 1)" "Pac-Man's Park (World 2)" "Sandbox Land (World 3)" "Jungly Steps (World 4)" "Demo 1"
"Demo 2" "Demo 3" "Congratulations (Ending)" "All Clear" "Game Over" "Name Entry"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Paperboy title (arcade).png Paperboy
Pick A Street Main BGM Course Intro & Course BGM Course Complete Subscription Cancelled Game Over Hiscore You're Fired (1) You're Fired (2) You're Fired (3)
M1 v0.7.8a6 & MAME 0.125
Puckman title (arcade).png Puckman
"Game Start" "Intermission" "Death"
MAME 0.125
Puzzle Bobble title (arcade).png Puzzle Bobble
"Title Demo" "Let's Go To Pao Pao Island! (BGM1)" "Forest In April (BGM2)" "Clear" "Continue" "Ending" "Game Over"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Return of the Jedi (Atari) title (arcade).png Return of the Jedi
"Start Of Game" "Completed Forest Of Endor" " Shield Generator Destroyed" "Entering The Death Star" " Escaping The Death Star" "Bonus Life Fanfare" " Game Over (No High Score)" "Game Over (High Score List)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Shinobi title (Arcade).png Shinobi
"Mission 1 BGM" "Stage Clear" "Boss BGM" "Boss Clear BGM" "Bonus Stage BGM" "Continue / Name Regist" "Mission 2 BGM" "Mission 3 BGM" "Mission 4 BGM" "Mission 5 BGM"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Sly Spy title (arcade).png Sly Spy
"Stage 1, 3, 5, 6, 8" "Demo & Map" "Stage Intro" "Stage 2" "Stage 4, 7" "Boss BGM" "Ending"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Space Harrier title (arcade).png Space Harrier
"Theme" "Squilla" "Ida" "Godarni" "Wiwi Jumbo" "Battle Field (Bonus Stage)" "Syura" "Valda" "Stanray" "Lakeside Memory (Ending)" "Winner's Song (Name Entry)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Spy Hunter title (arcade).png Spy Hunter
Level Intro Alternate Level Intro Full Uncut Theme
MAME 0.125
Star Wars (Atari) title (Arcade).png Star Wars
"Bunker Tower BGM #1" "Bunker Tower BGM #2" "Tie Fighter BMG #1 (Stage 4 & Even Stages)" "Game Over (No High Score)" "Game Over (High Score List)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Street Fighter title (arcade).png Street Fighter
"Stage Select" "Vs." "Retsu
(Japan, Shourinji Temple)"
(Japan, Ninja)"
"Stage Clear" "Joe
(USA, Martial Art)"
(USA, Boxer)"
"Bonus Stage
(Breaking Bricks)"
(England, Mohican)"
(England, Ancient Castle)"
"Breaking In" "Lee
(China, Great Wall)"
(China, Town)"
"Bonus Stage
(Breaking Boards)"
(Thai, Sun Set)"
(Thai, Final Match)"
"Final Demo" "Credits Roll" "Name Entry" "Ranking Display" "Continue"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior title (arcade).png Street Fighter II - The World Warrior
"U.S.A. (Guile) II" "China (Chun Li) I" "China (Chun Li) II" "Bonus Stage" "Here Comes A New Challenger" "Japan (E. Honda) I" "Japan (E. Honda) II" "U.S.A. (Ken) I" "U.S.A. (Ken) II"
"U.S.S.R. (Zangief) I" "U.S.S.R. (Zangief) II" "India (Dhalsim) I" "India (Dhalsim) II" "U.S.A. (Balrog) I" "U.S.A. (Balrog) II" "Spain (Vega) I" "Spain (Vega) II" "Thailand (Sagat) I"
"Thailand (Sagat) II" "Thailan (M. Bison) I" "Thailan (M. Bison)" "Ending (Ryu)" "Ending (Blanka)" "Ending (Guile)" "Ending (Chun Li) I" "Ending (Chun Li) II" "Ending (E. Honda)"
"Ending (Ken) I" "Ending (Ken) II" "Ending (Zangief)" "Ending (Dhalsim)" "Continue" "Game Over" "Ranking Display"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Super Hang-On title (arcade).png Super Hang-On
"Opening" "Hard Road" "Outride A Crisis" "Sprinter" "Winning Run" "Goal" "Name Entry"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Super Sprint title (arcade).png Super Sprint
"Select" "Goal 1" "Next Stage" "Goal 2" "Tune Up 1" "Goal 3"
"Goal 4" "Tune Up 2" "Goal 5" "Goal 6" "Tune Up 3" "Goal 7" "Goal 8"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Terra Cresta title (arcade).png Terra Cresta
"Start" "Theme of Terra Cresta" "Restart" "Final Start" "Tubo"
"Dycoon" "Mandler" "Game Over" "Marching Raster (Name Entry)"
M1 v0.7.8a6
Track and Field title (arcade).png Track and Field
Enter Your Name Event Intro New World Record Award Hiscore Game Over
MAME 0.125
Xybots title (arcade).png Xybots
Attract Mode BGM 1 BGM 2 BGM 3 BGM 4 Master Xybots Shop BGM
M1 v0.7.8a6